The Meaning of Trump Tower: Dealing with the most important aspect of the 2016 election

For me, the most significant revelation of the now famous Trump town hall meeting that caused so much controversy was not the Muslim comments which soaked up all the news, it was the announcement that the billionaire would refuse to draw a salary as President. He’s rich, he makes over $400 million per year in a salary anyway, so what does he need a few hundred thousand more dollars for? Most people in congress, the senate, or even the current president, a six figure salary is a tremendous appeal to receive as a public servant. But to a guy like Trump, such a salary is nothing—literally. This puts Trump in an entirely different category as a presidential contender. I want a person in the White House who could care less about what he gets from the office, and who has the potential to bring to the table the kind of mentality where even millions of dollars is no problem to generate. The number one problem in America right now is no other issue but the health and potential of the economy. That has to be fixed before any other issue is tackled. If people have money in their pocket, their morality becomes much more robust—and society improves dramatically. Nothing else matters more than the money coming in and going out of the United States. With that in mind, Trump is the only option and his attitude toward the salary of the office is a perfect affirmation of that assumption.

More stunning is that the media is so desperately keen to talk about everything BUT the economy. And more and more, I see Trump getting pulled into the vortex of commonality which is so represented by those who make up the collective body of the media. Arguing with Carly Fiorina over business experience when she was terminated by a board of directors simply isn’t a comparison when it comes to Trump. Like Trump or hate him for his bombastic style, nobody can take away his vast success in the real estate market. Some failed casinos in Atlantic City and a few other places do nothing to quell the massive success Trump had in building Trump Tower at a time in his life when it was quite a large gamble. With all that was against him, he managed where many, many others would have failed. Trump Tower is in fact a President Trump’s greatest resume highlight. He should force everyone to focus on that because when he gets in these petty squibs with average people, he diminishes him and is accomplishments to something equal with a Fiorina or a Rubio—an average person trying to get into an extraordinary office where a six figure salary has some meaning.

Trump has always been above the fray, and that’s where he should stay. He’s not a politician so he doesn’t need to do politician things. If he gives stump speeches, he doesn’t need to pretend to know every Arab in the world by name, or recite the Chinese alphabet. All he needs to do is be Trump and force the world to look at his marvelous tower in Midtown and comprehend that building such a thing is greater than building just about anything in the world. It’s not like Trump Tower was built by a whole bunch of people in a corporation, it was built literally by him for his own use. That is very important–one individual man was able to garner together the resources all by himself to build the tower.

Now of course Trump didn’t actually build the tower, it took teams of people from all walks of life to make it happen, but Trump was undeniably in charge. It’s an example of what he would be able to do if given all the resources of the United States at his back. The possibilities are really unlimited when it comes to him. With his energy and ability to pull people together, he really is the best option there is out there.

Of his debate performance, it should be interesting to note that he was able to turn extreme negatives around on that stage and to get rivals to high-five him with sheer magnetism. That’s not a skill that the media understands, but then again, nobody in the media could have built Trump Tower. In negotiations you always hit hard to feel out an opponent, and then once you have them, it’s OK to be nice and to build an alliance. That’s the way negotiations work. But it takes a powerful personality to come out on top of that exchange, and up to this point, Trump really hasn’t exploited that skill. He’s been trying to mold himself to the political establishment instead of playing the game his way.

Trump has a chance to redefine the whole political process, including setting a very high bar in not taking any public money for his work. What does Trump and his wife gain by living in the White House? For Barack Obama, it’s like moving into a palace. But Trump lives in Trump Tower—and it’s a lot nicer than the White House. There is nothing for Trump in Washington. All he gets out of the deal is a chance to create and build with the nation’s resources. He could build walls, roads, and revive the economy I think pretty easily whereas everyone else would struggle to do just one thing. For Trump, I think he could be president for 8 years effortlessly building the nation back into a powerhouse—and I think at the end of it he would have lots of bipartisan support.

Trump is a doer, so it’s hard for him to articulate to a bunch of know-nothings why he is so skilled. It is a case of the Metaphysics of Quality where Trump is at the front of the train and everyone else is clearly in the back, and presidential debates, even polling is taken from the back. Trump is and has always been on the cutting edge, whether its real estate, WWE wrestling, or golf courses, he built his wealth the old-fashioned way and that is precisely what America needs to solve the economic issues.

I get invited almost every day to some business seminar on how to improve investments, how to hire the right kind of people and how to increase yield and profit margins. The sad reality to those classes is that there is nothing any of those people can teach me. I could teach them, but they have nothing they can teach me. So I stopped going to them years ago. When it comes to hiring and finding the right people for a job, I’m really good at it. I can often read things about people just by the way they walk down the street, so it is easy for me to fill job openings with a raw instinct that nobody can teach in any class, anywhere. Trump has that same instinct and he knows that the secret of management is not in doing the work himself, but in putting the right people in place to do the work for him. That’s the essential core of what a President of the United States is supposed to be doing. But Trump can’t explain any of that to the media, just as I couldn’t. People who live in the back of the train don’t and will never understand—until they come up to the front.

Trump Tower is an American representation of what happens at the front of the train, when s superior manager is left in charge of their wildest imagination. When resources are plentiful there is no limit to what they can do. The Trump presidency is not something that can be summed up by a Muslim comment, or an emphasis on women’s empowerment, or even a political party. His is an opportunity to have something that nobody has ever been able to see before. He doesn’t need to get mad at Fox News or anybody else—he’s Trump and his tower is just a physical manifestation of what the power of imagination, hard work and an indomitable spirit can achieve when it’s unleashed. And really, Trump should be president just because of that one accomplishment. He’d be crazy not to more fully utilize it.

Rich Hoffman


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