Keep Pam Geller Alive: Get wealthy while fighting terrorists–find out how

Not so oddly enough I know something of the two primary figures at the center of the AFDI Mahammad Art exhibit and contest in Garland, Texas which took place on May 3rd 2015. The winner of the art contest I have covered here before, Bosch Fawstin—who is the man behind the Pigman graphic novel whom I was made aware of as a potential partner for my own Cliffhanger stories. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Then of course I know a bit about Pam Geller, who organized the event. Pam is a long-standing Ayn Rand fan and is 100% all in when it comes to pushing back against radical Islam. When my novel Tail of the Dragon was being released I approached Pam about providing a blurb. She was willing until she realized that the novel didn’t deal directly with the problem of Islamic radicalism. She declined as she didn’t want to stray her attention away from the task at hand, bringing the public an awareness of radical Islam with the laser guided diligence that she has been providing for years. So it didn’t surprise me to see that these two characters were at the center of all this controversy. Fawstin won essentially by drawing a simple cartoon of Muhammad yelling to the viewer, “YOU CAN’T DRAW ME!” as the cartoonists states back with his pencil “THAT’S WHY I DRAW YOU.” For that simple drawing Fawstin has gone into hiding as Pam Geller had a Fatwa declared against her. To understand the lunacy behind the “fatwa” which is an issuance of death aimed at a target, this video will tell the story very well. This is what we are dealing with represented by Islamic Imam Anjem Choudary.

Watching that exchange pissed me off more than just a little. I personally thought Pam pushed it a bit by hosting the art show just as South Park a few years ago did something similar by putting Muhammad into their television show on Comedy Central. I’m pretty tolerant of people’s religious beliefs as I view them all as a kind of baby step toward universal understanding of the forces truly at work. To me Islam and this prophet Muhammad are just rip offs of Zoroastriansim. That particular religion dates back to around the early 2nd millennium BCE. The offshoots of Zoroastrianism were of course Christianity, Gnosticism,, and Islam as many different groups of people took their version of it and added a new religious mythology to suit their needs. I’m fine with whatever people need to do to understand their place in the universe—religion is fine, it’s a nice first step to bringing values to a person’s life—and I tend to like religious people more than people without it—because generally people who have religion in their lives have some sense of value that they try to live by. But to insist as these radical Muslims do, that all other religions and their references be eliminated in favor of a limited interpretation of reality is simply ridiculous. When Muslims have a general rule that their “prophet” cannot even be shown they are advocating in America something that just isn’t possible. Islam wasn’t even a religion until well over a thousand years after Zoroastrianism so much of the Islamic attempt to edit out what came before them, including Christianity are deliberate attempts at ignorance by shutting off their subjects to history deliberately insisting on turning off their minds to logic. Muslims deserve to be insulted when they collide with a culture in America where everything is up for debate and scrutiny.

The attempt of radical Islam is to force ignorance upon the world, and that in American culture is a much more serious crime than in drawing some prophet who ripped off aspects of Zoroastrianism to lash out against the wealthy clans of Mecca who feared the ancestral paganism that made them rich at that time. The creation of Islam is ironically a religious version of communism where the proletariat was given a psychological path toward anger against the bourgeoisie. Those too lazy to work very hard in life found in the religion an excuse to not be all that productive, so they jumped all in surrendering their lives to “Allah” then pointed to the Quran as the declaration of proof. Of course to keep their ruse alive they had to make Muhammad into a figure of respect as he was the author of their revered book, and to maintain the illusion of his prophet hood, they refused to even allow their subjects to depict the guy in any visual way. Well, that might work in some sand bitten, god forsaken region like the Middle East, but in America, that kind of behavior is just out of the question—as it should be. In a free society everything is fair game for debate and the illusion of Islam insisting that religious participants close off their minds to reality just isn’t going to happen, even under a penalty of death. Think about how stupid of a requirement it is in radical Islam to insist to not even show an image of Muhammad. Then to threaten death to anybody who questions it. See the problem?

Yet even as many have come out and criticized Pam Geller for poking a stick into the very intellectually limited cage of Islam, those same minds advocated tolerance for the defacement of Christian symbols, namely art exhibits where urine, defecation, and other vile acts were committed against Jesus Christ. It becomes quite clear quickly what is behind all this radical Islam nonsense and it’s just not going to be tolerated in the United States.   We are dealing with a religious war between two primary religions where the Islamic faction is hell-bent on the destruction of any rival under any condition. And that kind of intolerance just isn’t going to have legs in American society. It’s an information based culture that is going to do anything they are told not to—just because they can.

The two knuckle draggers who drove a 1000 miles to shoot up the art exhibit, Elton Simpson and his roommate Nadir Soofi from Phoenix, Arizona were way out of line. They showed up after such a long drive in body armor and military weapons to kill anybody they could. Expectedly, there were plenty of firearms on hand to put the two thugs down. Buy the 60-year-old police officer a beer for neutralizing the threats, and advancing on their location after he put them down to finish the job. That’s what every American should be able to do, and to perform the task, everyone should do their part by getting their concealed carry permit and arming themselves as heavily as possible. If one of these archaic idiots tries to do such a thing in public in the future, they need to be dealt with in the same way.

However the best way to eliminate the threat of these Islamic radicals is to use capitalism to destroy their culture—first starting in America, and then migrating it unapologetically to the Middle East. Currently the U.S. State Department is paying $20 million dollars to anyone who mails, emails or calls in information on four Islamic State commanders leading operations in Iraq and Syria. The State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program has paid out more than $125 million to more than 80 people since 1984 for actionable information that has put terrorists behind bars and prevented acts of terror. A person could become quite wealthy by coughing up information on Islamic radicals planning further hits on American targets—especially those against Pam or Bosch. The best way to strike back against these terrorists who insist on ignorance to advance their agenda is to rat them out of the holes they hide in and enrich yourself in the process. Here is the link, if you know of some radical Islamic loon that you think is planning something against any American activity on domestic soil—or anywhere in the world, click the link below and submit the tip. Buy yourself a new house, car, and cover your retirement for the rest of your life in the process. Enjoy the benefits of capitalism to the fullest extent and use it to crush this threat.

It is intolerable to even allow people like Pam and Bosch to be threatened for drawing a picture or hosting an art exhibit. Liberal advocates desiring to crush Christianity opened the door long ago to analysis of decency when they allowed the defacement of Jesus in art, and advocated on behalf of free speech to justify it. Pam simply did the same thing turning the hypocrisy against those advocates. Was it aggressive, sure, but we are at war with these ideological nutcases whether or not we want to be. So what has happened is set in stone and from here on out we have to deal with it. The first and best thing every American should do is—purchase a gun and carry it. Learn to use it and don’t get all panicky under stress.   Have it so you can use it the way the police officer in Garland did. When a target threatening the safety and security of any American is presented, neutralize that target as quickly as possible. The second and probably most enriching thing that you can do is rat out any jihadist thug hiding in the cracks of life wherever they might attempt to show themselves in the light of day. Don’t be afraid of those idiots—turn them in and let the guys at the Rewards for Justice sort out the good tips from the bad. You have a much better chance of winning some money with the Rewards for Justice Program than in winning the lottery or getting rich at a casino.

And while you’re at it thank Pam Geller for flushing out a couple of these scum bags. She did a good thing and she deserves the credit for having the brass to stick herself out there to fight these maniacs. You can thank her by keeping her alive, so get her potential assassins off the street by using the Rewards for Justice Program to scoop them up and drop them into a hole where they won’t be able to hurt anybody. And while you’re at it, get rich in the process. It’s the American way and unapologetically wonderful.

Rich Hoffman


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