The Hilarious Hillary: A trip down memory lane–body bags, scandals, and lies

We knew it was coming, so the news was sort of flat, but Hillary Clinton is running for president which is evidence of just how terrible the Democratic Party really is. Hillary with all her scandals and baggage is the best candidate for President of the United States that the Democrats can put forth. Think about just how pathetic that is for a moment……………………………..

On the Doc Thompson Show heard on The Blaze Radio Network they had some fun with the topic which I found funny. They compared Hillary Clinton to the 80s rock group Poison that used to be all the rage. Poison used to fill stadiums with screaming fans, but now thirty years later they are still together but playing in much smaller venues. It was some funny radio and held within its criticism of Hillary a grain of truth that is true for the entire Democratic Party. Their message is tired and worn out. Her message only has appeal to people looking for government freebies—which was quite clear by her really slow and overly dramatic launch video. She has no message except the same tired old communist banter of playing the poor against the rich and suggesting that government cover the balance through wealth-redistribution.

The worst of Hillary Clinton is that she is completely incompetent. She has accomplished nothing in all her years of public service except leave in her wake controversy and betrayal. Even if it is true that she and her husband played a part in all the dead bodies surrounding their lives—it is beyond refute that she has personally known and associated with some of the worst people in the known world—and has been very arrogant about it. When she has held positions of direct responsibility, such as her fairly recent stint as Secretary of State, she fumbled epically on a grand stage and thought she could smile her way through it. Her time as Secretary of State was so bad that she had to have her own email server to hide her faults and give her control to delete all her correspondences showing evidence of her vast debacles particularly the Benghazi incident.

And here is a woman who has been an enabler of one of the most sexist womanizers ever to hit the public stage who wants to be the first female president just because she happens to have the physiology of it. She wants to represent the freedom of women, and to epitomize the women’s movement—which all she has really accomplished is to show the world what a truly dysfunctional household looks like. Hillary Clinton is a joke as a mother, a joke as a grandmother, a joke as a wife, a joke as a politician, a joke as a person, and yet she wants to be president with no credentials or competency shown just because she’s a female.

Well one thing is for sure, it will be an interesting race. I have serious doubts that Hillary will be able to pack an arena just as the rock band Poison would struggle now. Their messages are more of nostalgia than of substance. Hillary will have to appear relevant with a lot of smoke and mirrors, and a lot of help from the media that wants desperately to see a progressive return to the White House. But in live events, Hillary won’t drive much passion which is why she is doing this cross-country tour trying to appear like she is one of the “people” posing for photos that will help her market herself as a “common folk.” Her life is a lie and people see that. People won’t line up to see a lie, or a has-been. And for the Democrats they are truly in trouble. If Hillary is the best that they have, they might as well be extinct. Because with her at the helm once again—they will be.

Rich Hoffman


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