‘Atlas Shrugged Part III’ is Showing at Mason’s Regal: Why Mahogany’s is failing while The Blaze Pizza thrives

If you read this site there is only one place you should be on Friday September 12th, and that is the Regal cinemas in Mason, Ohio.  The reason is that Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt hits theaters that day and the only place in Cincinnati that it can be seen is at the Regal.  The Regal has been very supportive of the Atlas films over the years and I can’t think of a better theater than that one to see this new movie at.   I have been to every theater in the Cincinnati area for some reason or another and the Regal is one of my favorites.  I love the way it sits on a hill looking out over all the development of the Fields Ertel region.   For Atlas, after the kind of philosophy that is explored in that movie, those are the kinds of things you want to see while going to dinner after—development, excess, and elements of capitalism.  You don’t want to see slums, decrepit people addicted to welfare, and you don’t want to see defeated people.  In Mason, just down the road from the theater are million dollar homes, P&G is across the street, and countless restaurants of all varieties are available for selection.  It is a wealthy area representative of the type of values that the Atlas films advocate.  So the Regal is the place to see Who is John Galt.  The premier for the film just occurred in Las Vegas as seen in the picture below with Laura Regan in the center who plays Dagny Taggart.  She is a very good Dagny.  Women should feel honored to see such an empowering woman in such a strong role.image

It’s OK to be a little snobby especially in regard to surroundings while seeing certain kinds of movies for leisure entertainment.  So often hypocritical assessment is applied to these types of things—the same women who declare that they support feminism and a helping hand to the poor—along with other progressive values are the same women who shop at the Fields Ertel area because they are afraid of the gangs of youth that accost them at the shopping malls to the southwest and avoid Ayn Rand because she is against their system of beliefs.  But in regard to that, no author has ever written a stronger female lead character than Dagny Taggart.  She’s in charge of a railroad, she has the heart of the strongest most profound male character in classic literature and she is unyielding during the entire Atlas Shrugged story—right up until the end.  You’d think that feminists would flock to see Laura Regan’s portrayal of Dagny Taggart—but of course they won’t, and can’t.  Their politics betray them.  So it was nice to see Laura Regan posing proudly with the producers during the premier.  The producers worked their asses off to make that movie and it is good to see her embrace the role without political shame.  Atlas Shrugged punches through much of that modern hypocrisy of politically correct behavior.  So in tribute to that honesty, I can be quite forthright—when I see Atlas Shrugged Part III at a theater, I want that theater to be nice—I don’t want it to smell like dirty kids, I don’t want to park next to beat up pieces of shit cars, I don’t want to sit next to walking zombies of people slack-jawed and stupid, and I want to drive down roads to and from the theater lined with wealthy businesses oozing with creativity.

One such place that embodies the kind of business that might be found in Atlantis featured in Atlas III is the Blaze Pizza which is just down the road from the Regal Theater.  Mason was one of the test locations for this burgeoning franchise which was quite an honor.  The reason is that the demographics of the area are conducive to their market research.  The Blaze Pizza is about to explode all across the nation, but there are still only a few locations and Mason is one of them.  What makes them unique from other pizza places is that they make customized pizzas in a fast food style.  The pizza is literally made right in front of the customer and fired in a gas fired oven and ready by the time you pay for it.  They are the Chipotle of pizza making.  Their pizzas are typically a $15 of value which they sell for around $7 to $8.

The Blaze does great numbers and is changing the industry of pizza making.  My daughters introduced me to the place and we plan to visit there after seeing Atlas Shrugged Part III.  Also, we have plans to bring The Blaze Pizza to my grandson’s birthday party which is coming up quick because what they do is so good and unique that it is worth it.  It is in that type of business creativity that the movie Who is John Galt is all about.  So it is fitting to have the film playing at the Regal while burgeoning businesses like The Blaze Pizza are changing the industry right next door.

The Blaze Pizza is not the only regional business in the Fields Ertel location that I enjoy.  Although it is dated, I happen to like the Pizza Tower which is also down the road.  I love the Kings Auto Mall, I like White Castle, Frisch’s and the half-dozen other fine restaurants up and down the strip all with wonderful market niches that they have carved out for themselves in the Mason, Deerfield township area.  But the reason they are there is because the area is wealthy, and that wealth was created by cleaver ideas like The Blaze Pizza and capitalism in general.  In Mason, there is some socialism around the government school, and the city politics, but it is still minimal.  The character of Mason has been shaped by the amusement park Kings Island which is also down the road, the PGA Tennis tournament, and the Jack Nicklaus Golf Center which is right across the highway from Kings Island.  Next to Kings Island is The Great Wolf Lodge, a giant hotel chain with and indoor water park on-site.  I love the region because capitalism still rules in that area which is why it is fitting that Atlas Shrugged Part III play there and no place else in the city of Cincinnati.

