The Epidemic of Bastards: Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman’s answer to the Middle East, Ferguson, and the border crises

Matt Clark did the world a tremendous favor during his weekend broadcast on WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He brought me on and between the two of us we explained during a two segment broadcast the entire problem centering on ISIS and the violence of the Middle East along with a direct tie-in to the violence revolving around the Ferguson riots outside of St. Louis. We also discussed the immigration border crises in America and the general ineptitude of the Obama administration through it all. We offered an accurate diagnosis of all those problems in just the two segments, and if people listened, they would find that the problems would evaporate. What was unique was that the broadcast was a history lesson, a psychological analysis, and a comparative overview of some very large and all-encompassing troubles. Most similar broadcasts only deal with one such topic. But these problems are all connected, and Matt Clark might be the only radio host in America who was able to put all those topics on the table with such brevity. For those who want to understand the essence of these many problems, enjoy the recordings of the broadcasts below as they were heard during Saturday on the air.

The compelling evidence involving all those critical issues, the ISIS terrorism, Ferguson, and immigration is the prevalence that they all are direct results of group oriented identification behavior. Even the gangs of thugs involved in the sex trade industry who cover their bodies with tattoos indicating their belonging to a particular gang share this old tribal desire to be recognized within a group. This desire is stronger than ever because in most cases families have been destroyed and young men have a strong desire to find a sense of family within the brotherhood of gang violence. As crazy as that might sound consider that of the young men involved in the street violence in Ferguson most are from fatherless homes, most of the thugs in ISIS are from homes destroyed by years of violence and their new families are the fellow terrorist groups who associate with them. Most of the gangs involved in trafficking children from Central America, across Mexico and into the United States are from homes vacant of fathers or fathers who were previously involved in illegal and illicit activity. There is a sense of family in such groups that makes them feel that it is they against the world validating their afflictions.

Politicians like President Obama, Jessie Jackson and many others have been caught fanning the flames to these revolts due to their own lack of parental structure in their lives. They seek in group behavior a rectification of their own lack of family structure from their childhoods. Obama gets caught in not calling the ISIS terrorism as outright evil, because he identifies more with them than he does a Tea Party supporter from the Midwest who knows who his mother and father are and can call them at any time and speak without shells exploding outside their windows. Obama instead comes across in his condemnation of ISIS sounding like a big brother talking to a bunch of little brothers who are conducting themselves in a way that might get them into trouble. When it comes to Ferguson, Obama sent Eric Holder to tell the residents there that he understood their issues—he too was once pulled over by a cop profiling him because he was black. When it comes to the border crises Obama as an open border supporter by practice created the policies that allowed the gangs of thugs to destroy lives, rape children and sell copious amounts of drugs to an unmanaged population. Obama’s administration through Fast and Furious actually helped put guns in the hands of border gangs which created a scandal only escaped through executive action.

Yet during our broadcast I reiterated to Matt that I felt sorry for Obama. Yes he proposed the burning of America (metaphorically speaking) and advocated many of the same kinds of things that the terrorist groups against America have, but the ramifications of his actions appear to hurt him—as if he didn’t know that he would bring so much pain to so many people through his treacherous behavior. But Matt was quick to point out that Obama was recently partying the night away in Martha’s Vineyard dancing to every song—which is detestable. Obama has the performance of a person who just can’t face the terrible conditions which he has delivered to the world and is behaving like an alcoholic knowing full well he is destroying his family through his actions. So he parties to hide the pain. But he never intended not to create pain. But the ramifications still hurt. Watching America burn even for a person who hates it—is painful. The responsibility is on his shoulders.

This is similar to the actions of those in ISIS or the looters in Ferguson, they without question feel bad about their acts of terror—any human would. But for them it is their family which comes before anybody else and for fatherless bastards (taken literally) they are instinctively drawn to the brotherhood of group involvement—gangs of thugs who become their new family in the absence of healthy relationships emitting from around a dinner table where a properly structured head of household manages his family with value and love.

We live in the day of the thug from every sector of society, where they greet one another with strange tribal handshakes and identify each other with tattoos and other markings to show their commitment to the collective cause of their created family—their brothers in crime and terror. Their brotherhood of destruction where crimes are hidden from their eyes through collective endorsement and justification are their identity and this is what makes them dangerously unmanageable. This is what Obama and others like him are guilty of—they support through their silence the actions of ISIS, Ferguson, and the gangs of Mexico. They endorse the behavior through a brotherhood intellectually accepted, not physically, but through a brotherhood of fatherless households.

I didn’t use the term bastard on Matt’s FCC controlled radio station, but it is in essence the cause of all these problems. We are living on a bastardnized planet advocated by political despots’ hell bent on social destruction leaving in their wake gangs of fatherless thugs as the only family identification left to them. No amount of money can solve these problems and no law can be written that will stop the continued degradation. Only love of a family—a real honest to goodness biological family can do the trick. A family of natural means must be created to override collective relationships driven by artificial factions.

It is not ironic that many of these problems are the creation of tampering governments who have sought to replace the parent as the supreme guide of individuals in society. England and France created the problem in the Middle East, Open Border advocates created the situation in Mexico, and civil rights leaders have taught for years that minority groups have been oppressed as they sought for personal power reasons to become the leader of a tribe and supreme father to large groups of people by turning masses of people into victims in need of a big brother like Al Sharpton. They want a daddy figure of an entire population to lead their made-up gang family. Most of these problems have risen during the progressive era and are a direct result of their big government tampering which has cheapened the role of fathers in families only to be replaced by government—poorly managed government to be exact.

Answers to these complicated problems have been provided by Matt Clark and me during the epic Clarkcast broadcast. There is no excuse not to know how to fix those problems; they are as evident as a bright sun in the desert on a cloudless day. The only thing that is up for contention is what to do about it. Humans need a sense of family—of knowing where they come from. If that family is a gang of thugs—then the quality of life in that family brotherhood will be destructive. If the family is healthy and good, then there is a good chance that terrorism will be far from their minds. That terrorism whether it is the reforming of America by Obama to represent an anti colonialism viewpoint given to him as a school child in Jakarta, or the Muslim radicals of ISIS—the heart of their problem is the lack of love of a father and a family to give them what their hearts deeply seek—a sense of belonging and knowing that they have a place in the hearts of people they admire. What all these modern terrorists have in common is that they are the direct result of a society of bastards—and that is the direct fault of progressive politics. Nobody else can share that blame with them—because they have pushed everyone else aside leaving them holding the responsibly exclusively.

Rich Hoffman