Fighting Off Vico: The answers are at Cliffhanger Research and Development

It is obvious that the world is losing it’s understanding of the root cause behind innovation as isolated factions are continuing to perform such miracles, but society at large is lost as to what to do about them. As the current of world civilization desires to move toward the Vico model of four stages where presently anarchy is giving way toward theocracy it is clearly a mistake to my eyes. So I have decided to do something about it which begins with philosophy and ends with the preservation and continuation of innovation. (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE VICO METHOD)

One of the greatest restrictions to modern innovation is the diabolical menace of failed philosophies.  Without a correct way of thinking, new ideas created by human minds cannot ignite into their true potential.  So I am resurrecting an idea from my past—something I started a long time ago which can be seen at the new website of Cliffhanger Research and Development below. At Cliffhanger Research and Development the products produced must then not be technology itself, but in correcting the failed philosophies that are currently restricting the proper development of innovation.  So contained within the written works produced by Cliffhanger Research and Development are examples of real technology and historical records that are true – but are suppressed behind a veil of static social systems intent to carry civilization through democratic anxieties backwards instead of toward innovation.  The plot lines of these works are never-the-less exciting, and action oriented, but the underlining expectation is to make readers aware of these emerging technologies and put them into a context that can be understood as a whole instead of fragmented efforts by well-intentioned inventors.  Some of the topics explored are:

Regenerative Medicine  Cures for Cancer

Self Navigating Flying Personal Vehicles

Unexplored Aspects of Mankind’s Origins as a Species

Anti Gravity Technology

Benefits of Civilian Space Exploration

Alternative Fuel Sources – Thorium Energy 

The conflict in such stories is always the struggle to introduce a new dynamic force of such emerging technologies against the static patterns of conformist orthodox.  To put it more conventionally, the desire to carry society toward the merry-go-round of the Vico method which is a case of continuously rising and falling civilizations that are only measured in history books—is a cycle that needs to be broken with thought so that action can take place. To fight such battles, new heroes are needed which are featured in the collected works by Cliffhanger Research and Development seen at the link below.


For instance, in my novel Tail of the Dragon, the content of the story is one of emotional conflict, car chases, legal entanglements and non stop action. But it is clear that the star of the show is technology—in this case a 700 HP engine that runs on vegetable oil. During the car chase the police confiscate all the fuel stations along the chase route leaving the fleeing bandits with no place to refuel so that eventually they will run out of gas since the police and military were unable to stop the armored car being used in the chase. So the unusual feature of this particular car which the protagonists drive allows the car to be refueled at fast food restaurants with used fryer oil making for some interesting chapters. As the author my point in such stories is not to just introduce a plot device that had never been used before, but to make readers aware that such a technology exists so that action can be taken to embrace it when they are told by the governments of the world that there are limited options to their rising gas prices at the fuel pump. Or those politicians who wish to attack “big oil” with the new religion of environmental concerns with the subtly hidden desire to carry society back to a theocratic culture driven by earth worship can be challenged with options not before considered. The United States produces a lot of that vegetable oil as waste from its fast food industry and if the waste were captured, it would certainly have an impact on fuel costs and the dependence on foreign markets. The Tail of the Dragon story is meant to bring these unique technologies to the minds of readers in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

In the Cliffhanger series The Curse of Fort Seven Mile, I am presenting a large contingent of very controversial proposals within the context of a classic action adventure story. My first love in life has always been philosophy, but my actions have always been mechanical. I’ve always been good at identifying things that are broken mechanically, or intellectually—and fixing those items quickly. So I started off in life as an inventor. That’s how Cliffhanger Research and Development began in the first place. So the plot behind The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is more fact than fiction as Cliffhanger Research and Development is featured prominently as a company involved in all the above technology. What is preventing that technology from emerging into the human realm is the static patterns of modern political systems which need to be broken so that marvelous inventions like the ones featured can emerge and bring with them fulfillment. Ultimately to perform that task it requires a divorce of the Vico method which is something the human race has never achieved. It has pushed against it a time or two—the latest being the creation of the United States—but politics driven by insufficient aristocratic human desire for social titles always pulls mankind back to the precipice of Vico.

The protagonist in The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is a vigilante by the name of Cliffhanger who has found that the world was not ready for the inventions of genius, so he sets out to bring justice to the unfortunate in the classic way that a good guy punishes bad guys, but there is a deep analysis as to what makes bad guys really bad. It’s not enough for me to just say that so and so is an antagonist and that they deserve to be punished so that good people can flourish—I feel I need to show the depths and causes of such villainy, so that readers can recognize it in their own lives and take action against it. But Cliffhanger isn’t just about saving damsels in distress and unfortunate victims of ruthlessness. Cliffhanger is a hero dedicated to breaking the cycle of Vico and unleashing the hidden potential behind human innovation on a mass scale that will bring to the world a renaissance of thought followed by action.

I was inspired to this effort ironically because of my admiration for H.P. Lovecraft while playing the very involved game, Arkham Horror. It took a century for readers to begin embracing Lovecraft’s ideas—which have just now taken root. He has a similar style and approach to his subject matter as I do, so it is clear by the Lovecraft roadmap that it sometimes takes a long time for a set of ideas to take hold, but once they do, they have a major impact on the thinking of society—which is what I’m most concerned with. Unlike Lovecraft who was haunted by terrible nightmares and a sickly body all his life until his early death living week to week in poverty—I am individually quite successful and resistant to various forms of offense conducted toward those opposing Vico’s cycle. So I can write and commit myself to this Cliffhanger Research and Development project without concern of hiding myself as a ghost writer the way Lovecraft had to—or bending my work around the criteria of a New York small press publisher. Knowing that it will take a while to sink in—I am free to tell the stories that need to be told without caring for their immediate reception. My target audience is not the masses at this time—but those who are capable of innovation. I’m looking for the unique individuals out there who understand the foundations of leadership. I want to provide them with a virtue that they can get no place else. For now it starts in these stories, but as time rolls on and away from Vico—it will find its way into education processes, laboratories, and the precipice of space as mankind for the first time breaks the shackles to anarchy and the chains trying to drag it back to theocracy.

Of course this is no small attempt—but then again, I understand that with all the good things I do on a daily basis—it will be Cliffhanger Research and Development that will be remembered. As a beginning endeavor it is just a seed now, but with the nurturing that will be provided, it will grow into a rather large force with deep roots able to withstand the tests of time. And it all starts with the click of a mouse.


Rich Hoffman

Visit Cliffhanger Research and Development

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