The Fading Summer Months: Bias against goodness is the worst discrimination of the 21st century

For me there is always a sadness associated with the closing of summer.  I never enjoy Labor Day weekend which is quickly arriving.  I enjoy the fanfare of the summer movies as they arrive in early May, the festivities of Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July all strung together over warm days and comfortable nights, gigantic firework stores and the Annual Annie Oakley Festival at the end of July. I love the adventures contained on weekends and surprising weekdays where the unknown can happen and often does.  And occasionally in the middle of it all surprises like the one in the picture below occur where most of my most treasured family members are able to come together for a small blip in time for lunch.  It is not often that I get personal time with the core of my family, my daughters, wife and now grandson without all the noise of other people.  So when it happened recently it will go down forever as one of my most treasured moments from a summer quickly receding.image

I have for all of my life been discriminated against, not for the color of my skin, my gender, my sexual preference or my religion.  My discrimination has been worse and hurts far more than all of those other types combined because mine was a choice as opposed to something that one is just born in to.  My discrimination is due to my choices and constitutes a rejection by many of my decisions.  That discrimination is in being too good.  I always have been, I always will be, and it perpetually antagonizes those who are lazy, evil, vile, malevolent, and manically manipulative to no end.  Yet those types of people can be found in virtually any endeavor at every level of society.  Over the years, I have developed a very thick skin to it, but the discrimination against goodness has never failed to be disappointing.  And the only relief I ever get from it are occasional moments of joy from those same loved ones—those core family members—children that grew up hinging on your every word and wanting to bring those values to life with a core family unit of their own.

Evil is a very real thing and it resides in the darkest thoughts of depression, anxiety, fear, and social status whether it is the welfare recipient defending a life time of bad decisions against the flashlight of goodness as it shines attention where they intellectually and physically hide, or the social-climbing co-worker who wants to know that they are above you in the pecking order of existence by some rules made up from a flimsy institution consisting of definitions written by the most vile pen of evil seeking to blot out the lights of the world with unprecedented bureaucracy.   If a person in this world wants to be a genuinely good person, they have their work cut out for them.  It is at best difficult to hold against the tide of evil which flows so openly and defy its wishes because it is virtually everywhere.

During summers while baseball games are conducted, and grilling in the back yard is a common occurrence over the smell of freshly cut grass, people seem to be just a bit happier as the leaves are on the trees, flowers are in bloom and just the activity of outside conduct carves away the evil that possesses so many minds.  Winter brings out the worst in people, it forces them inside alone with their thoughts which are often vile, and this causes them to stew about like a festering earthquake buckling under enormous geometric pressure.  And with that conduct comes many battles with the passive aggressive types, the backstabbing that occurs just out of sheer hatred of anything good.  It is irritating to witness, and much worse to deal with and for me, because I chose to go against the current—it will involve struggle, and pain, so a relaxed mind is not possible.image

Warren Sapp’s mother of the great Defensive Tackle and Hall of Famer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team often told her little boy growing up, that “Jesus Christ was the only perfect man ever born and they hung him on a cross—so you don’t stand a chance.”  There is a lot of wisdom in that statement.  For those who strive to be the best people that they can be are against literally millions upon millions who want to hang you on a metaphorical cross of some kind just because they don’t want the reminder of what kind of people they are—or who they are destined to become, their aggression is relentless.   I have been discriminated against by evil from my first conscious moments of life.  I have been plotted against by people who think they are clever, slick, and unseen—but I see it all.  I miss nothing. I have learned to see through everything to the heart of the matter which is very helpful, but painful to deal with on a daily basis. It leaves you gassed by the end of a day, and exhausted by the conclusion of a business week.

For a few weeks this past summer I spent a lot of time with my grandson and my swimming pool.  With little children they don’t yet have the taint of evil upon them and I desire to protect them from it with intelligence—which most children naturally possess.  Children learn to become evil in most cases by watching their parents—so I can’t help most kids.  But children from my children I can help and I do at every opportunity.  If I could I would spend my entire life swimming around that pool with my grandchildren enjoying the warm summer sun, the locusts singing from our gigantic weeping willow that hangs out over the water and the flower blooms budding from the various plants my wife has around the parameter which gives that pool a tropical rainforest feel.  I could literally never tire of it.  So the pictures of my grandson and my pool together have added meaning.  The curious wide-eyed recollections of a new mind untainted by corruption and poor thinking with the purity of water, plant life and complete absence of evil.  I will miss these summer months.

At the age I am now I can literally walk into the fires of Hell and face down anything there in any number they wish to present themselves.  There is a market need for people like that, so I stay busy.  And I can sustain that punishment perpetually.  I know what discrimination feels like all too well and have learned to overpower it with sheer will.  I can speak civilly to the participants because I don’t care about them in the least.  When I have finished with whatever I need them to do of which they are in the way, I move on without a second thought about them.    A complaint against me is that I often think my “shit don’t stink” or that “I’m too good to hang out” and in reality that is a true statement and I tend to rub it in—because I have spent a lifetime in resistance to the discrimination of evil against my choices to be good, and I do hate those who love to be malevolent.  I care so little about those types of people who I don’t even give them the benefit of association.  I do my business with them, but that is all.  Once I’m done I am happy to toss them across a pond like a flat rock to watch it skip across the surface without a second thought as to whether I will ever see that rock again once it sinks to the bottom.image

Evil does not want to be judged, so I judge often and it takes many forms.  Sometimes it smiles at you with a disarming grace, sometimes it comes at you with unwarranted aggression—but evil is as common in the world as dirt.  Sometimes you have to pull up the grass to see it clearly, but it’s always beneath our feet and looking for an advantage.  If you have decided to be good, you will feel its wrath so you better learn to like it—to relish the combat with it—for the sake of defeating it.  And when you beat it, don’t be afraid to do an in-zone dance upon its head because they will do so to you in less than a second.

But the few times that I get a vacation from evil are on days where my immediate family who all feel the way I do are together.  And those days often come during the summer, so it is sad to know that the hard winter months are coming once again and that reprieve from conflict will be seldom.  The discrimination against goodness will continue by the douche bags of existence who wish with great force to avoid judgment.  But they will get it, because they must.  It is the task of the good to judge and harass those who are evil, and let them know that their imposition against existence won’t be tolerated.  However, no matter how well prepared a person can be prepared for the discrimination of evil against goodness it is wonderful to spend days away from them all together.  I never tire of being relieved of that discrimination and summer days traditionally offer the most circumstances of liberation.  So I reluctantly say goodbye to yet another summer and brace against the oncoming avalanche that always follows.  No matter how much money is spent, or how many people are a part of something, there are not better days than ones spent with the people you value most—likely family members who share a common love for goodness getting together for a pizza under the summer sun.

There is nothing better.

Rich Hoffman