The Great Mystery of Adams County: Terror, death, and government conspiracy from beyond the fourth dimension

In a lot of ways the deeply mysterious is the key to understanding the profoundly obvious. To the lazy mind, such things are often regulated to the realm of conspiracy. But experience and a truly inquisitive mind points steadily to a deeply flowing current of activity that our mainstream thought refuses to acknowledge. In Ohio, near my home relatively speaking this was never truer than the effigy Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio where I go often just for the enjoyment of the experience. GE has a major engine testing facility in the rolling hills of Peebles which is just a few miles from the mound. My wife and I on several occasions visit the McDonald’s in Peebles for a Big Mac and an ice cream. The area fascinates me not only for the strange mound left by a forgotten people. Archaeologists claim the mound was built by the Adena, but more likely those hunters and gathering tribes of Indians were a secondary culture to the primary which had vacated the area. They built the Serpent Mound, along with the countless other effigies around Ohio by a mysterious culture obsessed with the events in the sky.

Most people don’t see the great mysteries of the earth and the hidden history of mankind because the religious lenses they view life with prevents such insight. Before they can admit the vast evidence of discrepancy to their minds, they must look beyond the text of their religious doctrine.   Since politics and science are often connected by grant money, those two fields often function as a religion, where belief takes prescience over fact. Among those facts is that the Vikings were a much more advanced culture than previously thought. Their knowledge of global sea lanes provoked them to expand well beyond their northern borders to conquer lands far away. They settled in America much earlier than Columbus which is generally accepted today and brought with them a mound building culture that was quite prolific in all the north regions of Ireland, England and of course Norway among many others. There were also giants in North America, probably along the lines of the biblical Goliath. When we say giants, we mean people who were comparable to today’s NBA players. They were in some cases eight feet or more in height, but they weren’t Jack and the Beanstalk large. But they were giants compared to the relatively small Adena Indian. There were also Chinese in the Americas well before Columbus, and should be given credit for discovering America—officially. The Native American Indians were a second-hand culture that played out the Vico Cycle as predicted and were part of a declining civilization—where their mythologies were all that was left of that previously advanced culture. Ohio was clearly settled by a combination of all these elements. The people of the mound building cultures were obviously trading and had influence with early Mesopotamian societies and applied that knowledge directly to the Ohio effigy mounds through mathematics seen in many of those pre-historic monuments.

Without question many effigy mounds in Ohio were destroyed during frontier expansion and farming. Many were destroyed to preserve religious belief. Others were destroyed to keep grant money flowing to dig sites as the government had a vested interest in preserving its view of history for the sake of its own justification. But Serpent Mound in Adams County is ground central to the strange and weird still. It is within regional proximity of the mysterious Mothman Prophecies as chronicled by the reporter John Keel and is close to the very strange things that always seem to happen in the eastern portion of the state. Many don’t know it, but Bigfoot sightings are quite common in Ohio, as well as crop circles. To avoid appearing kooky, the media doesn’t report them all, but they are quite common in Ohio. And its been known that crop circles appear across the street from Serpent Mound from time to time in a similar way that they appear at Stonehenge in England. What is most mysterious to me about the site is not necessarily who built it, or why. Even by today’s standards of transportation, it is a remote site. So why would anybody decide to build such a thing in that Adams County location? It’s not near a major waterway, or known animal hunting ground. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s a lot of effort for a randomly picked site.

Indians are upset that the dialogue is changing about their heritage in America. They are losing, quite by good reason, their “native” designation. Politicians are still stuck on the term, but the evidence is pointing toward them as a secondary culture built by a long gone primary in much the way that today’s poor inhabit the regions and homes of areas that once prospered. Enterprising people build things; secondary people live off the efforts of others—and clearly this was the case with the Indians who encountered Columbus and the European migrants. So they resent that UFO theories and Ancient Alien researchers are thinking of Serpent Mound as evidence of some extraterrestrial influence. They wish it to remain an archaeological site as part of their native heritage. But Serpent Mound is just too precise to be the work of a nomadic culture. It had a purpose in much the way that the Nework Mounds outside of Columbus did—very purposeful in astronomical significance and built by a culture with much more in common with ancient Sumerian than some African hunter tribe. Much of the evidence there has been destroyed by construction. But at Serpent Mound, there is purity to the place still evident by the lack of social noise. And the place is clearly the result of a high intelligence that does not show up in our history books. The primary culprit is not what is evident on the ground, but what’s underneath. The Serpent Mound location is located on a plateau with a unique cryptoexplosion structure that contains faulted and folded bedrock, usually produced either by a meteorite or a volcanic explosion. In 2003 geologists from Ohio State government and the University of Glasgow (Scotland) concluded that a meteorite strike was responsible for the formation. They had studied core samples collected at the site in the 1970s. Further analyses of the rock core samples indicated the meteorite impact occurred during the Permian Period, about 248 to 286 million years ago.[17]

