The Giants of Kentucky: Aaron Burr’s insurrection and George Clooney’s rise to power in Augusta

Before getting too far along with unfamiliar subject matter, it is important to understand what is meant by a race of giants inhabiting America.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW for more explicit information. 

One the night of the winter solstice with this friend Aaron Burr downstream on the Ohio River and his wife and consolidated militia forces gathered from Marietta, Ohio at his palatial home on an island in the middle of the great river, upstream Harman Blennerhassett had bet his aristocratic European fortune on the former Vice-President and lost.  Their insurrection had been snuffed out by Thomas Jefferson and now troops sent by the Governor of Ohio were on their way to arrest him forcing him to flee.  Soon the entire young country of America would be bearing down on him and there would be no place to go.  Being a member of the Bavarian Illuminati and close friends with its founder, Blennerhassett in a last gasp of desperation had heard of the recent discoveries of the secret which his order had been keeping for generations through the Masonic lodges which climbed back into history for thousands of years.  General Payne while digging his home in Augusta, Kentucky found an entire grave yard of the ancients laid to rest between Bracken and Locust Creek—under the entire town.  A quick ritual might in fact save him with some alchemy and invocation that the spirit of those giants from Kentucky might rise up from the spirit world and give assistance to his fledgling fortune.

If you know anything of such secret societies, this is likely what happened and why Harman Blennerhassett was caught trying to fund an insurrection through Aaron Burr on his island oasis just to the south of Parkersburg, West Virginia.  The giants of Kentucky had just been discovered while building Augusta just southeast of Cincinnati on the Ohio River and as it was known then, and now, the corridor of the Ohio River extending from the shores of Pittsburg to the ancient city of Cahokia outside of St Louis was a haven of occult activity. It was in this region that the monstrous terrorists of Point Pleasant, West Virginia haunted the entire town and where the Bird Man god presided over 30,000 ancient people with ritual sacrifice at Cahokia.  Roaming Northern Kentucky well before the tallest, and oldest trees of that region were even saplings, giants inhabited the area before any Indians had formed up from China to create the nomadic people attributed as Native Americans.  To review the kind of beliefs that Masons and Illuminati members have read the link below.  I know a lot of Masons—all of them think of themselves as “men of God” and that their order is a good one.  But not a single person has been able to dispute the history and rituals described in the articles starting with the one below and backtracking the links on a journey into the occult that will change the way the world is viewed.  But for now, understand that Harman Blennerhassett was in trouble—he had the entire nation of America on his heels and he needed help—any help to save himself and his fortune.  In his hour of need, he attempted to contact the spirits of the Giants of Kentucky to provide aid.

Jeffery Scott Holland as well as other sources have assembled an interesting tale of how Aaron Burr came into contact with Harman Blennerhassett, and how the insurrection against America began—which can be seen below.  Burr after his duel and killing of Alexander Hamilton was on the political out.  The Republican Party did not back him after Jefferson’s easy re-election and most of the Federalists had been driven from American office—except on the Supreme Court.  Jefferson attacked and attempted to impeach Justice Samuel Chase but Burr being President of the Senate held off the endeavor which effectively ended his political career.   With nowhere to go and on the run from New York because of his killing of Hamilton, Burr assembled a plot to start his own country which took him to the European style mansion built-in the middle of the Ohio River which is still standing to this day.  Daily tours of the home are offered and guides will tell of the elegance of a European aristocrat who wanted to bring the same type of “social justice” that Aaron Burr stood for, to the new country.  Burr and Blennerhassett shared a belief that the truly educated men of the world had an obligation to free people everywhere of their superstitious burdens and provide enlightenment to a new world order.  Since Burr had done all he could politically in the country of America—he knew the only next step for him was to start a new country and bring to it his hopes and dreams of a utopian society as conceived by the early Republicans.  Fortunately for him, Blennerhassett wanted the same type of thing and had the money—and social pull to gather up men and resources making Blennerhassett Island a launching point for insurrection.

