Eight Years from Now: Being a leader or a latte sipping slug

Just for the entertainment of it I thought it might be fun to analyze the kind of person who finds my site repulsive, and terrifying.  In an article I wrote recently about the James Foley beheading attributing the blame on public education—it received a lot of attention.  Although I don’t usually get a lot of comments—many don’t typically read my long articles and those who do usually feel completed by the end and don’t have much else to add.  But occasionally what I write hits a nerve and prompts the other side to show their cards.  It is worth a study to see how those people think so that they can be disseminated in the proper way in real world application.

The actual article where the following comment appears along with my answers can be found at the link under the IP information.  This person obviously didn’t know that I could see what computer they sent the information from as they attempted to disguise themselves with a false email address and URL.  The fact that they did such a thing indicates that they felt so compelled to answer my acquisition as to go to those steps—which says a lot about this type of person.  There are quite a lot of these people, especially among public sector employees and their clueless supporters. At the conclusion of the comments I will analyze this person based on what they reveal about themselves and  provide insight into the warped lives of these types of people—so that their damaging effects can be noticed in the theater of debate surrounding these issues of public education support.

First however, let me set the stage for what kind of article it was that provoked such a response.  I suggested that the James Foley beheading was a fault of public education.  I demonstrated throughout the article that public education even among most colleges have sided with Islamic faith while decrying Christianity—the primary religion of the West.  Public schools have taught children to be empty vessels and in that void, young men and women are turning increasingly to Islam.  For males Islam empowers them, for females it frees them from their struggles with feminism.   Young girls who have partied too hard and slept with too many males—again encouraged by public education and the culture nurtured by it, instead of turning to a “born again Christian” type of life change to consciously drop away the sins of their past—they turn to the uncompromising religion of the Muslim faith to pull their lives together.  They do this because it is the only form of such a mechanism that is not publicly condemned on television, public education, and colleges.  The commenter didn’t read the article or watch the BBC documentary on the subject which was an hour-long that I provided as back-up testimony.  Instead they wrote what you see below hoping that it might discourage me from further writing.


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Where do you get this shit from?
And 2 people actually believe your load of crap… let me guess..private schoolers..lol
Tell them to drink the kool-aid and they’d drink it there rich. … wow.
You logic is always good for a laugh. I have to share your wisdom with my friends this weekend. They always get a kick out of you…

Public schools are the boogeyman. .watch out rich, one day they may be the reason you cant get it up anymore.

Yeah, every public school product is a brain washed idiot that has produced nothing good …bunch of left wing liberals. Private schools produce only right wing nuts. Rich’s logic ….
Hey, when my kid Gets his full ride to the university of his choosing in 2 years , I won’t be thanking a private school. 31 on his first act…and hadn’t even taken a class on it..lol. dumb public schools. His scores will blow away most of your private school idols. And he’ll definitely make more out of himself than you with your pathetic site that 4 people read. Get a life rich. You aren’t changing a thing but helping people see how crazy you really are.

Yeah, I know. Hey, my son got the genetics for those ACT scores from somewhere, lol. But, you’d dismiss those as a consipiracy (sic) of some type. Some liberal agenda…. No, I don’t waste time reading or watching you (sic) crap. One only needs to read the headline to see how crazy you really are. Doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out. I just like to be entertained by your “thoughts” and to see how isolated you are now after you put your foot in your mouth. It’s nice to see you getting crazier and crazier.

Hey all you minions that believe this crap! I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Dang..I hope those 2 people come back, maybe I’ll sell them that bridge…LOL,LOL


This person felt compelled to write the above to establish in their minds that they are making the correct decisions for their child.  I reminded this person that they should not bring their child into these kinds of discussions because where they go wrong is that they are living through their child in an unhealthy way.  The commenter needs to believe in what they are doing, and they hope by calling me crazy, declaring that I am socially not connected, or might someday suffer from sexual impotency—they are reaching for some button that might invoke an insecurity that will change my behavior.  My disgust toward public education is because it is only good at making losers like the commenter, and not thoughtful people who grow up successfully to live productive lives.  Instead, it is creating broken people, who live broken lives and must eliminate analysis of their errors to maintain the illusion that they have in regards to ACT scores and college entry that can purchase success in life—which it can’t.

There is a 99.99999999999999999% chance that this person’s son will emerge from college 6 years from now—as they indicated they are still two years away from pursuing a four-year degree and after two years of living outside the protective custody of campus life will have an emotional collapse in the private sector.  The only way that person will be able to avoid such a collapse is if they obtain a public sector job, which will allow them to carry the bubble of unreality learned in college into the work force.  But for the majority who work in the private sector it will at that point in time be learned that very little of what they were prepared for applies to the real world.  It won’t help them find love, buy a home, deal with neighbors, raise children, or maintain healthy relationships with their extended families.  8 years from now that arrogance displayed in the commenter will erode away into desperation.  For no matter how good their relationship is with their son, the boy will be a different person when they emerge from their college experience and a level of resentment at sending the young man off into a pointless direction will manifest dramatically once they are in their mid-to late 20s.  That bitterness will destroy the relationship between son and parent leaving only Holiday dinners to emerge as the few times a year that they speak to one another—and even then they avoid talking about anything with any substance.  So for all that future pain, I feel sorry for them all.  It was unavoidable—but they ate the bait and swallowed.