Elsewhere, socialism has taken hold.  For instance much as been made about the failed restaurant on The Banks in Cincinnati called Mahogany’s.  That restaurant is a government planned project where money was poured into the deal by the city to prop up a minority owned business.  Liz Rogers is the owner and has been losing money for over two years forcing the city to consider further bailouts of her.  Her attorney recently plead her case to the Cincinnati Enquirer reporting, “General Electric has a tax credit worth $51 million dollars for its new banks project , and Liz has worked for two-plus years without drawing a salary, which is more than you can say for the top dogs at GE.  But why has she done this?  Because she has a dream and a vision of a better Cincinnati, one that appreciates Southern cuisine.”  The Enquirer—a very progressive newspaper owned by Gannett goes on to say, “on the other hand, we have had the dubious distinction of race riots.  The federal government has monitored our police force after accusations of brutality, and some undoubtedly legitimate complaints.  Our schools are integrated (by busing) but our churches and social life are largely segregated (by choice and comfort level) It goes on and on like that discussing Harriet Beecher Stowe, Jackie Robinson and Louis Armstrong.   

But what the Enquirer doesn’t deal with is that people don’t want to go to a restaurant that they don’t support through free market capitalism.  Cincinnati as a government should have never become involved in tampering with the free market hoping to prop up an owner just because of the color of her skin.  Basically here is the gist, the city government in Cincinnati thought it would be cool to have a black owner of a restaurant on their coveted banks project which has taken over 20 years to build.  I’ve been to The Banks on several occasions, and it’s nice.  I typically eat at Great American Ball Park or at the Christian Moerlein Larger House (wonderful place by the way).  Liz has not been successful because with other options at The Banks that are better, Liz is sinking.  The socialism of Cincinnati and the Enquirer failed because they put value on skin diversity over values of intellect—resulting in the failure of Mahogany’s.

The Blaze Pizza is doing well in Mason because they did market research and used private investment to make a proper business decision.  When it came to Mahogany’s all the socialist civil servants thought it would be wonderful to have a “woman” and a “minority” member an owner of a restaurant on The Banks.  They thought it would be “stylish.”  They made their decision based on feel good politics, not free market considerations.  If Liz Rogers made a product with Southern cuisine that people actually wanted, the restaurant would be doing booming business, but people obviously don’t want that kind of food in that location, so it is failing.  Meanwhile, The Blaze Pizza is doing smashing business in its location and is now expanding.  It’s not because the owners are white, or male, but because they are competent and enterprising.  This is essentially what Atlas Shrugged Part III is all about.  Only in the movie it is Laura Regan playing Dagny Taggart who has all the answers for her railroad company that none of her male counterparts have a single answer for.  It doesn’t matter the color of her skin, but rather the contents of her mind that makes her either successful, or a failure.  Thus, the same goes for the success of The Blaze Pizza, and the failure of Mahogany’s.

This is why it is such a relief to see Atlas Shrugged Part III in Mason at the Regal as opposed to somewhere else.  After such a movie nobody wants to come out and see evidence of socialism and its failures with degenerate slack-jawed hippies, skate boarders, and gangs of thugs bobbing their heads to rap music.  To see a movie like Atlas for people who enjoy thinking and being successful at things, it is nice to take a vacation away from the poverty created by government tampering and enjoy an evening of excess produced by the capitalism of Mason, Ohio.  Those are many of the reasons and more that I am so happy that it is the Regal who is playing Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt on September 12th.  It will be a lot of fun and a nice vacation away from socialism—at least for the evening.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


2 thoughts on “‘Atlas Shrugged Part III’ is Showing at Mason’s Regal: Why Mahogany’s is failing while The Blaze Pizza thrives

  1. Found this in a news article:

    “Rogers is also under scrutiny due to unpaid taxes. She says she is currently paying off a $49,223 tax lien to the IRS. Rogers says that these unpaid taxes come from another business she owned, and the City of Cincinnati was aware of the taxes when they approved the grants and loans.”

    So she was a proven failure that still owed the IRS almost 50k, and they STILL gave her a million dollars???


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