In 1792, General John Payne made a strange discovery while building his house in the tiny town of Augusta, KY, 63 miles North of Lexington. Payne’s firsthand account is related in Historical Sketches of Kentucky by Lewis Collins:

“The bottom on which Augusta is situated is a large burying ground of the ancients…They have been found in great numbers, and of all sizes, everywhere between the mouths of Bracken and Locust Creeks, a distance of about a mile and a half. From the cellar under my dwelling, 60 by 70 feet, over a hundred and ten skeletons were taken. I measured them by skulls, and there might have been more, whose skulls had crumbled into dust…The skeletons were of all sizes, from seven feet to infant.

David Kilgour (who was a tall and very large man) passed our village at the time I was excavating my cellar, and we took him down and applied a thigh bone to his. The man, if well-proportioned, must have been 10 to 12 inches taller than Kilgour, and the lower jaw bone would slip on over his, skin and all. Who were they? How came their bones here?

When I was in the army, I inquired of old Crane, a Wyandot and of Anglerson, a Delaware, both intelligent old chiefs, and they could give me no information in reference to these remains of antiquity. Some of the largest trees of the forest were growing over the remains when the land was cleared in 1792.”

A few years later, on December 21, 1806, the town of Augusta, KY was visited by Harman Blennerhassett, lawyer, occultist, and member of the Illuminati. Was he aware of the ancient underground civilization in the region?

Blennerhassett was born on October 8, 1764 in Ireland and moved to the USA with his wife, where they settled on Blennerhassett Island on the Ohio River. Blennerhassett was a friend and colleague of Adam Weishaupt, and a member of his Order of the Illuminati, reaching the level of Illuminatus Magus. He was also a friend of Vice President Aaron Burr, with whom he, some allege, engaged in a conspiracy to, among other things, remove President Thomas Jefferson from power. The plot was discovered, and Blennerhassett’s secret camp at Marietta was destroyed on December 19, 1806.

Blennerhassett fled with about 50 of his fellow initiates, leaving his wife, his sons and the rest of his guerrilla troops behind. But here’s what has always puzzled me: instead of making a direct exit, Blennerhassett risked making a mysterious side trip to Augusta, KY, arriving on the day of the solstice. Given his penchant for mystical folderol, it seems clear to me that there must have been some occult significance to his visit to Augusta. But what? We may never know.

The Burr conspiracy in the beginning of the 19th century was a suspected treasonous cabal of planterspoliticians, and army officers allegedly led by former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr. According to the accusations against him, Burr’s goal was to create an independent nation in the center of North America and/or present-day Southwest and parts of present-day Mexico. Burr’s version was that he intended to take possession of, and farm, 40,000 acres (160 km²) in the Texas Territory leased to him by the Spanish Crown.

U.S. President Thomas Jefferson ordered Burr arrested and indicted for treason, despite not providing firm evidence. Burr’s true intentions remain unclear to historians, some of whom claim he intended to take parts of Texas and some, or all, of the Louisiana Purchase, for himself. Burr was acquitted of treason, but the trial destroyed his already faltering political career.

That year Burr traveled down the Ohio River starting in Pittsburgh to the Louisiana Territory.[4] In the spring, Burr met with Harman Blennerhassett, who proved valuable in helping Burr further his plan. He provided friendship, support, and most importantly, access to the island which he owned on the Ohio River, about 2 miles (3 km) below what is now Parkersburg, West Virginia. In 1806, Blennerhassett offered to provide Burr with substantial financial support. Burr and his co-conspirators used this island as a storage space for men and supplies. Burr tried to recruit volunteers to enter Spanish territories. In New Orleans, he met with the Mexican Associates, a group of criollos whose objective was to conquer Mexico. Burr was able to gain the support of New Orleans’ Catholic bishop for his expedition into Mexico. Reports of Burr’s plans first appeared in newspaper reports in August 1805, which suggested that Burr intended to raise a western army and “to form a separate government.”

In early 1806, Burr contacted the Spanish minister, Carlos Martínez de Irujo y Tacón, and told him that his plan was not just western secession, but the capture of Washington, D.C. Irujo wrote to his masters in Madrid about the coming “dismemberment of the colossal power which was growing at the very gates” of New Spain.[5]Irujo gave Burr a few thousand dollars to get things started. The Spanish government in Madrid took no action.