The commenter also showed a particular obsession with their conclusions about my loneliness, social isolation, and crazy theories only sustained by a few other people who read my articles.  Clearly this person did not look at the side bar that shows the half a million readers and watch how much it increases every day, which is between 300 to 500 views.  That is more than most newspapers have on a daily basis, and is heavy traffic for an information weighty site.  I know I could have more viewers if I wrote articles that were the typical 250 to 400 word types.  Mine are typically over 1200 to 2000 words and I do it every day.  By process of elimination the people who hate to read too much won’t read them but those are not my audience.  I target the minority who enjoy thinking.  My articles are for them.  Ultimately it is they who shape the world, not the masses of popular opinion in a Democracy.  In the system as it is now, votes favor the fool—people like the commenter who believe that majority rules.  But in reality it will always be within leadership that everything happens and leaders will always be in the minority.

CLICK THE LINK below to read about how leadership is formed and why.


In that article I show what a bad concept that the Lakota school system is creating with its participation in Leadership 21.  What they are teaching in that approach which then gets passed on to students of that public school is how to reach a consensus with others and how to utilize collective efforts over individual implementation.  But that never has and never will work.  It is a failed strategy that results in productive failure.  The only way to hide that failure is to throw money at it, which then gets consumed like a black hole.  Recently I was dining at the downtown Cincinnati restaurant Via Vite and enjoyed the experience of watching all the people at the Square.  The location is designed by people who adhere to the Leadership 21 group consensus classes and was filled with people like that commenter who have undying faith in the system of their creations—public education ability to raise all ships out of poverty, enhance the lives of all human beings, have them converse together in perfect harmony of all races, sexes and age groups in a non-violent interaction with one another.  But it is quickly evident that there are many holes in their theory.  For one, the best and brightest among society’s most productive are not attracted to such places and the collective mass of those participants can’t together string decisive opinions into a cohesive format that can match the leadership of a real tycoon of thought.  Most of what populated the area around the Via Vite restaurant were pretentious socialites, aimless college types adjusting their Facebook accounts with the free WIFI service, tattooed artists proving that they are part of the counter-culture by showing how much they have assimilated to a socially acceptable form of rebellion—nose piercings, pierced tongues and open embrace of the lesbian and gay rights advocates.  Then there are people like that commenter, pretentious, about 35 pounds overweight—who want to be seen banging wine glasses together with cultured sophistication while they talk about nothing and take selfies of themselves for a Facebook posting to more people who could care less about what they are doing or what they are complaining about in their lives that is falling short of their youthful expectations.  But that’s OK they brag because their child will somehow be more successful than they were because they scored well on their first ACT attempt.  Little do they know that within ten years that same child will sit in a similar spot with other types and complain about their life and how far they have fallen short of their expectations.  Likely they will blame their parents for being so short-sighted and steering them in the wrong direction ruining their lives.  They’ll look for a job in all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons, and they’ll find love more elusive resulting in a personal happiness crises that will crush their spirit, and their very souls.

No, my work here is for the leaders—the real leaders out there who really hold everything together and not a one of those people are in the Leadership 21 class.  They certainly aren’t in any latte sipping groups with people like the commenter above.  Even a good paying job can’t polish a pile of shit into a diamond, and no amount of college can reform a screwed up mind into a good logical human being.  A degree can’t purchase virtue and quality.  Those types of people destroy the world around them in every case, and the children they produce.  I feel sorry for the son of that parent because he doesn’t stand a chance, and it won’t be his fault—it will be his parents.

By the definition of that letter writer, a person is crazy if they go against the system of consensus as established by the minds of public education.  It is crazy to speak that leaders are a minority and that the masses are wrong and incapable of a single consensus driven decision.  All such systems come out as watered down tripe only hidden by vast amounts of public money camouflaging their ineffectiveness.  They sit in restaurants like Via Vite and bang glasses together within their circle of associates and mistakenly believe that they are in the majority because they see Fountain Square filled with people talking and associating.  But it is they who are in the minority.  They don’t see how small their number really is because they only associate with their kind of people.  Out there in the country and vast plains of America is a tremendous amount of discontent and desire for old school solutions to the type of consensus driven problems advocated by today’s typical school levy supporter.  Not all of them read here, because the articles are too long, but the leaders do.  And it is they who are making the subtle changes that will render such thoughts as the commenter above exhibits—extinct.

By my definition most adults are failures in their lives.  They fall well short of any youthful goals they set for themselves.  That commenter is one of those people.  Instead of living their life based on the merit of their life, they have switched over hope for redemption through their child.  They live through their offspring hoping that they can steer them in the proper direction since their adult life is already lost.  But the grim reality is that within the decade that son will fail in their life as well, because they sadly listened to their hapless parent (IP address:  I’d love to help them, but usually once a kid reaches an age to take an ACT or SAT test under such tutelage, they are already too far gone.  But time will tell and prove either me or the commenter correct in this assessment.  8 years from now, it is nearly certain that dismal failure is in front of those people and they’ll wish they listened in 2014 instead of 2022.    But they are too stupid for that, so their fate is going to be what it will.  For the leaders out there, they already see it, and are planning for it.  For everyone else, reality will slam against them like a wooden boat thrown upon jagged rocks in a raging ocean storm.  And it won’t end well.

Rich Hoffman