Abraham Lincoln and the Giant Lost Race: A Niagara Falls speech peering into a forgotten time

The only types of people who still insist that there was not once a race of giants living in North America and acknowledge that the Indians were simply second-hander primitive types are of the same type knuckle dragging louses that history has witnessed trying to erase knowledge for millennia.  Indians were a culture reflective of their philosophic care where civilization for them had regressed, not advanced—and those same louses advance the modern theory that the Indian should be held sacred and in high regard.  They say these things as an agenda driven scam both religious and political to secure their place among the rulers over the ruled and to do so they must weaken the human race instead of strengthening it.    People who will look at the evidence presented, CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW and still advance theories that the earth is only five thousand years old, or that a rock where fathers sacrificed their sons is somehow sacred are the same foolish souls who have regressed our knowledge of the modern-day for the same reasons.

Those same giants for a time in American history where well-known and talked about openly by the learned—by those who were paying attention to the evidence being dug up out of the earthen mounds in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.  One of those people was Abraham Lincoln who toured many of the earth works created by the Mound Building culture as a young congressman and learned of the giant race buried within many of them.  Lincoln was a self-taught man and was one of the few presidents who were not part of the Masonic order—although he did plan to join once he left presidential office.  So his opinion of history was untainted by commitment to some religious or political order and was driven by observed fact.  While touring the Niagara Falls area he said of their natural wonder reminiscing about the previous race of giants that inhabited North America the following:

Niagara-Falls! By what mysterious power is it that millions and millions, are drawn from all parts of the world, to gaze upon Niagara Falls? There is no mystery about the thing itself. Every effect is just such as any intelligent man knowing the causes, would anticipate, without [seeing] it. If the water moving onward in a great river, reaches a point where there is a perpendicular jog, of a hundred feet in descent, in the bottom of the river,—it is plain the water will have a violent and continuous plunge at that point. It is also plain the water, thus plunging, will foam, and roar, and send up a mist, continuously, in which last, during sunshine, there will be perpetual rain-bows. The mere physical of Niagara Falls is only this. Yet this is really a very small part of that world’s wonder. Its power to excite reflection, and emotion, is its great charm. The geologist will demonstrate that the plunge, or fall, was once at Lake Ontario, and has worn its way back to its present position; he will ascertain how fast it is wearing now, and so get a basis for determining how long it has been wearing back from Lake Ontario, and finally demonstrate by it that this world is at least fourteen thousand years old. A philosopher of a slightly different turn will say Niagara Falls is only the lip of the basin out of which pours all the surplus water which rains down on two or three hundred thousand square miles of the earth’s surface. He will estimate with approximate accuracy that five hundred thousand tons of water, falls with its full weight, a distance of a hundred feet each minute—thus exerting a force equal to the lifting of the same weight, through the same space, in the same time. And then the further reflection comes that this vast amount of water, constantly pouring down, is supplied by an equal amount constantly lifted up, by the sun; and still he says, “If this much is lifted up, for this one space of two or three hundred thousand square miles, an equal amount must be lifted for every other equal space, and he is overwhelmed in the contemplation of the vast power the sun is constantly exerting in quiet, noiseless operation of lifting water up to be rained down again.

But still there is more. It calls up the indefinite past. When Columbus first sought this continent—when Christ suffered on the cross—when Moses led Israel through the Red-Sea—nay, even, when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker—then as now, Niagara was roaring here. The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now. Contemporary with the whole race of men, and older than the first man, Niagara is strong, and fresh to-day as ten thousand years ago. The Mammoth and Mastodon—now so long dead, that fragments of their monstrous bones, alone testify, that they ever lived, have gazed on Niagara. In that long—long time, never still for a single moment. Never dried, never froze, never slept, never rested,


Like the Indians compared to that race there are segments of our modern society who would rather adhere to superstition, ignorance, and blind commitment to religious doctrine than to face the facts of presented evidence.  They do so to protect their minds from the enormity of the implication that their version of history needs adjusting to encompass new discoveries.  Instead they have sought to edit history of those things which they do not desire to know and that has taken us to the precipice of destruction.

To read how Lincoln wrote about that ancient race—so openly as if he were talking about who would win a baseball game or discussing Fantasy Football picks is a clear insight into the types of things that were believed in his day.  Modern revisionists point to such a saying and declare that Lincoln was a victim of hucksterism.  Many to this day claim that the theories of giants in North America have been “debunked” as a hoax and that what Lincoln and others were witnessing were special effects created by some creative craftsman or that the bones were misidentified.  These are the same people who today believe that the IRS is not covering up their evidence of a major scandal or that public schools don’t lie, cheat and steal to pass school levies.  The path for those people is into the void of human achievement destined to become the next conquered Indian living in a hut of government housing looking for a hand-out from somebody else.

Those insistent that there were no giants living in America well before there was even a Holy Bible are kidding themselves with wanted ignorance.  But Lincoln was not so presumptuous to build his career off federal grants which moved his mouth like a marionette to say whatever it was the government wished to propose as fact.  Among those lines of dialogue were that the Indians lived in America as “Natives” and that they crossed the land bridge from Russia into Alaska some tens of thousands of years ago and that Columbus discovered America.

History however is filled with many records proving that the last to know of America during a time a few centuries before the arrival of Columbus was Europe.  Everyone else seemed to know about the world beyond the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.  It may be extremely possible that the cradle of civilization was not Mesopotamia, but America and that time has withered away the last remnants of the earthen mounds at a much higher rate of erosion than the stone of the Middle East erasing the evidence as it has in Lexington, Kentucky.  That race of giants who inhabited North America may have in fact been to a more advanced culture what the Indians were to the giants—a regressing people marching backwards instead of the other way around.

Lincoln and the other presidents of his day and before were not so ignorant to assume that North America sat uncharted and uninhabited for centuries just because some European ruler had not yet laid claim to it—until Spain did in 1492.  They knew that the propensity of chance favored many civilizations that would stand and look at Niagara Falls before his own eyes had—and that they shared with him a fate that the philosophy of America hoped to avoid.  There is always a risk of extinction if the wrong mentalities for a society are adopted.  And for Lincoln there was never a question of an ancient race in America that stood in his spot looking at the same raging water centuries before he had—it was whether America would meet the same fate as they.  It is there that the knuckle-draggers hope to hide such extinctions from their minds so to avoid the reckless direction of their present philosophy.  It helps them to avoid knowing that North America’s extinct races of people were not caused by the creation of America—but by adopting the wrong philosophies that would fail to carry them through the millennia.  It is there that the motive for historical revision is most pronounced.  It’s not that they can argue against Lincoln’s beliefs of an ancient race—it is in desiring to avoid seeing a similar course plotted by today’s intellectual on a trajectory toward the same cliff of doom where extinction is promised unavoidably.

Rich Hoffman