Force Friday and Donald Trump: How the Chamber of Commerce machine is losing

I have been saying it for a long time; things are changing rapidly right in front of our faces. Of late, I haven’t felt a need to talk about every evil news story simply because a time has arrived that will launch us all into a new era. Part of it is political, part is pure entertainment—but it will never-the-less touch all our lives directly and indirectly. I am sometimes hard on world religions not because they are bad, but because they desperately need updated. You can’t expect young people to accept religion who have access to thousands of years of information on their cell phones, by talking about people who walked around in the dirt 2000 years ago concerned about things that were relevant only then. And you can’t ask people to get excited about politics when the Chamber of Commerce all across the nation has roped off candidates from the reality of living to serve their own functions. And that’s what has been happening leaving most people pretty numb to the world—which was done on purpose by those who thought they were in charge to continue controlling the masses. For decades the events that are about to unfold have been priming. Now they are ready to explode, and that reality is something that at this point is unavoidable.

For instance, you might have heard by now dear reader about Force Friday—it’s where retailers unleashed their new line of Star Wars toys to the public. People of all ages lined up for countless hours to be the first to put their hands on the new items giving just a slight preview to the upcoming massive blockbuster, The Force Awakens. Then of course there is Donald Trump who signed the pledge to the Republican Party during the previous day to Force Friday, to not run as a third-party candidate.   The old, lazy, Chamber of Commerce circle of losers who has continued to give us politicians liked Pete Beck of Mason—who is now in jail, have been running the show and they are losing their grip. (I knew Pete and wasn’t a fan.). Another is Ohio senator Bill Coley, the attorney who became a politician to bring business to his law practice—who holds the line of orthodox. Then there is John Boehner, the guy with just enough skeletons in his closet and lazy enough to prevent any real reform as Speaker of the House—as the last one was a gay sex addict. The worst that mankind can produce has been given to us by the Chamber of Commerce and their finance machines that put the candidates on the front line and keep everyone else out. Now for those of you in other parts of the world those three names mean little to you, but I promise in your local neighborhood, you are dealing with the same type of thing from the same type of people. Trump has entered the scene offering a totally different kind of candidate and he will change politics permanently from now on..

We are all trained from an early age in our education systems to accept this Chamber of Commerce way of conducting politics. In my local district of Lakota it was our local Chamber who provided leadership training to key members of the management team at the public school—so its all designed to maintain a status quo that has long passed its effectiveness. In public school peer pressure is taught to us to conform to the politics of the moment—usually shaped by whatever political class is in charge at the time. As a kid I was never one who responded to peer pressure. The more it was applied to me, the more rebellious I became. By high school I gave rebellion a new definition. And I was then, and still am extremely proud of it, because that rebelliousness preserved me into an intact, intellectual adult. I was raised a Christian who went to church nearly every Sunday, watched a lot of westerns, was taught from family members correctly that tattoos and long hair indicated a vagabond personality that was disreputable. I had a lot of values in a world that seemed to despise value. So I turned to Star Wars as a safe haven to my values which was like a permanent vacation from the stifling environment of public school.

Every Friday I would look forward to wearing one of my favorite t-shirts to school—which was usually a Star Wars shirt. It was the last day of the week where I’d get a chance to get out of prison for a few days, so I was very happy on Fridays and I expressed that happiness by wearing my Star Wars shirts. Of course the moment I stepped onto the school bus kids made fun of my shirt—because it wasn’t cool to like such things, it was considered geeky. Kids entering their double-digit years were supposed to be thinking of girls, not hairy wookies and galactic smugglers in hot rod starships. But Star Wars made me happy because my values were aligned within it, so I indulged in spite of public sentiment. I learned quickly to shut off the noise of the outside world because I knew instinctively that they were wrong and off-base. I was of course right. Every single person I grew up with, and I still know some of them, are presently unhappy people. Everyone who accepted that role of not wearing a Star Wars shirt because they were afraid to be made fun of, are today miserable, overweight slobs. They may be financially successful in various ways, they may have days of joy, but generally from dawn to dusk—except for their favorite television shows, they are miserable.

Now that Donald Trump is a serious candidate the establishment types are terrified, because he is doing one of two things. He will become the next president, or he is drawing fire so that people like Ben Carson can have a legitimate shot at the presidency as a Republican candidate in Trump’s wake. Either way, politics will never be the same again because of Donald Trump. We are just getting started on this journey and I’ve seen it coming for quite some time. So the tactic now being used against Trump fans is to make fun of them—to discredit them in a way that might make them shy away to a more Chamber of Commerce oriented candidate—and keep the establishment preserved. Our public school training has taught us that if we want to be popular, that we have to listen to that peer pressure. About 30% in public school are the geeky types who know they won’t be popular so they accept the ridicule. Those are some of the present Donald Trump supporters. They are not going to listen to the established Republicans who are now crying for a return to a machine that makes politicians like John Boehner by the busloads. But it won’t work anymore because people have had enough time to realize that they don’t want to become like the people who are applying the peer pressure—and they are turning away.

Many of the adults who turned out on Force Friday to purchase new Star Wars toys are those who buckled under the peer pressure of their youth and they want to rectify that experience with their own children. I was one of the absolute few who never buckled off my Star Wars kick. I drew pictures of Star Wars. I played Star Wars at recess. I read books during the reading hours. And during every class, algebra, English, science, history I escaped from those idiots into my own world thinking of building space ships and traveling the galaxy as a kind of off-world cowboy. Most kids one-on-one agreed with me. But when peer groups were applied, they were the first to play Judas to the orthodox and shy away from any public support. Many of those people who are now adults were those waiting in line to fix the cycle with their own children buying up Star Wars toys as quickly as they hit the shelves.

All these elements are going to hit our culture at the same time. Trump and the Iowa primary season just as Star Wars will hit theaters and dominate our entertainment culture in a way that nobody has yet realized the full impact—not even Disney. When valueless celebrities like Miley Cyrus are the established peer pressure of the day dedicated to promoting pot, easy sleazy sex, and mind numb intelligentsia, the moment these two massive cultural forces hit public sentiment at the same time, a truly defined new era will have arrived. It’s fresh, and it’s ours. It’s not from some far away land speaking to us from a perspective that is no longer relevant. It is here, and now. Many have learned hard lessons from the past and they aren’t willing to continue those mistakes in the future and they will coalesce around Donald Trump and Star Wars because within those political and entertainment spheres of influence is a new age for which people like me have been demanding for several decades. And it has arrived whether or not everybody is ready for it. To understand Donald Trump is to understand the type of people who waited outside of a Disney Store at midnight prior to September 5th 2015 to buy a new Star Wars toy with all the excitement of a night before Christmas as a young child. There is more to it than just geekdom. It’s a dawn to a new time that the Chamber of Commerce types out there just won’t like—because their way of life and the stale values they have protected is about to become extinct.

Please watch the videos above for support information. This is an important lesson, and you better be ready for it dear reader.

Rich Hoffman


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