Only 50,000 ISIS Nut Jobs: The strategy of global fear

Before I talk about this whole ISIS situation, as both proof of gross mismanagement from government toward a radical group that fancies world domination, but also the perpetuation of conspiracy with strategic objectives aimed at the United States—I’d ask you dear reader to take some time and watch this Alex Jones broadcast shown below. Jones is a little too emotional for me, and reactive—but he cares about what his group investigates. His Infowars group does a lot of good reporting digging too deeply into things sometimes, but that’s better than the alternative. For instance, in the report below, Alex Jones gets the new Mad Max film wrong. All the men do not die at the end and Fury Road is not a feminist film designed to destroy male leads in motion pictures. But most of the rest of what is reported below is good, and better than what is being offered on the nightly news. Watching this report puts on the table just how much is going on today, which exceeds what most people can or are willing to deal with. It is in this climate that Americans must make decisions about the ISIS terrorist situation in the Middle East.

ISIS continues to terrorize the world with threats while destroying extremely valuable archaeology in the Iraq region essentially unhindered by any reminder of justice. For perspective, the troop numbers for ISIS consist of somewhere between 50,000 hardened radicals with an additional 150,000 boot lickers. That essentially is the size of a crowd at a typical professional football game in America. That’s not very many people—yet the militaries of the world have not been able to stop ISIS in any real way. Why is that? A real concentrated military campaign by Zimbabwe should be able to handle 50,000 nutcases—yet even the United States has not been able to stop their military advancements.

That means the governments of the world are behind the ISIS radicalism and the media involved is in the business of making the Islamic radicals appear to be larger than they really are to spread the theocracy that they are advocating. The reason is to support the Vico cycle for which we are all on, using the chaos of anarchy to advance the world to a new social cycle of theocratic origins for which government control is aligned. A people who easily worship a maniacal deity is likely to also worship the mediators in government who offer keys to the kingdom of the everlasting, which is what government fantasizes is their role in human affairs. Using fear and turmoil to advance a theocracy built on collectivism, the global governments hope to unite under a big tent of United Nations advocacy. ISIS in this case serves two objectives, first it provides a common enemy the world can hate, and two it advances a theocratic notion of human management. By attacking directly the Christian faith, the world might unite under Islamic influence in reaction to the spread of a Middle Eastern caliphate. So nations are sitting on the fence and essentially letting a stadium full of radicals turn the world toward self-destruction.

If the United States wanted to, ISIS could be ended in about a week of truly diligent effort. America has the tools to do so and there are easily enough Americans who would be willing to fly over to the Middle East and engage directly one for one the ISIS radicals. But the government will not get behind the effort because they obviously want the strategic implications of the terrorist organization to manifest to full maturity—which is the end game of a resetting of the Vico cycle.

The situation can be very confusing if taken through the prism of all the news stories hitting Americans at the same time. But even that is by strategic design. By overloading the American people with critical news events, there is no emotional capacity to deal with the ISIS issue—there is no will to unite behind ending the problem so long as it stays far away in the Middle East—while the caliphate around the Mediterranean forms around the collapse of the Greek economy, soiled deals between Turkey and Russia and the European Union holds on for dear life from being sucked down the drain as a failure. Northern Africa is falling toward radical Muslim influence as two of the major dictators from Egypt and Libya have been removed in favor of a subtle communist insurrection led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and we have on our hands a global crisis. All this is happening while China pushes the limits in the South China Sea threatening Japan and American interests. Meanwhile as seen in the Infowars report the same communist insurgents behind the Muslim Brotherhood are making their moves in minority communities in the United States such as in the Cleveland riots challenging regional police forces and pushing for a DOJ controlled national force—essentially nationalizing the police in America as a military unit controlled by the central government. Can you smell what’s cooking in the kitchen dear reader?

There is a lot of money to be made from emerging markets as old strongholds in America and Europe topple and investments made throughout Africa, Russia and China emerge through the current geopolitical turbulence. If money is followed as to who has withdrawn their financial support from those old markets and invested in the new, the instigators behind the ISIS terrorism will begin to be clear. It is then that the answer to the question would be answered if anybody dared to look. But fear of hit squads and being politically ostracized through financial support prevents such inquiries, so a continued insurrection of a stadium full of insurgents will continue to rule the hearts and minds of the world against common sense. There is nothing rational about the entire ISIS problem. And there is nothing religious about its continued perpetuation. It essentially all comes down to money.

For the communists at the heart of all these insurrections they also win by painting the extreme rich as evil capitalists who are instigating all these events from the comfort of their poolside phones. Capitalism will take the blame when it is not capitalism at work behind these wealthy radicals, but the evil brand of cronyism. Wealth under cronyism uses the political process to eliminate competition and protect their investments not through vibrant competition, but by cheating using greasy politicians to run cover in destroying emerging markets to hedge their bets in a lazy way through economic tampering. The villains of our society make billionaires look like the bad guys causing the clueless to clamor to communism for fairness—but what they don’t know is that this was all part of the strategy from the beginning. The entire escapade, the communists behind the riots in Cleveland, the ISIS terrorists, the collapse of the European Union and the transfer of wealth from superpowers to developing countries all point to a singularity of cronyism advocated in a direct way to demonize capitalism and force the youth of the world toward an embrace of communism.

If Americans were allowed to solve the ISIS problem it would quickly. But America is being deliberately held back from resolving the problem through political indecision and slack-jawed cronyism to evoke a reset of the Vico cycle. The end game is a unification of the world behind the theocratic desires of a class of global citizens who want to rule the world. It’s as diabolical of a plot as a typical James Bond film—but in this case it’s real and lacking the beautiful women or cool gadgets of “Q”. So to answer Bill O’Reilly who asked this very question about why America doesn’t just kick the crap out of 50,000 ISIS radicals—it’s because all the facts of the case have been hidden from view and therefore proper assessment of field reporting. The situation is far bigger than a regional ISIS problem, it’s a global chess move toward something else entirely using the pawns of radicalism to advance a theocracy in favor of global domination—and it all starts with 50,000 murderous nut cases hailed by villains as heroes of a New World Order. To that extent, Alex Jones is not overstating the end game. It’s only that such a realization is too painful to accept. But it is a grim reality revealed all too clearly by the inaction of the United States and the world in general, against ISIS.

Rich Hoffman


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