Obama’s Re-Education Camps: Why to be thankful for The Blaze

Shockingly, Obama essentially reiterated everything I have said about him for the last five years during a recent press conference. He amazingly revealed that he and his party intend to change the minds of their rivals by controlling the media. He pointed to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell as potential targets without considering that in conservative circles those names are considered as liberal as Obama is. But regardless, his statement was very revelatory in its suggestion. It fundamentally declared what the object of public education is, how the media has become so left-leaning, and why big government types are so adamant about putting children in pre-school as soon as possible and extending their educations well into their twenties—it is to re-educate the population into the brand of thinking represented by President Obama complete with a left-leaning communist utopia sprinkled with Marxist camps hidden behind the façade of public schools.

The whole exchange left me once again thankful that the Blaze Radio Network exists. Much of the modern media has been trained in those re-education camps called public school and colleges led by extreme liberals—so they can’t be trusted to accurately report the news. I have come to love The Blaze Radio as I listen to it every day that I can—particularly in the early morning. Doc Thompson’s Police Blotters are hilarious and are the highlight of my morning exercise. They defiantly set the day off in the correct fashion. Then there is Pat and Stu in the evenings, which is deceptively good. They have a unique opportunity to reiterate the talk show they do with Glenn Beck from nine to noon with updated information that is not only funny, but extremely informative.

What makes them so good is that they are very disconnected from the established press, which I trust as much as a puff of smoke. The Blaze Radio is everything opposite that Obama suggested the media should become, and I treasure it for that reason. There is a very fine line that exists between the stated goal of communists during the 1950s to infiltrate the United States media and political parties, and the very nature of a free press like The Blaze. They are always refreshingly disconnected to an established media credential. You won’t find The Blaze Radio with a press pass to the White House, or conducting an interview with the President before the Superbowl, so they are free to spell out the truth however it presents itself. That makes them great in my book.

Clearly the intention all along was just as the conspiracy theorists declared—public education was being used by government as a type of re-education camp as declared by Obama about a means to change the minds of conservatives into having values that are more progressive. The Blaze is about changing minds too, but in the opposite direction of the current progressive tendencies. Obama’s plan can only work so long as there is no other option. The complaint that Obama had about Fox News was that they are not committed enough into the fold of progressive politics—so the party line cannot control the message the way communists from the fifties must to maintain their illusions.   That was the source of his complaint.

Yet Fox News isn’t so conservative. They aren’t all that concerned about the big issues involving America, as they should be. They have been covering the 2016 presidential election for the last two years, which is as of this writing still two years away. They are not conservative enough for me leaving The Blaze alone to cover the topics that are remarkably free of modern political control. The Blaze doesn’t slide into the ocean of conspiracy radio either keeping a nice balance of hometown style that were more at home at the start of radio than the modern takeover which has occurred among mainstream FCC controlled stations.

That’s why it was so remarkable that Obama in a moment of frustration revealed the game plan that has always been present. But we should be thankful that he did, because it’s the media’s job to press public officials, not to fall in line with the party position. Obama would never admit that The Blaze exists—so instead he directed his anger at Fox News. But what keeps Fox News in line is the competition from outlets like The Blaze. Fox News know that if they aren’t conservative enough, they’ll lose their viewers to news outlets like The Blaze. Just the existence of The Blaze keeps the Obama plan of re-education camps stifled. So long as there is a Blaze Radio, there is a chance that at least some media source will still be honest and put the feet to the fire of politicians like Barack Obama. In a world where so much of the government has successfully taken over media operations, The Blaze is not one of them. And for that, we should all be grateful.

Rich Hoffman


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