No Difference Between a Socialist and a Democrat: The Debbie Wasserman Schultz silent admission

Let’s see, how many times do I have to say, “I told you.”  I’m really not one of those guys—the I told you so types.  But I did.  I did, I did, I did say it many times in many hundreds of thousands of written words and radio broadcasts.  Years ago when I looked at the public education system in my home district of Lakota and identified correctly the cause of the continued tax increases and ineffectiveness of the education institution to teach young children to grow up to be good Republicans, I stated rather emphatically that it was socialism that was being taught in those education institutions.  Of course there was backlash, a lot of it.  But that didn’t make me wrong.  It was just inconvenient knowledge that nobody wanted to think about.  Time has proven me absolutely right, which has been revealed by the Bernie Sanders campaign for president in 2016.  Finally!  My friend Matt Clark talked about the issue on his Saturday radio show recently (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN) and it was a topic of countless deliberation on the news networks, which was quickly drowned out by the Fox News debate, but when pressed, Debbie Wasserman Scultz couldn’t tell Chris Mathews what the difference was between a Democrat and a socialist.  The reason she couldn’t was that there isn’t a difference.  It’s simply a name change.

To answer the question Jaun Williams brought up in that short video clip, labor unions do attack management and ownership to advocate collective possession of a property.  In public schools, it is clear that the tax payers or management does not run the schools, it’s the labor unions.  They literally run the asylum and that is the reason for the cost escalations that cause tax increases.  The teacher unions preach against private property ownership, management control of their pay checks, their insurance premiums, and their behavior and they openly seek to liberalize their students with progressive philosophy.  They are functioning socialist, and have been for a very long time.

But Wasserman Schultz should have been savvy enough to give a shit shot answer—but she couldn’t—that’s because until recently nobody even asked questions like that.  To hide the socialist tendencies of the Democratic Party, they just called people like me, “hateful” “fringe” types and hoped that nobody would do any further investigations.  Well, that method has worked OK for them until they came across one in their rank who had been calling themselves an “independent” on Capitol Hill—who was in fact an unabashed socialist preaching Scandinavian socialism as an answer to American economic policy.

Sanders has been doing well behind Hillary Clinton, even challenging her polling numbers, and largely the reason is that many of today’s youth were raised by socialists within the public education system and find in Bernie a familiar concept.  Many millennials today would openly support socialism because it would give them more video game playing time, and more opportunities to play on their phones at the expense of the productive.  Like members of a dysfunctional family, they don’t know the difference between a healthy relationship and a bad one, because their only experience has been negative.  Without the opportunities for competition in their educations from private schools, or home school, their public educations have ruined their minds.  They don’t know the good from the bad because free market options have been taken from them—which is a common socialist tactic of population control.  If you talk to Democrats seriously about free market ideas, they despise them.   That is because they are functionally socialists.

Many have asked me how education should be, and I have responded that they should be like the wonderful amusement parks in Florida, where within 5 to 10 miles of each other are the Universal Parks, the Sea World facilities, and of course the four Disney parks.  All those developments are in competition with one another for validity.  For instance Sea World had to up their game with roller coasters because they needed thrill rides to compete with Universal, just down the road.  Disney needs to build a Star Wars land to compete with Universal’s Harry Potter displays, etc.  The result of that activity floods over into the many restaurants and hotels that populate the area.  Without that competition from those few parks, Orlando would be just another second-hand city toppling under socialist pressure from all their community obligations funded by the tax payer.  But because of the thriving entertainment options in Orlando, because of the parks, the airport is wonderful, the roads are in good shape, the convention center is immaculate and there is plenty of tax revenue to sustain the city.  That is the beauty of free market capitalism.  The same mentality should be applied to education.  There should be a school that strives to be better than all the others.  Other schools should have to compete with the best schools for students and dollars.   But that’s not the system we have.  Public education is a monopoly completely dependent on tax dollars.  The only competition they endorse are useless Friday night football games.   There isn’t any intellectual competition between Lakota and Fairfield or Mason and Monroe.  If a home is in those districts, then that’s where students go to school, and the unions love those lack of options, because they are functioning socialists.

Democrats have built their party as a wealth redistribution organization that trades votes in exchange for the results of confiscated wealth.  They don’t believe in the free market, not even a little bit.  They believe in state-run institutions funded by tax payer dollars and overpaid jobs given to unqualified people in exchange for a vote to keep politicians in power.  That is socialism.  That is why Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t answer the Chris Mathews question about what the difference between a Democrat and a socialist was.  She didn’t know because there isn’t any—except in name.

The lesson here is that just because people call you names for pointing it out, it doesn’t mean that there is validity to their defense.  When I called the local public school a socialist institution, I was applying the correct name to the behavior.  It may not sound good in a country that has a history of fighting communism just because it’s the opposite of capitalism, so Democrats changed their name to hide philosophy of collectivism which is as the center of their party.  But the terminology is historically accurate.  Millennials may not remember the fights America had conducted against socialism and communism over the years, because they were purposely not taught those kinds of things in public school.  Millennials thus support socialist efforts like those of Bernie Sanders for their own selfish reasons, they are products of socialist instruction, so they don’t think in ways that have expectations of productivity attached to their behavior.  That is why Wasserman Schultz could not give a difference.  Because there isn’t one.  When you look at children grown today struggling to exhibit their individuality with nose rings and tattoos, thank a Democrat for putting poison in the mind of the youth in public education by teaching them to grow up loving socialism.  The problems of our age can most be attributed to socialism and the Democrat’s need to hide it from the public with name changes.  It has left an entire generation lost and confused, and without the tools of acknowledged capitalism to build a proper life with.  Democrats are guilty of a grand deception, and guess what—I’m not going to let them forget it.  They made this bed, and they can sleep in it all on their own.  I never played along, and I’m not going to start now that they are obviously in trouble.  I have no problem telling them that “I told them so.”  Because they didn’t listen when they should have.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “No Difference Between a Socialist and a Democrat: The Debbie Wasserman Schultz silent admission

  1. You are so lucky to have recognized what was happening in your government school at such an early age. Wasserman-Schultz doesn’t even pretend to love this country or humanity for that matter. She is the one that said a mother should be able to kill her child even at four or five. She is a believer in the Margaret Sanger philosophy. She IS the leader of the Democratic party and she constantly exudes her leftist views to anyone that will listen.

    Last night I was listening to the XU radio station. They interviewed a superintendent who gushed over this years goals for his district: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. His goals were not providing an education that would provide the students the lifetime ability to think, reason, compute and the ability to function as a production member of this Republic. No, his goal is to brainwash the students with his Saul Alinsky – Stalinist philosophy.

    Add the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to the constant barrage of Multiculturalism (accept anything from anyone and respect their Diversity. Blame the United States for everything bad that happens in the world. For heaven’s sake do not judge or evaluate right from wrong because everything that feels good is okay. That is everything except patriotism, decency and Christianity.

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill


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