The “Vagenda” of Megan Kelly Against Donald Trump: Why progressive women are sometimes fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals

Rupert Murdoch may have been pandering to his Fox News journalists by saying that his friend Donald Trump needs to learn that running for president of the United States is “public life,” but he’d be wrong.  For some reason everyone believed that they were going to put a guy like Trump on center stage with 24 million people watching on television and that they were going to pin him down with some hit pieces pandering to the mythical “war on women,” and that they’d get away with it.  Sure Donald Trump had called some women in the past “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals,” but he does the same to men.  Women don’t have special rules of behavior if they truly want to be “equal.”  When Megan Kelly brought up something Donald Trump had said on his television show, The Apprentice about a woman looking good on her knees, she was the one who stepped in it on live television.  Trump did what he was supposed to, he didn’t back down—instead he went on the attack like he said he would leaving many including Red State editor Erick Erickson baffled.  Shortly thereafter Erickson disinvited Trump to a weekend event because of the feud that had widened between Trump and Kelly.  Trump of course responded to the Erickson actions by calling him a “weak and pathetic leader.”  I’ve been telling Republicans for a long time that if they want to beat the progressive left, and the right, you have to hit back when attacked.  And if they hit you with a blunt stick, you need to come back at them with something much harsher.  In a war of words, that is certainly the case.  Megan Kelly clearly had a “vagenda” against Trump from before the debate, and she got it thrown back in her face—which she obviously didn’t expect.  In an equal world, females don’t get to dish out attacks then hide behind their femininity for protection.  Progressives have advanced their position for too long using this tactic and it’s about time that someone calls them out on it.  And Trump did much to my satisfaction.

As everyone who reads here knows, I am well aware of this “vagenda” where progressive types attempt to disarm men from their opinions using the weapons of femininity to attack while expecting no return fire of aggression—because they are women.  I am proud to say that I have maintained a position over the years consistent to the one Donald Trump is exhibiting now on a national stage and I have been trying to get other Republicans to listen for quite some time.  But they are afraid of that “vagenda,” so they always have backed down.   I know how Trump feels when people who should have courage back out of events because of comments he made in response to Megan Kelly after the debate by saying “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes.  Blood coming out of her whatever,” which immediately provoked Erickson at Red State to cancel the Trump appearance.  Well, Trump created an event of his own in response—which was the correct behavior.  But the “vagenda” strategies are the last resort of progressives who use their sex to disarm men into maintaining a status quo.  I have said plenty of things on my own under similar circumstances.  Here are just a few examples which were well documented in the Cincinnati media market.  I said of school levy supporters:

“Their husbands roll them over at night and insert their manhood into these women of the bedroom and hundred-dollar bills find their way into their purses. The women don’t know what the man does to earn the money, nor do they care. They are busy saving the world one child at a time with howls of safety and more regulations as they rush to the polling places at election time.”  Remember that, and also this, “crazy PTA moms and their minions of latte drinking despots with diamond rings the size of car tires and asses to match, they plot against me with an anger only estrogen can produce.  The progressive mode of attack they use to protect their positions which cannot withstand scrutiny is to attack people like Rush Limbaugh whenever he says something they believe they can use against him in an emotional argument. Conservatives typically are terrible at playing this game with progressives because they tend to operate on a belief system rooted in the truth. So they can easily be attacked because if they cross the line, they feel bad about it, and that guilt is used against them to change their behavior in the future.”

I’ve been there and am proud of Trump for sticking to his guns.  It’s about time someone does what he’s doing.  Women are not a collective group.  Progressive women are seeking to “change” America into something I don’t want, and they aren’t going to get away with it without being called out.  For my comments the usual tactic was used of distance, isolation and a media attempt to paint me as a “fringe” guy.  The hardest part for me was when some of my associates pulled away from me while I was on the air of a large radio station defending their position for them.  I managed to do well on the radio show, and thereafter.  But I have a policy that if people behave like a vagina, then they invite upon themselves for what happens to those sexual utilities during mating practices—and that’s what happened to them in the wake.  For me, my numbers went up on the blog, I sold more books, and I even had people stopping me at gas stations volunteering to pay for tanks of fuel out of thanks.  I get asked at least once a week to run for some elected office—which I don’t do, because I’m too busy, too young in my opinion, and I have no desire to be a public servant—owned by the “public.”   In all honesty, I’m rooting for Trump more now than ever because I’m hoping he will change the definition for what is expected out of a public servant.  I’d love to see more people like him entering public office who wouldn’t be demeaned by the expectation of being a public utility to a bunch of careless people who just want a punching bag for their own slanted lives.   Trump as president could do a lot of good.  With his attitude who is going to beat him in a negotiation over arms, prisoners, economic policy or global pride?  And after years of America suffering under the “vagenda” of feminists, that’s exactly the kind of president we need to straighten out the mess of decades of policy that soft bellied politicians have given us.

It’s OK to say you hate “vagenda” driven feminists.  Some of them are disgusting people, some are fat pigs, and are disgusting animals.  We are not obligated as men to pander to those idiots just because they offer the gateways to sex.  When it came down to it, the men who pulled away from me during my escapade did it under pressure from their wives and community friends who played right along with the “vagenda” of the feminist movement.  I tried to tell those men that women—normal women—don’t like the “vagenda,” but that they have been taught that they have to support it with a collective unification. Men over time have been taught to fear those who possess vaginas because the “vagenda” behind their actions are not defensible.  Men fear that they won’t get sex unless they play along.  Wrong.  I have said it time and time and time again, women love 50 Shades of Grey because they don’t want to live the “vagenda” in their bedrooms.  Sure they might utter such nonsense socially, but with the door closed, there are reasons they throw their panties at rock stars and tuck themselves under their sheets reading the latest E. L. James novel.  That is the secret; most women hate the “vagenda” as much as men do, they are just afraid to say so publicly because society has shouted them down when they showed the inclination.  They don’t like the “vagenda” of Megan Kelly, not to the core of their essence.

The result of the war with Megan Kelly and Donald Trump is that the billionaire investor running for president will increase in popularity. The Fox News stunt to diminish Trump backfired in a dramatic way and Trump’s popularity will increase among women.  Just like the immigration issue in America will be solved once Republicans learn that by supporting capitalism you give immigrants what they came to America for in the first place, respect for themselves with a good job, and money to care for their families—women don’t like the “vagenda” of progressivism.  When it comes to supporting Trump, they may not announce it at the dinner table to their families—because they feel guilty, but they will throw their panties at Donald Trump at campaign events just because the man has so much confidence.  Women—normal women—not “vagenda” driven despots, love confidence and they will throw their support behind a candidate who exhibits that behavior with the same recklessness that they will throw themselves at Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS even knowing that he’s a disgusting old man who has slept with over 4,600 women.  I understand it, and have experienced it firsthand.  Trump understands it too.  And because he’s running for president on a big international stage that is watching his every move—soon the world will learn that hard lesson which they have avoided for such a long time—that people are sick of the “vagenda.”  Megan Kelly came out as a villain in the debate because of her commitment to the “vagenda.”  And Donald Trump was launched into the orbit of a rock star, and that was not the intention of Fox News.

Rich Hoffman


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