How David Icke is Right: More clear vision from your trusty Hoffman lenses

What was the reason that during periods of slavery in America that reading was kept from those captive under a master? Well, it was of course to keep the slaves uninformed and unaware of the world around them. Why does a jealous man want to keep his wife from driving a car, working a job, or otherwise interacting with other people—well, to keep her from finding a better option than him. So long as the man keeps the woman under his thumb, he can suppress his own insecurities about losing her to a rival. Whenever a person or an institution exhibits the desire to control information that flows to objects of their interest—the real desire is to prevent the discovery of options.

With that said we live in a time where the religions of old are tired and worn out. They are no longer relevant to a modern audience without turning off our minds to the world around us. Islamic radicals are attempting to execute that task to this day in Iraq by destroying archaeology in that war-torn country every day—essentially erasing the past. St. Patrick in Ireland destroyed the pagan culture of that country and is celebrated to this day for bringing Catholicism to the godless heathens of the old hills and mounds containing the skeletons of giants previously found there. In Ohio the mound builders have been associated with the academic canon of the Adena Indians, even though it appears they were a much more advanced, and global culture that was erased because it threatened the religions of the age—the Christian perspective which designated that Columbus discovered America and the inhabitants were heathens. The Aztecs, Mayas and Incas were all destroyed because they worshipped pagan gods on a Spanish crusade to make the people of Mexico and South America Christians. Among the religions of the day, there was a deliberate suppression of cultures that came before so that the mind of humanity would focus on the version of god worship designated by the latest institution that proposes their religion is the most valid. They can only accomplish that task by destroying the evidence of rivals that might make followers question the validity of the religion in question.

The same mentality has migrated into politics. How many times have we witnessed a public school lie to pass a levy, a politician take a bribe and cover it up with charity action, or a president conspire behind the scenes to stay in power? We see it all the time, and the way they stay in power is they attempt to get of information and the flow of it under control so they can mislead the public into believing whatever they tell them. The practice is widespread, and rampant.

This is why there are so many conspiracies regarding UFO’s the origin and function of the Moon, and the radical assumption that there is a lost race of reptiles who rule the world. There is a lot of evidence which points to something strange going on, but the government doesn’t allow for transparency to discover the truth. The fact that they feel they have to hide things indicates that there is something they wish to withhold, which instinctively leads us to deduce that they want to control us for the sake of it. The slave knows that they were being controlled when they were denied the ability to read. Women know they are being controlled by an abusive spouse when options are taken away from them, instead of provided freely. And mankind knows that the government knows something about UFO occurrences because of their desire to control the information discovered in various Air Force encounters and discoveries made through the space program at NASA.

It is quite obvious that there is something wrong with the Moon. In the 60s and 70s NASA couldn’t wait to get there, then suddenly without any real warning—we stopped going. It took all the way into the 2000s for President Bush to announce that human beings would return to the Moon, but that idea was scrapped quickly. The next president in Obama told NASA that it was their primary job to make Muslims feel good about themselves—don’t worry about all that moon business—oh and by the way, we’re going to scrap the Space Shuttles and hitch rides with the Russians. The space program at NASA was reduced to just sitting in a tin can floating around the earth called the International Space station as if working with other countries was more important than colonizing, mining, and exploring the Moon, or Mars. Currently NASA is set to send humans to Mars around 2030, but in the mean time, forget about that Moon.

Well, it’s hard to forget about the Moon because people are photographing technology on it, and it is now coming out that the astronauts who walked there were being watched by something that was already there. Neil Armstrong who was from my area of the country became a recluse for the rest of his days after his walk on the Moon. In 1979 Maurice Chatelain who was the former chief of NASA Communications Systems confirmed an issue that was commonly known around the space agency at the time, that Armstrong reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater near where they landed. That had to be a little strange to a man who thought he was the first to arrive someplace where no man had ever set foot. The public never learned about that little issue because NASA censored it, at least according to Dr. Vladimir Azhazha from Moscow University as the KGB was monitoring the NASA communications. Probably explains why no other country ever went back as well, because they all know what apparently the rest of us have been kept in the dark about—that the Moon is not a geologic object that broke away from earth billions of years ago, but is rather a manufactured thing used specifically to bring some level of terraforming to Earth. And there is and have always been parallel species to humans that used the Moon as a stage point from Earth travel to wherever they originally resided.

It sounds far-fetched, I know—but it will all be confirmed within a few short years. We’ll see the same type of thing on Mars—relics of old civilizations long gone—possibly some still emerging, will be seen. The Moon apparently is much more complicated than what we’ve always thought it was and is without a doubt the origin of most of our modern religions. Of course if NASA wanted to deny all these things, they’d find the funding to go back and renew the quest to learn what the Moon is all about—but nobody in the political class wishes to embark on such a journey—because they already know what we’ll find there.   They can’t hide it forever, commercial space travel is headed to space. Politicians might try to keep Hilton from building a hotel there by denying a permit from the United Nations—but the legal push to populate the surface of the Moon is going to happen over the next 50 years, so everyone is going to have to fess up sooner or later. The history of that place can’t be hidden any longer.

Listening to these lectures from David Icke—a guy who went from a respected BBC broadcaster to a loony kook king of conspiracy within just a few years—he and I have a lot in common.   We both love the John Carpenter film They Live. CLICK HERE TO READ MY COMMENTS ABOUT ‘THEY LIVE’ AND THE SUNGLASSS NAMED AFTER ME. They Live was a classic 80s action film full of wonderfully cheesy lines and an over-the-top premise. But there was, and always was a hint at something a little too true about the plot—the idea that another competing species was working and manipulating human beings in a negative way. It is only science fiction, but it resonates in the same way that a woman who knows she’s in an abusive relationship knows she’s being controlled, or the slave knows that it’s an act of rebellion to read a book by candlelight in the corner of a barn—because information is forbidden when control is the desired objective. In our present society, there is a lot that is forbidden and if it’s considered why, soon one comes to similar thoughts as David Icke. I don’t know that it is reptile people left over from the Anunnaki of Sumerian legend—but there is something along that lines that is certainly a part of a social tapestry that nobody discusses, and any information into a resolution is strictly forbidden. I actually think that is just the tip of the iceberg—the truth is much more mind shattering—which is likely why authorities started down this path of censorship.

I have enough of a supernatural background—along with many other experiences—to know that Icke is not crazy. He may not have the whole truth, and may rely on mystical input too much, but he’s not crazy. That’s why I would encourage you dear reader to go back through this article and listen to each of the lecture segments presented from David Icke when he spoke to a sold out show not that long ago in London. Like Icke I look at the world of mythology for the truth to some of that withheld data, and try to puzzle out the gaps distinguishing fact from fiction. How much of myth was actually true—why did ancient people believe the things they did? Were they just a species with overactive imaginations, or was there something to mythology that was rooted in fact—but that the facts have been deliberately erased by religions and political classes who desperately want to stay in control? Given what I know about the human race, it is the latter that is occurring. I am 100% certain of it. I’m certainly no mystic lover, and I’m not a tin hat type—I enjoy facts, truth, and the validation of obscurity through adventure. And I am happy to declare that Icke is far more right than he is wrong.

So what do you do with that information dear reader? Well, go shelter yourself in the corner, light a candle, and teach yourself to read. Then, we will arrange to free you from the shackles that bind you—starting with your mind. Don’t be a willing slave to ignorance. Free yourself not just in name, but in action as well. And to prove it, demand to your politicians that the United States return to the Moon—and see what they tell you, and why. That will give you your answers.

Rich Hoffman


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