HOW TO LIVE FREE: A guide to becoming a tax exile

One of my son-in-laws worked very hard to become an American citizen. I still believe citizenship is a concept worth fighting for in spite of the obvious criminal takeover of the government by con artists and thieves. That is not an inflammatory statement, just a fact—the evidence is obvious. So I am torn by what I think is right and what might strategically make sense—which a close friend of mine has done—and is technically one of the freest people on earth. He is now an expatriate—otherwise known as a tax exile. I’ve known this friend for over 40 years now and can state emphatically that he is more intelligent than a room full of $500 dollar an hour lawyers. He knows law better than any person I have ever met and has technically been an outlaw most of his life and has only been caught by the legal system once. Getting caught is what happens when living life half in and half out of what many in the sovereign citizen movement call “The Matrix” occurs. You can’t really live half in half out and not have the two worlds mix in a way that gets you into trouble. So my friend learned from that experience and is now 100% out and living free. He is offering his vast intellect to others who wish to do the same and follow suit.

Should you dear reader wish to quit the world as you know it in favor of freedom—real freedom—you can contact him to receive these services through me. If you so desire, I will point you to him, and he can help you become a tax exile. This friend of mine could easily argue Supreme Court Law with any sitting or former judge, he could argue law against any lawyer in the country right now, so his services should be expected to be rated as such. He is an eccentric in all the stereotypical ways, but he is a certifiable genius and has successfully beaten the legal system to arrive at a status which grants him the following abilities.

1. No more TSA, go around them at airports.

2. No hassle at Customs anywhere on Earth

3. No more Social Security (FICA) taxes

4. No more Income taxes

5. No more Public School Taxes

6. No Property Taxes (you decide if you want to pay for fire, ambulance)

7.No Traffic Tickets (unless you injure someone or drive super fast) They can still issue citations against you for public endangerment)

8. No zoning beyond ridiculous fire hazards etc.

9. No public officials may come on your property (some exceptions such as your house is on fire AND about to catch neighbors house on fire, then they can intercede.)

10. No prosecution or fine, or Incarceration for victimless crimes.

11. No child Protective Services or requirement for public schooling

12. No forced injections

13. No FEMA camp for you or your family

14. You can exchange your Equity in the United States Corporation as desired for the products, fixtures, “things” you need or would like to have instead of what the State thinks you should have.

15. You can live where you want, do what you want with your property so long as it doesn’t harm others.

16. You can travel Freely.

17. You will have standing to remove and severely punish public officials or corporate officers if they do you harm. There are two different court systems one for free men and one for slaves (U. S. citizens)

The list goes on in that fashion extensively.

Part of the journey toward this tax exile status is that you will have to go to the State Superior Court in your State. You must “show up alive” and claim title/execurptorship over your Estate -self rule. Basically you declare to the judge, “Hi your honor, reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”  His typical response will be, “My God we have another Living Person!” It is a kind of behind the scenes code that is available to anyone who wishes to cross over in this fashion. After a lot of reading and forms to fill out mostly by mail you become a statistic published by the Treasury Department under U.S. Expatriations. You will then no longer be a “child of the State” and will no longer be treated like one. It takes a few months of these form exchanges, but it is certainly possible. It is much easier under the guidance of my friend than trying to go it alone. He is offering himself as a guide through that process to make it not so scary.

If I didn’t know this person so well, and have seen him in action so often, I wouldn’t believe any of this was possible. This is the same guy who as a 23-year-old guy stood in front of the Mayor of Cincinnati, all of city council at the time, and every powerful builder and developer, instructing them brick by brick to build what is now The Banks Project in Downtown Cincinnati.

The construction for the new riverfront area between the two stadiums is the result of a public participation planning process officially began in October 1996. Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati engaged Urban Design Associates to prepare a plan to give direction in two public policy areas:

  1. To site the two new stadiums for the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals
  2. To develop an overall urban design framework for the development of the central riverfront which would capitalize on the major public investment in the stadiums and structured parking.

A Riverfront Steering Committee made up of City and County elected officials and staff was formed as a joint policy board for the Central Riverfront Plan. Focus groups, interviews, and public meetings were held throughout the planning process.

A Concept Plan was published in April 1997 which identified three possible scenarios for the site of the stadiums and the development of the riverfront. The preparation of a final Master Plan was delayed due to a November 1998 public referendum on the site of the Reds Stadium. Once the decision on the Reds Stadium was made by the voters in favor of a riverfront site, Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati appointed sixteen prominent citizens to the Riverfront Advisors Commission who were charged to “recommend mixed usage for the Riverfront that guarantees public investment will create sustainable development on the site most valued by our community”. The result of that effort was The Banks, a September 1999 report from the Advisors which contained recommendations on land use, parking, finance, phasing, and developer selection for the Central Riverfront. The final Master Plan includes The Banks recommendations from the advisors. But where did the advisors get their idea from—this same friend during the winter of 1993. It took them half a decade to let it sink in, but they eventually implemented almost every design proposed by my “genius” friend. Go back and watch the tape from that period in the records at City Hall. Nick Vehr knew him, because Nick was there, before he tried to bring the Olympics to Cincinnati then started his own public relations firm.