This site is one of the few places in North America where such an occurrence can be seen. While some scholars speculate that prehistoric Native Americans may have placed the mound in relation to this geological anomaly, others think there was nothing visible at ground level that would have captured their attention. Yet, Serpent Mound was built right in the midst of this strange geological formation. Crop circles, strange cyrptoexplosions, and advanced knowledge of astronomy are what is typical at Serpent mound but why? Then this strange story a few years ago came about:

Ohioans were dazzled by a bright flash of blue light in the night sky on September 27, 2013, in southern Ohio around 11:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. Could it have been a meteorite or a satellite predicted to crash to earth on Friday?

A fireball reportedly hit near a home in northern Adams County, Ohio, a few miles outside the city of Peebles causing a house fire. Those reports are unconfirmed. The six alarm fire left fireman battling the blaze into the early hours of the morning. It is unknown at this time if the residents made it out safely.

A neighbor said the meteor crossed over the city and hit near the Locust Grove Cemetery just four miles from the Great Serpent Effigy Mound. In recent years, a crop circle appeared overnight in an adjacent field from the Serpent Mound grounds and thousands of years ago it was the sight of a major meteorite that caused a huge impact crater.

Update 1: As of the morning of September 28, 2013, a home outside of Peebles, Ohio, in the Locust Grove area of Adams County burned to the ground last night, the two residents of the home, an elderly couple, Jane and Lyle Lambert, as a result of smoke inhalation. The fire is believed to be caused from the meteor or pieces of the heated meteor that hit the home. The state fire marshal is investigating the fire.

Update 2: As of October 14, 2013, the cause of the fire that burnt down the home of Lyle and Jane Lambert is yet to be determined. Speaking to a neighbor of the couple who wishes to remain anonymous on October 10, 2013, says that NASA employees were to visit and inspect the location, however; due to the recent government shutdown that is not going to happen. There is no impact crater and impact of any fragments on the house cannot be confirmed or denied due to the house being a total loss.

The problem with human beings is that they assume that their four-dimensional world is all there is—length, width, height, and time. But there are more dimensional existences than those which our civilization is just beginning to grasp. Crop circles, ancient effigies, and astronomical alignments calibrated to equinoxes and other events in the sky appear more and more to be markers in time for reference. For instance, when you read a book, it is customary to place a marker between the pages for reference later when reading can resume—as it often takes time to read a book. While reading a book life is experienced in a very liner fashion, but if one wanted to they could scan ahead and read the end, or go back to the beginning for further reference. The strange things that happen around some places around the globe, like Serpent Mound appear to have a quality that serves a function close to a book mark in the context of time. Some locations have more relevance than others indicating that for inter-dimensional travel, quadrants about the earth have importance over others. Whatever it was that hit the house in 2013 lit up the sky even as far away as my location in Hamilton, Ohio yet nobody discussed it much the next day. I didn’t know until I did some looking around that a couple of people died as a result of the strike. But what was more mysterious was that out of all the places on earth that the event took place, it was at the Serpent Mound, where so much other activity has taken place.

Something is important about Serpent Mound, Ohio. It may not be obvious to our four-dimensional eyes, but the evidence sometimes left behind is quite obvious. A couple was killed in their home by a mysterious object hitting them in the middle of the night. 250 million years ago a strange object of some massive density punctured the earth’s crust from either within or without—or perhaps both at the same time. But it wasn’t a simple meteor strike. In linear time, 250 million years to the present is a long time, but to inter-dimensional time, it could be an instant. A crop circle may be just a thumb print in a book to hold one’s place—we really don’t know. But isn’t it convenient that NASA wasn’t available to investigate the impact site in 2013 where two people lost their lives to an object that apparently fell out of the sky near one of the greatest effigy monuments in the world? What was the excuse—a government shut-down—so the investigation was called off. There is never an official investigation of these types of things for many of the same reasons.

Government puts itself in charge of all things extraterrestrial, or even ultra-dimensional, yet they are proven time and again to be incompetent to perform the task. The rest of us are left to wonder based on the evidence what’s going on—because something is. So we’re all left grabbing at straws in the dark. But we do it because we know that the straw is there—somewhere. It’s just being hidden from us by our education systems and a government trying to maintain control of the real truth, which is getting harder and harder for them to maintain.

Rich Hoffman


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