Ragnar Danneskjöld and Howard Roark Take On the World: Thoughts while trying to save the Cincinnati Ghost Ship

As the new film Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt hits theaters and the production team wraps up their tasks for distribution now would be a good time to bring up some thoughts about the future.  In the Gulch I have brought it up before but knowing that Aglialoro and Kaslow are considering a miniseries based on Atlas Shrugged events to further explore the concepts of the novel, the time to further conceptualize that endeavor is now.  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THE PREMIER.  In the new movie Eric Allan Kramer plays the famous pirate who is personal friends with John Galt.  I have thought for a long time that there are many untold stories which could be utilized to further advance the parts of the book that did not have time to make it into the original films.  (Click the link to read my previous article–Eric Allan Kramer, is playing the pirate Ragnar Danneskjöld in“Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?.”  )  A show like that could be aired on The Blaze TV as Glenn Beck seems hungry to use his Dallas movie studios for something along these lines.  Such a thing may already be in the works at this point, but if it isn’t—and there is a desire to keep the Atlas film crew together—then it should be.

Over the summer I ran into an ancient relic of a steam ship called The Sachem.  Click the following link for a review.  https://overmanwarrior.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/saving-a-cincinnati-ghost-ship-history-and-methods-of-resurrecting-the-sachem/  As I toured that ship I couldn’t help but think of Ragnar Danneskjöld.  Thomas Edison and the adventurer Jake Martin essentially used the ship in a similar way that Ragnar would have from the novel Atlas Shrugged—only Danneskjöld was not under official government backing.  As I walked the deck of the ship known as the Cincinnati Ghost Ship hidden deep in the woods of Kentucky I couldn’t help but think of all the many hours of conversations that would have filled the cabins on the open sea with nothing else to do but to contemplate the advantages of Objectivism and the romanticism of the next great adventure.

I know a few people at The Blaze and contemplated having the ship resurrected by a film crew for its vast historic value not to become sea worthy again, but to set it up in a studio somewhere in front of a green screen to serve as a stage prop for countless episodes of thematic television exploring the Objectivist life of Ragnar Danneskjöld.  After all, what museum would desire to preserve the old ghost ship and to what cost.  It would have little value used in such a way—but what if the old ship were converted into an actual set complete with cannons and modern gadgets that would make the modern pirate vessel fast and nimble on the open seas able to outrun the sluggish military vessels of the world’s governments.  But, the Atlas Company has more of an ability to do something like that and it’s currently their property.  But it sure seemed like a good idea.

Lately I have been writing a lot about the new Disney XD television show called Star Wars: Rebels.  That show will be a game changer both in thematic storytelling and content.  One look at the clip below will indicate what kind of cartoon that show will be—and kids are not the only target audience.  But what is bigger about the show is that it will give Disney XD an anchor that it currently doesn’t have.  Until Rebels went into production, I didn’t know that there was a Disney XD channel—but I do now.  The same thing could happen for The Blaze if it had the kind of show on it that people really wanted to see.

These days, a Ragnar television series could be done cheaply with models for wide shots in a tank and lots of night work.  I imagine that Ragnar Danneskjöld as a pirate would spend most of his time traveling at night and resting during the day.  Most of the scenes on the deck of his ship would have to take place at night, or below decks in the cabins where philosophical dilemmas would present themselves to advance the plot.  Another good example of how such a thing could be achieved for television would be the old Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.  A sample episode can be seen by clicking here.  Most of the show would be Ragnar Danneskjöld talking about Objectivist philosophy on the deck of his pirate ship at night in front of a green screen.  It would be up to writers to come up with some compelling narrative bookends to make people want to sit and listen to it all.

And while brainstorming here—it would not be out-of-line to have Howard Roark traveling with his wife Dominique mimicking the journey taken with Gail Wynand years before spending time with Ragnar in some of these adventures.  Howard being the master architect who has also quit the world isn’t in the Gulch, but is sailing the world with his wife.  There are opportunities for Objectivism there that are quite extensive.

For my own selfish reasons, I want such a show.  My friend Doc works at The Blaze as a radio guy and has Beck’s ear.  I want to help them out and get The Blaze to the level I know Beck wants to take it.  I also want more Atlas Shrugged movies.  I want television that is designed for people like me, because I don’t like much of anything that anybody makes—because it doesn’t hold my values.  But most of all I am looking for some way to save that ship.  Sure, it would be cheaper to build a ship like that from scratch, but a restoration in a dry dock condition would provide some much-needed press for such a project.  The ship itself might just provide some cross-over ink in the media—who will otherwise be turned off by anything mentioning Atlas Shrugged.

I only bring all this up because I know that there is a desire to continue with these Atlas films.  With each Atlas film culminating with Who is John Galt, they have only gotten better and it would be a shame to dismantle all that when Objectivism needs a voice to help usher it into the public.  It might take another 15 years, but the world is primed for the message.  It is only the delivery method that is in question—and the who, what, why, when and where.  I have looked forward to each Atlas Shrugged movie and even though I am extremely busy, I have stuck around the virtual Gulch for several years now adding to the conversation when and where I could.  I’d like to see that kind of thing continue to grow, and a good way to do that is to start another project if the money is there and a willing studio was in place that could pull off something like that affordably.

As Disney puts out their Star Wars: Rebels, the bar is set and primed for something like a Ragnar Danneskjöld television series.  Imagine Howard Roark and Ragnar sitting on the deck of a pirate ship concealed from the governments of the world all looking for a way to track down the elusive pirate—talking about Objectivism under a star-lit sky.  It could be a huge game changer in entertainment and that would be a suitable afterlife for the Ghost Ship of Cincinnati.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


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