The only reason to name names and places in this situation is to confirm that this offer is real. My friend is a tax exile—as he always said he would be. After thousands of hours of reading and arguing against his Social Security number—which has been a life long obsession with him going back into his grade school days, he has succeeded. He used to have epic arguments with his elementary teachers over Social Security responsibilities before most kids could read the “Tom and Jane” books of early learning. He read all the Encyclopedia Britannica editions over a single summer before the fifth grade. If there is anybody on earth who understands law and the loopholes in it—it is this guy—and he has quite a track record that has pissed off a lot of people over the years. Because he doesn’t care about terrestrial concerns in the way average people do—a lot of people have taken credit for his ideas without a challenge from him—because that’s just how he is.

He has been after me for a long time to take the same path as he has. I have been reluctant for obvious reasons. My American citizenship is of sentimental value to me—and it would appear that this is purely cosmetic—legally. It is a willful illusion these days—but one that I wish to defend. He on the other hand is not about illusions. He is a fact based analytical thinker with more processing capability than most computers. And if you lean in his direction, he can help take you where he is currently. Just let me know by leaving a comment on this page and I will put you in touch with him and you two can take it from there.

It is a big, scary decision—but it is an option. In a world where options seem limited, this is one which works in your favor if you are willing to drop illusion and embrace reality for what it really is, not what you hope to make it into. So before hopelessness carries you into despair, contact this guy if you really want out of the loop. You don’t have to be ground into nothing by a system of tyranny designed to consume every last essence of your being. You do, have choices, and now you dear reader know of one that can dramatically change your life and fortune—for the better. All you have to do is have the courage to ask.

Rich Hoffman


34 thoughts on “HOW TO LIVE FREE: A guide to becoming a tax exile

  1. Nothing big and scary about it. Worry if you stay.
    I’m sure my old friends are freaking out.
    Keep it simple and stay grounded.


  2. Wish I could do this but I feel I’m too “plugged in”….. Plus married with a kid.

    Would love it if you wrote a book on the subject….it would sell like hotcakes.


    1. There are already many good books about the impostor Constitution that was substituted after the Civil War.
      I suggest:
      The Red Amendment
      The Constitution of no Authority (Alexsander Spooner)
      Redemption Manual 5
      Or just go read these websites:
      TONA Research
      There is really no excuse for not learning the true history of the United States. Millions of people know!


      1. Thanks I don’t mean the history, I’m talking more about the actual nuts and bolts process, step by step instructions on how to become free