Following the events in Kentucky, Burr returned to the West later in 1806 to recruit more volunteers for a military expedition down the Mississippi River. He began using Blennerhassett Island in the Ohio River to store men and supplies. The Governor of Ohio grew suspicious of the activity there, and ordered the state militia to raid the island and seize all supplies. Blennerhassett escaped with one boat, and he met up with Burr at the operation’s headquarters on the Cumberland River. With a significantly smaller force, the two headed down the Ohio to the Mississippi River and New Orleans. Wilkinson had vowed to supply troops at New Orleans, but he concluded that the conspiracy was bound to fail, and rather than providing troops, Wilkinson revealed Burr’s plan to President Jefferson.  Wilkinson was at the time a paid spy for the Spanish crown and wanted to find a way out of the deal with Burr.  Not wanting to lose the income he received from Spain as a spy, he sold Burr out to Jefferson.

Jefferson alerted Congress of the plan, and ordered the arrest of anyone who conspired to attack Spanish territory.[7] He warned authorities in the West to be aware of suspicious activities. Convinced of Burr’s guilt, Jefferson ordered his arrest. Burr continued his excursion down the Mississippi with Blennerhassett and the small army of men which they had recruited in Ohio. They intended to reach New Orleans, but in Bayou Pierre, 30 miles north of Natchez, they learned that a bounty was out for Burr’s capture. Burr and his men surrendered at Bayou Pierre, and Burr was taken into custody. Charges were brought against him in the Mississippi Territory, but Burr escaped into the wilderness. He was recaptured on February 19, 1807, and was taken back to Virginia to stand trial.[8]

Chiefly to escape involvement in the United Irishmen’s planned rebellion against British rule, but also to conceal his incestuous marriage, Blennerhassett emigrated to the United States in 1796. There, on the western Virginia frontier, he bought the upper half of an Ohio River island lying 1 1/2 miles downstream from what is now Parkersburg, West Virginia. It became the site of a European-style estate whose centerpiece was an enormous mansion surrounded by extravagantly landscaped lawns and gardens. For a brief period, the Blennerhassetts’ home became famous as the largest, most beautiful private residence in the American West. [1]

The most distinguished of the Blennerhassetts’ many visitors was the former vice president of the United States, Aaron Burr. His three stays on the island resulted in its becoming headquarters for his mysterious 1806-1807 military expedition to the Southwest. Although branded a treasonous plot (supposedly to separate the American West from the Union) by Burr’s enemy, President Thomas Jefferson, the enterprise’s true goal probably was the conquest of Spanish-ruled Texas.

As the result of the president’s call for the arrest of Burr, Blennerhassett, and their 70 followers, the mansion and island were occupied and plundered in December 1806 by local Virginia militia. Blennerhassett fled, was twice arrested, and finally imprisoned in the Virginia state penitentiary. He was only released following Burr’s acquittal at the end of a long 1807 treason trial at Richmond, Virginia. The Blennerhassetts never returned to their island home, which in 1811 was destroyed by fire.

A through account of the life of Blennerhassett can be found at the link below which is from a book by William Safford from Chillicothe, Ohio in 1850.

At the Aaron Burr trial another Federalist with an axe to grind against Thomas Jefferson acquitted the former Vice-President of treason—Chief Justice Marshall did not consider conspiracy without actions sufficient for conviction.  Burr hadn’t yet made a move against America—he had simply made plans—which were not considered action at the time.  Burr was set free as was Harman Blennerhassett who had been stewing in prison with his fortune now eradicated.  The spirits of the ancient Kentucky giants had not come to his rescue and he lived the rest of his life penniless and broken.  Burr maintained his innocence of insurrection against America up until his dying breath.  In truth, Burr came to realize once his coup was  dissolved that he would never again be able to amass enough political power to do such a thing leaving him with the political achievements as Vice-President as his legacy—and for him—that would have to suffice.

Yet—and this is pure speculation of course—but when dealing with esoteric events on a world stage that involve political insurrections, incantations to an ancient race of giants, and the Illuminati all things must be considered with a straight face several years later—only about 200 years to be exact the actor George Clooney entered public school built right in the middle of the old graveyard of the giants as a 7th grader.  The odd ball little kid would work hard to please his celebrity family’s reputation, his aunt Rosemary, his father Nick and his four times great-grandmother Nancy Hanks who was the mother of Abraham Lincoln.  He tried out for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team but did not make the first cut.  He attended college in Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati, but didn’t stick with it not graduating from either.  He made most of his money selling women’s shoes, insurance, cutting tobacco and working construction.  His luck changed when a television mini-series called Centennial was shot in Augusta in 1978.  George got a bit part as an extra.  From there a few years later he started doing small spots in television sitcoms like The Facts of Life, The Golden Girls and Roseanne.  Soon he moved up the ladder in Hollywood getting his breakthrough role on the popular show ER.  From there he stared in a series of movies becoming one of the Hollywood elite and for men chanting rituals residing in the back culture of Hollywood relishing in the Hermetic Order—George Clooney for them was like the second coming of Christ.

