The American Amorites: Secrets of the Illuminati stationed on the Ohio River

 So why did Harman Blennerhassett decide to build his home in the middle of the Ohio River just downstream from Marietta, Ohio?  He was a very cultured man, educated extensively in Europe and was best friends with Adam Weishaubt, the founder of the extremely feared Bavarian Illuminati.  Blannerhassett married his niece and lived a nice quiet life in that home for about 8 years until he conspired with Aaron Burr to destroy America—otherwise—according to lovers of that modern-day tourist center, Blennerhassett Island operating out of Parkersburg, West Virginia was a quiet uneventful soul.  And why when his plot with Burr unraveled did he flee to the ancient graveyard of the Augusta Giants during a winter solstice for mysterious aid?  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

Well, Blennerhassett placed his house within close proximity to the ancient Serpent Mound just to the west of his location, and many major earthworks in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Also the Newark earthworks just to the east of Columbus, Ohio were nearby as well and could be reached fairly easily even in those primitive days of travel.   The ancient society of Cahokia was just down the river and even though not discovered until the middle of the 20th century, legends of these massive pre-Columbian cities permeated the secret texts of the very learned from Europe.   In fact, if you take the summation of beliefs found in The Book of Mormon, the various secret beliefs of the Bavarian Illuminati, the Masonic Lodges, Scientology as well as thousands of little fringe groups espousing a multitude of beliefs—then examine the kind of things that federal grant starved scientists are “withholding” from the public record you get an answer that goes something like what is explained in the below video.  Watch closely.  You will learn a lot dear reader and will begin to understand why the Illuminati had their eye on Ohio even from the distant castles of Europe.

I have an entire encyclopedia of books that I inherited from my grandmother called The Living Bible Encyclopedia in Story and Pictures published in 1968.  She lived deep in the county when I was a kid and when my parents would go on a date night they would drop me off at her house to spend the night which I always enjoyed—because there were always adventures at grandma’s house. I trust older books more than newer ones so when I want to confirm something suspicious I revert back to those old books that I used to pour through when those times arrive.  Back then public education wasn’t so progressively militant.  It was still very bad, but the agenda driven dialogue had not yet matured.  When I first started browsing through those stacks of books the Department of Education had just been formed, so some of the mound building cultures were still taught in Ohio History and other similar classes.   So when looking into these claims from many sources that the skeletons of giants found all over America—particularly in Ohio and Kentucky were a society of Amorites I turned to my old books and found a definition of them on page 86 volume 1 of 152.  On that page I found a very similar definition as to what I found on Wikipedia which is shown below.

The Amorites (Sumerian MAR.TUAkkadian Tidnum or AmurrūmEgyptian AmarHebrew אמורי ĔmōrīAncient Greek Αμορίτες) were an ancient Semitic-speaking people[1] from ancient Syria who also occupied large parts of Mesopotamia from the 21st century BC. The term Amurru in Akkadian and Sumerian texts refers to them, as well as to their principal deity.

In the earliest Sumerian sources concerning the Amorites, beginning about 2400 BC, the land of the Amorites (“the Mar.tu land”) is associated not with Mesopotamia but with the lands to the west of the Euphrates, including Canaan and what was to become Syria.

They appear as an uncivilized and nomadic people in early Mesopotamian sources, especially connected with the mountainous region of Jebel Bishri in Syria called the “mountain of the Amorites”. The ethnic terms  Amurru and Amar were used for them in Akkadian and Ancient Egyptian respectively. From the 21st century BC, possibly triggered by a long major drought starting about 2200 BC, a large-scale migration of Amorite tribes infiltrated southern Mesopotamia. They were one of the instruments of the downfall of the Sumerian Third Dynasty of Ur, and Amorite dynasties both usurped native Sumero-Akkadian rulers of long extant south Mesopotamian city states (such as IsinLarsaEshnunna and Kish), and also established new city-states, the most famous of which was Babylon, although it was initially a minor and insignificant state.

Known Amorites wrote in a dialect of Akkadian found on tablets at Mari dating from 1800–1750 BC. Since the language shows northwest Semitic forms and constructions, the Amorite language was presumably a northwest Semitic dialect of the Canaanite language group, as opposed to the east Semitic Akkadian language. The main sources for the extremely limited knowledge about Amorite are the proper names, not Akkadian in style, that are preserved in such texts.

Given a culture that is rumored to have built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Tower of Babel and a number of ancient wonders which are now off-limits to proper scientific research because they are in perpetual war-torn counties like Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Iran it is not hard to believe the accounts that the Amorites had the ability to circumnavigate the globe and operated this gigantic trade network out of ports in the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean.  There are many modern speculations about the emergence of similar cultures as to what was found in Mesopotamia at the time springing up all over the world and that UFO’s were picking up travelers and hauling them all over the planet to converse with far distant people and settlements—but the logical conclusion is that the Amorites had risen and fell as a technological power and had the ability to reach every corner of the world before a single page of the Bible was ever written.

