Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Escapes: Why we have government and drug cartels in charge

How corrupt is Mexico, for those who think that Donald Trump’s comments were over-the-top?  You know people……………………….when I wrote the Cliffhanger story, Sacrifice of Santa Maurta, I was trying to teach you about these things.  In story form, I wanted to instruct normal Americans how drug cartels work and demonstrate how close they were to actual governments—who often operate in much the same fashion.  There really isn’t much difference between a drug cartel and something like the Mexican, or U.S. governments.  They all operate as organized crime operations that either confiscate money under force, or push products that are deemed illegal by a rival gang to a market hungry for the product.  After watching the many scandals of the recent White House and the Saul Alinsky mobster-like defense of those actions, the conclusion that the federal government is reminiscent of the many mobster families over time that have taken root in America is not outrageous.  Organized crime institutions are designed to extract control by using fear to encourage a free population to hand over that control willingly.  In the United States, even though the government wants that control, the Bill of Rights prevent their easy acquisition of such power. But in Mexico, they aren’t so fortunate. Their constitution was created in 1917 at the start of global progressivism and has an emphasis on “social justice.”  This had the unintended consequence of creating a large central government and a nation of weak individual rights.  As a result, since the profit motive has been removed from the population illegal activity to satisfy individual needs rose up, and a nation of corruption has evolved.  This has led to the rise, fall, and continuous escapes of one of the largest drug lords in the world, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, who just last night escaped from a maximum security prison yet again just a few miles west of Mexico City.  Obviously he had help in escaping; inside people at the prison who helped him leave custody after the United States had put out a reward of $5 million for information leading up to his capture, which had finally occurred in February of 2014.  He was wanted for murder and drug trafficking and was put in prison for what should have been the rest of his life.  But just over a year later, he was free once again.

The Mexican people in their progressive society have been deliberately taught not to think through their education system leaving the nation desperately poor and willing to follow the orders of their managing government.  In the United States the hope by progressives was that the off-spring of that 1917 Mexican constitution, which is essentially a communist proclamation that guarantees a good job and decent housing to their people, would expand into the United States through illegal immigration by flooding the border with social justice activists whose children would overwhelm American politics and force a military style insurgency against the United States Constitution.  The goal is one of emphasis on collective rights versus individual rights.   That is the reason that the Washington Cartel for lack of a more appropriate definition wants essentially an open border policy between Mexico and America.  The ultimate hope is that as Mexican people assimilate into American culture they will bring with them the demand for social justice that they were raised with in Mexico, and surrender their individual rights to the authority of a government.  For instance, in Mexico, the government is responsible for the economy, which has led to massive corruption, and paved the way for drug cartels to essentially run the country—because they are an industry that produces a lot of money—and money is what the Mexican government is responsible for providing.  Without having any competition to correct bad behavior, it is far easier for the Mexican government to rely on the drug cartels for their livelihoods than to come up with actual economic stimulus.

In the United States under free enterprise that type of thing goes on too, such as Warren Buffet’s acquisition of a railway system that runs across the Canada, and United States border and hauls oil to the Pacific instead of down the Keystone Pipeline.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  Buffet to seal the deal and stop the Keystone Pipeline advocated for higher taxes in America to essentially crush any competitors who might challenge him, in trade for a president who would veto any attempt to build a pipeline that would challenge his monopoly on moving oil by train to Pacific destinations—that is essentially why there is no Keystone Pipeline.  It has nothing to do with the environment, or social justice for nature—or feasibility studies by the government.  It’s about helping out a buddy to the administration.  If Buffet were arrested tomorrow for bribery, extortion, and perhaps other crimes, he’d be out of jail in a similar way as Guzman just escaped—because the administration needs him.  They need his support of higher taxes, his wealth, and his connections to the business world—so they would make sure he’d stay free to operate.  But in America there is still a free market system and challenges to Buffet still come from rivals who put pressure on all this clandestine activity and keep it underground.  It’s not the justice system that keeps Buffet and President Obama honest; it’s the threat of competition.  If the government in America was in charge of the economy, that threat would go away.

In essence, that is what has happened in Mexico.  The Mexican government needs the drug trafficking of Guzman to keep them all employed.  Since the United States is concerned about drugs illegal flooding their population and destroying the minds of their citizens, Mexico has to pretend that they are against the activity in practice, but from within the country it might as well be the Wild West during the gold rush days.  There is no law in Mexico. If you get on the bad side of a drug cartel, they will attempt to kill you, and if you don’t have access to the rocket launchers and military style weapons like they have, you can forget a defense of yourself.  It’s an appalling situation.

When Hillary Clinton declares that the drug problem in the United State is the fault of its people with an “insatiable” demand for illegal drugs, she is talking from experience as her husband and his brother used the Arkansas government to traffic drugs into the United States as governor.  But she’s only telling half the story.  She intentionally takes the burden of behavior away from Mexico and places on the United States emphasizing that the villain is the demand so that she can make subtle arguments against capitalism and free-market manipulation.  If she can sell regulation using drugs as an example, she can sell regulation against all businesses—in her mind.  But by forcing a stalemate of consensus, she can then pave the way for drug cartels like El Chapo’s Sinaloa cartel to flourish unmolested.  As a member of government who also wants some of the indirect benefits of cartel business—as his family has in the past, weakened border patrol agents underfunded, overly unionized, and understaffed have created a situation on the border that makes it easy for Guzman to move his product to American markets.  It doesn’t matter to American politicians that the Sinaloa cartel is every bit as violent and dangerous as ISIS is in the Middle East—the antics are overlooked in favor of easy money, and the sex trafficking that many politicians enjoy in Washington D.C. that is also smuggled in through Mexico.  For anyone who has been to Cancun, you will know that there is a sex mall called Plaza 21 just down the road from the airport.  There is also a place called Pleasure Principal that does in hotel sex visits on the strip.  Where does everyone think those girls come from?  And what does anybody think happens to them when they are too old to be sexual fantasies for couples, perverted men, and other deviants like corrupt politicians from the United Nations who have “Green” seminars in such places to bring the focus of the world on global environmentalism—they don’t pick those exotic cities for the food—it’s for the drugs and the women. Don’t kid yourself, what happens to those girls after a few years in “the business?”

Guzman was freed because the Mexican government wanted him free.  They want his money, and his power—which exhibits precisely why the Mexican Constitution was always such a joke.  The emphasis on social justice and collective salvation has left the entire nation ill prepared to deal with economics, morality, and any kind of intellectual ethics.  They are a conquered people just trying to scrape by in life.  But they weren’t conquered by the capitalism of the United States; they destroyed themselves with a poor political philosophy centered on social justice instead of individual liberty.  And out of jealousy, there are cartel members who do hate the United States because it is such a good country, and they have no problem torturing its citizens with death hits whenever possible.  They enjoy it with a hint at national pride, because their communist constitution has all but destroyed their people, whereas in the United States where people actually have money to buy their sex trafficked women and their narcotics, the root of that money is a mystery to them that they can only be angry at.  And that root is capitalism driven by the free market—which is a threat to drug cartels and government cartels of all types and formalities.  To understand more about this very important topic, I’d suggest you read my Cliffhanger series.  It goes into more detail at the level of the individual players and their motivations.  Personally, I hate drugs, I hate drug cartels, sex trafficking and large government interference because to me they all embody an evil that goes against the heart of every human being—the desire to be free.  And now Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is free, but not because he deserves to be, but because the government wants to enslave everyone else with his tyranny.

Rich Hoffman


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