Opinions of a Pothead: What they see in the mirror

In the 24 hours before the Election of 2015 this site had several thousand hits just on political issues ranging from Lakota school board candidates, Fairfield tax issues, and of course Issue 3—the pot legalization in Ohio. It was a little sad because many of those articles have been out there in cyberspace for weeks, but people were too consumed with other thoughts to pay attention—until right before the election. It was like a bunch of stupid college kids partying all week-long then the night before a big test cramming for it like a bunch of idiots taking caffeine pills to stay awake. The moment the test was over they were right back to their original stupidity getting drunk in the local bar and partying it up like it was the end of the world. Of course of those there were late comers who noticed I had very strong opinions against pot legalization in Ohio and left me comments. Some of them sounded like the idiot diatribes of a dog that had just consumed its own feces—incoherent and obviously had their brains destroyed by sustained marijuana use over time. But some were like that of the guy below. I don’t agree with this guy on much of anything, but at least he strung together a few sentences that could generate discussion.   Here is what he said:

JLeno thetonightshow.comx mrmeeseeks420@hotmail.com

JLeno thetonightshow.com mrmeeseeks420@hotmail.com

Submitted on 2015/11/02 at 10:25 pm

I think it’s great that you have your own opinion and are expressing it and all, but why don’t you present any solid info to back up your hatred? I got the impression that the whole article was just you stating your dislike of pot and the people who smoke it without providing any real evidence. You say that people aren’t really living their lives because they smoke a mind altering substance but have you ever considered that weed actually helps people to approach subjects from a different angle and offer a different take on things. Before I smoked weed, I lacked empathy and was very closed-minded. Since then, I’ve gained a new perspective that has allowed me to admit that I am wrong and take other people’s feelings into account, apparently unlike you who seems to just go around hating on a group of people who never hurt anybody. I don’t know what has to happen in a guy’s life to make him so resentful towards such a small thing that has proven time and time again to be less harmful (and more beneficial) than many legal drugs (such as caffeine and alcohol). I know you’ll probably disregard this because I’m a “filthy pothead” but I really don’t think your hatred of people who decide to ingest a natural substance is fair.

People advocating pot use always attack the amount of evidence presented in making an argument against it. I did present plenty of arguments in my article against Issue 3, but explaining it to a stoner is like trying to tell a person suffering from Alzheimer’s where their car keys is. You can show it to them on the kitchen table and they’ll act like they heard what you said, but two hours later they won’t remember anything you said, because their short-term memory centers in their brain has been destroyed and they can’t remember anything that happened five minutes ago. They can remember things that happened decades ago, but not things that happened that day because long-term memories are stored in a different part of the brain. Short term memory is one of the first things to go and pot heads have that in common with Alzheimer’s patients. I make that statement based on my own comparison, not some doctor who is behind Issue 3 and threw their name behind a study to the contrary so that they can get into the business of prescribing it to their patients.   I see nothing good about marijuana use in any fashion and I’m against it for every reason—pain relief, social bonding, even as a material for making rope.

The next things these stoner types attack is the uptightness of the typical “conservative.” Their assertion is that if only we’d get stoned with them that we might “mellow out” and see the world from a different perspective. No, marijuana is a mind altering substance. If it helps users see the world differently it’s because it changes the way a human brain thinks rationally about something. Losing rationality is not a beneficial attribute to the human condition or the maintenance of a republic. Lacking empathy is not a bad thing when people of value are surrounded by people who lack values. Being empathetic toward other human beings is not an admirable trait if the person receiving the empathy is a scum bag. Empathy is not a value if the sum of the scum exceeds what a viable society can withstand without collapsing. Ten scum bags and one person of value is not a good ratio and pot makes too many scum bags and not enough people of value tipping the scales of value toward the scum bag leading to a declining civilization. Being “mellowed out” while all this is going on makes you a pussy, not a valued citizen.

Pot heads often refer to people like me as being “closed-minded.” I consider that a compliment. Having an open mind is not necessarily a good thing when there are people within collective organizations that want to impose on you their values and expect you to assimilate to their shared beliefs—which may or may not be good. My mind is impervious to hypnotism, scary dreams—I don’t have them, or suggestions under coercion—such as threats of violence, torture, social manipulation or other mechanisms of tyranny against the individual. To those who want to penetrate that mind to inject their values, they will prescribe that my mind is closed—which it is–for the same reason that I lock the doors to my house or car—because I don’t want easy access to the contents within from those without. I don’t want just anybody inside my property and I feel even stronger about the contents of my mind—so it’s not open to others for manipulation. I like my mind and I protect it from those who want to damage it. For that reason I don’t get drunk and I don’t do drugs. And I don’t let doctors give me a lot of mindless prescriptions. Most of the time I completely ignore a doctor’s advice if they are recommending a prescription—because I don’t want a foreign substance influencing my thoughts. Would I be more fun to “party” with if I did drugs—sure—but that is not a valuable trait. So I’ll remain closed minded for the same reason that I lock the doors to my car—because I don’t want hippie scum bags and rotten bastards molesting my property. My mind is my property and I will continue to protect it.

What that commenter is saying about himself, which speaks true of everyone who falls for the pot lure—which is most people reading this article is that he’s a conquered person. Out of every 10,000 people there is typically only one person who feels about it the way I do. Even religious fanatics typically have a background with the drug. They only speak against drugs as born again Christians—but at some point in their past they tried pot, likely as a high school kid, probably in college, or in other social gatherings. They disgust me too. For me there is no wiggle room on the issue. People who have taken the drug have allowed themselves to be conquered by its lure and in most cases that is irredeemable. I know a lot of people who have used pot, and I do grow to like them occasionally. But it always tells me that they were at some point in time weak people and that is something I will never respect. They can say that my mind is closed—that I’m a conservative hater. But what they are really mad at is the reflection in the mirror. They surrendered their mind to a conscious altering substance, and they can never again claim to have the sanctity of an original thought. And that makes them feel guilty even when they are surrounded by several million other idiots who have traveled down the same path.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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