From my trusted book it says additionally of the Amorites, “They were a very prominent people in pre-Israelitish (sic) days, for it is believed that at one time their kingdom occupied the larger part of Mesopotamia and Syria, with their capital at Aaran.  The Mari tablets throw a flood of light on them and it is now thought that Amraphel King of Shinar (Gen. 14:1), was one of their kings.  People from the north drove them from this region, causing them to settle in Babylonia, where they brought that entire area under their control, giving to Babylonia one of the richest periods in her history.  When after several hundred years, they were defeated by the Hitties, they settled throughout a large portion of Canaan and may even have ruled in Egypt for a time.”

It should then be viewed the movie Lawrence of Arabia to understand how T.E. Lawrence was essentially used by the British government and King Feisal of the Saudi Arabian region to conquer the Middle East from Turkish rule to pave the way for the kind of division that occurs in the Middle East to this day. The ending of that movie about the real life exploits of T.E. Lawrence is quite powerful—and telling.  What the English empire wanted was to re-create the nation of Israel against the tide of Islamic rule in the region and they used Lawrence to achieve the task and ease tensions with the natives.  The reason would point back to the same type of secret societies operating in England at the time and Bavarian style Illuminati hatched in Germany of which Blennerhassett was so much a part.  Of those Illuminati beliefs was that the mounds of Ohio and the American “west” were the far-flung cultures of the Armonites who were in fact the ancestors of the Israelites—the so-called “lost tribe” theory.

As the Armonites fell from power in the Middle East, as all great powers do when their culture collapses against their philosophy, what was left of them ended up around the world particularly in North America where rich copper mines and land without much by way of competing civilizations would allow them to flourish.  They were rumored to be a large people of above average height which today might be considered giants and they are what accounts for some of the large graves found around the Ohio valley containing large groups of very tall people.  As generations died off and were cut from their homeland in the Middle East their science and technology evaporated from their culture.  As the Chinese were also traveling the world in a similar manner they bred with the Amorites and produced the type of people seen today as “Indians.”

Legend fills the secret writings of many societies obsessed with the occult.  And for an Illuminati member like Harmon Blennerhassett he was quite happy in the land of legend with a European style home helping to transform the world in the same manner that his descendents would eventually perform in the Middle East during the time of Lawrence just ahead of the Treaty of Versailles.  The Illuminati after all were not all bad—they did want freedom for every human being.  They wanted to end slavery and empower women.  They planned secretly to throw off the chains of European kingship forever and replace it with a New World Order.  Their intent was a good one from that perspective.  But, where they failed then and continue to fail is that they believe they are the ones who should govern in the place of kings as cultured intellectual beings.  They believe in Plato’s Republic that philosopher kings should guide society and that it is they “the illuminated ones” who should provide that service.  One of the ways that they stay in control is by suppressing information which is why nobody is teaching this kind of thing about the mound builders in public school.  Instead schools teach that the mounds were built by Indians so to give weight to the culture of “Native Americans” and therefore guilt for destroying their race during the creation of America.  In this way, America is viewed as a villain that served a strategic purpose for the Illuminati—but once that purpose is filled, people will gladly throw off the nation in favor of something more inclusive to Indians—and fair.  The Illuminati after all is on a strategic course with a long vision for the world and are operating in much the same way that the English used the Lawrence of Arabia to conquer the Middle East for the empire.  For the Illuminati and high degree Masons, it is the  kind of hidden knowledge that helps keep their  membership up and gives people something to strive for to learn.

Yet when time ran out on Blennerhassett he resorted to the alchemy of his craft perfected in the Illuminati with a belief that ritual sacrifice of some type might invoke the spirits of the dead to their aid in the real world.  So obviously members of the Illuminati were not so “bright.” But it was 1806 after all, and Blennerhassett was on the frontier of a strange new land—so some slack can be given to him for his infantile beliefs.  But much of this ancient belief system is coming out in the politics of our day.  The New World Order is still playing their games and causing strife with local people so to fulfill a prophesy they believe has been handed down to them from ancient people like the Amorites.  Through war, regulation, and emotional strife they attempt to keep their secret hidden just a bit longer—but the essence of their belief is just as stupid as Harman Blennerhassett trying to invoke the spirits of some Kentucky Giants to bring down the walls of Jericho upon the heads of his enemies in hot pursuit of he and Aaron Burr.  But what he learned was that those giants were only bones left by a dead civilization suppressed from the public record.  And that their culture died of its own accord built by pillars of ultimate ignorance because even though they displayed great mathematics and science—their society still failed.    And there is no amount of effort that a secret society or some chants from a blood sacrifice can do to alter history because the ghosts of those people will not be able to help. If they could—they would have helped their own culture instead of just piling up mounds of dirt to appeal to the heavens and the people who left them on earth to begin with.  With knowledge as the reference point, it is easy to see that even the dreaded Illuminati in times of crises and direct confrontation are as inept as the ancient Amorites and were only able to flourish as a culture when strife was not part of their society.

Just some things to consider when weighing out the motivations of the current world political movements and their end results.  Like the Amorites, their day in the sun has been done for quite a long time.  They just don’t know it yet.  Their graves are not in Augusta, Kentucky or the Mounds of Ohio, but in the courtrooms and political establishments of America and Europe.  They are the living dead—ghosts of their own making.

Rich Hoffman