George is a political activist who very nearly represents the kind of political viewpoints that Harman Blennerhassett, believed.  Clooney supports the United Nations in a way that would have made Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati,  very proud.  Weishaupt and Blennerhassett believed that it was the elite—the educated who had to guide the world away from self-imposed mental imprisonment.  Clooney supports this same global view and spends his spare time raising money for the American Foundation for Equal Rights and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network which creates safe  spaces in schools for children who are perceived to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

It is unlikely that George Clooney knows anything about the Illuminati or Harman Blennershassett.  But anyone who has ever visited a small town and slept in the vicinity of ancient ruins knows the feeling of being forever watched even when the doors are closed and the shades are pulled in tight.  It is also unlikely that Clooney or many of the current residents of Augusta, Kentucky know the role they played in the Aaron Burr plot to  separate from America—and the giant bones buried under their feet have long been filed away as folklore and mostly destroyed.  But perhaps the ghosts of those same bones did answer Harman Blennerhassett’s desperate rituals on the winter solstice of 1806.  It just took them a century and a half to answer the plea, but provide the army they did.  They didn’t provide assistance by way of military force or succession from the United  States into a new country, but they may have provided a charismatic young man to do the work of Harman Blennershassett in the next century to continue the dreams of insurrection and country building by pure  Illuminati philosophy as conceived on Blennershassett Island.

Clooney before attending Augusta middle school had went to Western Row Elementary, the same school that my children attended.  It was there that my family had a run-in with public education that would last for the rest of my life when they instituted a policy of teaching children to put condoms on a dildo in the fourth grade which my wife and I stood against.  Moving from Mason to Augusta Clooney in his first school year developed Bell’s palsy which is a condition that partially paralyzes the face.  After nine months the malady went away—but in the darkest moments of his life sleeping in a house built in the middle of a graveyard of ancient giants invoked by the spell of the occultist Harman Blennershassett little George Clooney begged for help—and the paralysis to his face cleared up.  He now serves willingly the type of policies born on Blennershassett Island between an Illuminati grand master and the former Vice-President of the United States.

It all makes a very interesting story and there is much need for speculation in order to connect the dots.  But nothing can be ruled out if it is known that a great mystery ties all these events together which goes unspoken among the world of the living which may or not be known to the conscious world.  Augusta, Kentucky is the quiet little town that seems inconspicuous enough, but was at the heart of a conspiracy to undo America as Burr was on a quest for political power.  A powerful, influential actor was raised in Augusta who is now one of the leading progressives in media culture—a pace setter for the same type of behavior that many would consider the undoing of America.  And below it all are the graves of an ancient society mysterious and unknown only by what they left being—which was destroyed by the construction of the town itself.

With such paradoxes, nothing can be ignored and even the most fantastic considerations made.  For all the stories told above are true—every one.  All that is unsupported by fact are the connections I make between them—which is as elusive as the Burr insurrection handled by a Federalist judge hell-bent on revenge against Thomas Jefferson.  The Federalists would emerge in the next century as progressives and there are few progressives now as popular politically and in entertainment culture as George Clooney.  Aaron Burr had taken the steps toward forming his own country, just as Clooney has shown that he is willing to reform America into the type of vision many of the original Illuminati members from the founding of the United States believed.  But often luck requires the helping hand of invisible caretakers and what they all have in common is a race of lost giants in the land of Augusta hidden by folklore and only answerable to the most powerful incantations of alchemy and Masonic ritual.  Luck almost never happens and the life and fortune of George Clooeny from Augusta, Kentucky is very lucky indeed.

Watch the videos above for more support material concerning this subject matter of occult and the Founding Fathers and how a race of ancient giants even to this day may involve you.

Rich Hoffman