Best Argument Against Drugs: Robert D. Collins, 39, of Alliance, Ohio

I do not agree with Libertarians or Democrats in any way about drug use. I am to the right of the political right regarding drugs—even alcohol. I enjoy an occasional beer or wine, but nothing excessive, ever. I can understand a beverage with potent abilities not abused. I have at times drank whiskey to mend a wound, or to drown out a cold so to thin my blood, break a fever, or dump the results of a battered body recovering from a sickness. But smoking, sniffing, or injecting some intoxicant into a body is just something that makes no sense to me in any way. I would argue that cultures like those of India, the Native American and every shamanic culture in existence who use marijuana or other chemical means to achieve some measure of visionary enchantment are cultures so stoned that they are easy to conquer and have no choice but to be a culture of pacifists. There is a reason that peace-loving hippies and counter-culture losers advocated marijuana use along with their peace signs—it’s because they don’t want anybody to kick the shit out of them while they are intoxicated. Substance abuse is no way for a culture to achieve any measure of success in any fashion.

In Ohio there is a push to legalize marijuana which of course I’m 1000% against. The reason is that dope makes people stupid; it functions best to turn off their brains. To that effect, an excellent example of what drugs do to people can be seen by the antics of Robert D. Collins seen in the following video.

Robert D. Collins, 39, of Alliance, Ohio, was recently arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 system as well as possession of drug paraphernalia, a police report states.

According to the Alliance Police Department, Collins posted bond and appeared in court on March 6 for his arraignment. Court officials said Collins retained a public defender.

Collins in a fit of rage after his “old lady” stole his cocaine actually called 911 to tell on her. I first heard this story while listening to Doc Thompson on The Blaze Radio Network and at first I thought it was a skit he and his partner Skip were performing on air. But it was in fact a true story. Collins was just that stupid, obviously mentally impaired by years of drug abuse—everything from casual marijuana use to cocaine. He may be the extreme example of what drugs can do to people who use and abuse them, but he represents an increasingly consistent percentage of the population who aspire to the intellectual aptitude of this mighty example of grey matter impaired by years of bad habits.

When Ohio attempts to make marijuana legal, the voters need to remember Robert D. Collins and his “old lady” in Alliance, Ohio as an example of what drug use can and will do to the minds they impair. There is no excuse for deliberately destroying a brain or any thinking activity. Yet the drug culture is all about such destruction and is the primary reason I will never support drugs in any shape or form.

Rich Hoffman


Listen to The Blaze Radio Network by CLICKING HERE.

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