The Tea Party Goes to Washington: Rand Paul’s Success at battling the “Patriot Act.”

Very seldom does anything done in Washington D.C. ever get turned back to a reset. Rand Paul’s stand over the Section 215 of the Patriot Act signed into law on October 26th by President Bush is one of them. On May 25 2011 President Obama signed the Sunsets Extension Act which was a four-year extension of the three key provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act. The act stands for United and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. It was created out of panic, some in the Senate actually had wanted the spying program well before the 9/11 terrorist attacks for the data collection it would allow. Like the TSA which also came as a result of the terrorist attack in New York, the Patriot Act was anything but patriotic. It was a chance for government to grow and become more powerful. 9/11 could have been avoided if only people had been doing their jobs ahead of time. Instead of expecting government workers to perform their tasks of security as the FBI and CIA knew about the planned terrorist attack—the government for a whole lot of bad reasons created the Patriot Act to step all over the rights of Americans as defined by the Constitution with a more ominous intrusive government trading safety for security.

Rand Paul entered the Senate as a Kentucky representative in 2011 on the backs of a book called The Tea Party Goes to Washington. He is often the smartest guy in the room as he has had a successful career as a doctor prior to his bout with politics. Like most Tea Party supporters, Paul is not interested in politics as a way to further his social status. He only seems to care for solving problems the way a doctor would want to solve a patient they actually wanted to fix. This makes him a nightmare for the establishment politicians.

In Butler County, Ohio it was declared by establishment Republicans in John Boehner’s district that Tea Party Republicans were about to go extinct after the 2014 elections. The feeling was that the radical Tea Party types who expected politicians to follow the Constitution were going to be shoved out of the orthodox portions of the party and discredited. Once such a thing happened it wouldn’t take long for everyone to lose interest and go away. CLICK HERE to see how that’s going and what types of things really go on behind the scenes to facilitate that fantasy. But now well into 2015 that isn’t happening. The Tea Party still meets every month, and is still holding politicians feet to the fire and within only four years of entering office, Rand Paul is doing the hard work of what needs to happen many, many more times—he’s actually eliminating laws that should have never existed in the first place.

The purpose of this little article is for the novice to understand what Rand Paul is all about. Likely there will be a lot of anxiety toward Paul for the next couple of years as establishment Beltway types will panic at his resiliency, and buoyancy. Rand Paul is one of the few candidates in the GOP field of potential presidents who I want to see as President, so I put this article up to show newcomers what he’s about and how he handles himself. As shown in the videos included he is equally persuasive speaking to liberal pundits and conservatives alike. As a Republican he is able to reach across the aisle and speak with liberals in a way that doesn’t demonize them displaying a leadership tendency that truly frightens lesser politicians who make their livings with slimy activity. Rand Paul’s exclusive reason for running for president is to put those slimy politicians out of business—which means if his name is on the ballot, I will be voting for him.

Rand Paul has promised to eliminate the Department of Education if he is elected president which is another thing that truly must happen soon if America is going to survive into the 2020s. Without something truly dramatic happening in the public education system, out future generations of Americans will be destroyed before they ever reach adulthood, just because the public education system is so bad. The DOE was created in 1979. President Reagan wanted to eliminate it, but didn’t. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY. Under President Bush it expanded by double under the No Child Left Behind Act and from there kids under labor union influence have been swept away toward socialism at a maddening pace—which has been a byproduct of a centralized federal effort. Education has to be a state’s rights issues and must be decentralized if it is going to survive in any form. So far only Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and probably Scott Walker are able and willing to do anything this controversial. But it has to be done and soon. Make no mistake about that.

Another federal department that Rand Paul has vowed to end is the Department of Commerce. That department has turned out to be a giant make rich scheme for the well-connected and has nothing to do with the expansion of national GDP. It could be completely eliminated without anyone realizing it was gone. For America to survive these are things that must happen. Failure to do so will lead to a slow integration through collapse into United Nations led efforts to mold the world into one big stew. This is certainly the intention of the Clintons, and appears to be the purpose of the Obama Administration. The Bush family is also perpetually headed in that direction as they always turn toward bigger government each time there is pressure placed to do something responsible—whether it’s providing security to the people of the United States or expanding the economy. For most Beltway politicians they rubber stamp more government expansion and head to K-Street for easy money and sinful recreation—no republic can survive under such conditions and poor leadership.

Rand Paul on the other hand is refreshingly intelligent—and a natural leader. All leaders know that their position is not a popularity contest. Most of the time people will hate you for being a leader—that comes with the territory. Rand seems very comfortable with that role, which is another reason he is such a good presidential candidate. The GOP would be crazy not to nominate him for the presidency if it comes down to a choice between some big government slug like John Kasich, or Jeb Bush. I know for a fact that most establishment Republicans want Kasich in my home town because they want corporate welfare—they want to get rich off the government in all the wrong ways that safety net welfare often occupies regarding poor spending and corruption. Paul has stated that he will get rid of corporate welfare before he touches social welfare—which I can agree with.   I want welfare gone for everyone so to allow recipients to become better. If a company gets corporate welfare, they are allowing government to falsely prop them up against competition, which is not how capitalism is supposed to work. It’s cheating and is no different from “deflategate” in the NFL involving the Patriots cheating that has gone on. It doesn’t matter if you win a Superbowl if you cheated to get there. The same in business, a company isn’t really good if it cheats to be profitable. If a better company comes along that can do something better, then the old company should fail and possibly go out of business in favor of the better company. That’s how things are supposed to work in America and Rand Paul understands that.

Undoubtedly many in the Beltway are secretly hoping that something bad happens during this whole PATRIOT Act issue. There are probably loose plans for false flag events to take place just to attempt to hurt Paul’s stance on the government surveillance programs that are in jeopardy. But in reality Rand Paul knows that the entire NSA could be shut down and nobody would really notice. If the United States would stop fumbling the ball in the Middle East either on purpose or out of sheer stupidity, it wouldn’t take long for ISIS to run out of bullets. And if the FBI and CIA would actually talk to each other there wouldn’t be a need for The Department of Homeland Security. That is just another branch of worthless government expansion. I’m sure as I’m writing this there are plans to rattle the nerves of the American people and to make Rand Paul look bad for his steadfast resolve into shrinking government instead of allowing perpetual expansion. But if everyone holds to the line they will discover that most of the debate is strictly rhetoric. Most of government could be eliminated and nobody in the core of America would notice, or care. And that is the game of chicken that Rand Paul is playing, and for which we should all hope he succeeds. This is what it looks like when the Tea Party goes to Washington. And it’s a wonderful thing for Constitutional purists—for which every American should be.

Rich Hoffman


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