  3. A couple of little known facts about U.S. expatriates:
    Expatriates from the U.S. don’t have to “go” anywhere.
    Because if you live in one of the fifty Union States the U.S. citizenship you currently have is actually citizeship in a foreign State!
    The U.S. (The State of The United States) consists of Washington D.C., Guam, Marrianes Islands, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.
    That’s it.
    They have a separate Constitution called the District of Columbia Organic Act which Congress passed for internal city government. They have their own citizenship for residents of D.C. and the above listed U.S. territories. This citizenship is called U.S. citizenship. No one on Earth anywhere outside D.C. or the above listed U.S. territories is required to have a U.S. citizenship.
    So you might ask “how did I get a citizenship internal to D.C. City government?”
    Well, you probably got tricked into that foreign city’s citi zen ship.
    You see during the Civil War and afterwards Washington D.C. was flat broke so they created their own citizenship and offered it to people in the neighboring 50 countries, which we call States. D.C. wanted more taxes than the Constitution for the United States adopted in 1788 allowed them.
    Solution? Offer a city “citizenship” called U.S. citizenship with “benefits” as bait. The first U.S. citizens were the South’s slaves captured by War. The Washington D.C. City Government took the South’s slaves as their first citi zens.
    Then the next U.S. citizens were the orphans and offspring of Unwed Mothers.
    These unwanted offspring were “adopted” by the State and their future labor sold to an investor called a Patron.
    Every U.S. citizen has a Patron, an owner who purchases the rights to the “childs” bill of sale called a Berth Certificate. Yes I spelled that correctly. A Berth Certificate is a bill of lading for a ship’s manifest. Yes, cargo, goods, slaves.
    So the District of Columbia collected up first the South’s slaves and sold them to investors, then it collected up orphans and the offspring of unwed mothers to sell to pay for their out of control spending.
    Even this trade in human flesh was not enough to satiate the Congresses appetite.
    So then the congress let in the Foreign Bankers to set up the Federal Reserve. This is a Merchant Maritime Lender which means they “capture and bind vessels (vassals) to provide credit (slave labor) to corporations”. The Federal (Feudal) Reserve is a slave trader.
    The promise Congress made to the Feudal Reserve is that all the American People’s wealth and Labor would be turned over to the Federal Reserve as a death pledge in exchange for giving Congress an unlimited credit line.
    After twenty years when the American People did not object to this the United States President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt delivered on the promise made by Woodrow Wilson and delivered us to the Bankers.
    Of course this is a fraud upon us.
    Unless you you object to this in writing then all “your” property including the body you live in and your offspring are pledged to the Bankers to underwrite the Washington D.C. City (Municipal) debt.
    Yes, what they call the “Natuonal Debt” is actually the debt of the Washington D.C. Municipal Corporation.
    So you probably got suckered into COSIGNING a loan for their bankrupt city government.
    The hospitals get $8,000.00 per child “delivered” the the Port Of The United States for sale. Thus the very enticing “berthing centers” to draw mothers into the trap to sell their children.
    You can undo this fraud. If however you say nothing then by your silence you “volunteer” and agree to be slaves AND to be killed to settle the Washington D.C. minucipal dent should their Congress default (again).
    Then “your” property which your parents pledged to give upon your death to the Banker Patron (buyer of your child) will be given to the Patron.
    Given the looming default it is no wonder that the Washington D.C. Municipal government (U.S. Government) has sent its grimm Reapers out into the Neignbiring 50 Countries to kill its citizens and collect on the death pledges.
    Also on the brighter side your vote counts twice if you expatriate, once for the Republic and once regarding your outstanding “investment” in the Washington D.C. Municipal Financing.
    Anyone who does not expatriate on their 18th birthday is legally dead, chatte property and will be killed/sacrificed and their property turned over to the Bankers to fulfill the death pledge made on the Birth Certificate.
    If you are already dead (look at the 17 trillion debt and do the math how many will have to be sacrificed and their property turned over to the bankers to settle this debt) then you have nothing to lose by expatriating and everything to gain.
    This is how all socialist countries are “financed” and the debt to the bankers is always paid by a democide of the population and release of their property to the bankers to settle the unpayable debts.
    Welcome to the real world. Want to live? Stop using your property and life to collateralize that tiny communist State (the district of Columbia Municipal Government) expatriate from THAT state today!
    Or die.
    And have all your property turned over to the foreign creditors of Washington D.C. Municipal Corporation.
    Whichever you chose.
    Expatriate and you will be a foreign creditor.


    1. This applies only to those with birth certificates? What about those who have immigrated? I assume Certificate of Citizenship is the equivalent of Birth Certificate in regard to what you explained above.


      1. 6 or half a dozen.
        Pull up the 14 amendment to their Constitution (called Constitution OF the United States) 1871.
        It says “any person (slave) born OR naturalized into the United States”
        In LAW and in English “or” means “that is to say”
        So half a dozen or (that is to say ) 6.
        What this 14 th Amendment to the District of Columbia Organic act (written to look like the Original 1788 Constitution FOR the Unitied States of America) means is:
        Any corpse naturalized (reburied) in the District of Colombia (a cemetery) is a U.S. citizen (property of the cemetery).
        So no living American is “born” in the District of Columbia instead the word OR means they are all naturalized as persons or that is to say corpses “residing” in the D.C. Cemetery.
        So a berth certificate and a naturalization certificate are both naturalization certificates in a foreign State (The State of the United States) and only Estates of the dead may reside in the United States because the United States itself died a civil death when it went bankrupt. Only the dead therefore can reside in a dead state.


  4. This has to be the most fascinating post. BRK, I’ve had to reread your comments several times. I am just having the worst time processing it all, especially the last few paragraphs. Researching this has been a real eye-opener to be sure.
    Are you open to speaking at a private rountable of about 40? State any requirements to make that happen. This conversation needs to be furthered face to face.
    Rich has my email if so.


      1. If you want the basic instructions I would strongly advise you to print out and read Cracking the Code 3rd edition PDF.
        If you want better instructions I suggest you get a copy of Redemption manual 4.5 or 5.0 from Mc CutcheonsInk.
        If you want to do a semi professional job (yourself) I suggest you have Mr Lou do a three day seminar in West Chester. ($895 per head)
        If you want an experienced guide who has (some) patience with new people and will be available to answer questions to save you years of wandering blindly, then I’m your guy.
        Print out a copy of Cracking the Code 3rd edition and read that to get up to speed about the subject.
        Then you will have a better feel for whether you think you can do it all yourself, will want to attend a seminar, or will need a personal guide.
        It took me all three to get where I am today.
        If I had to do it again I would skip right to personal guide, skip that navigational error which led to the lip of the Grand Canyon, skip the hostile Indian Attack, and just get to Oregon safely and quickly.
        What I am saying is I will gladly point you to all the books. I had one 180 page book of documents for a year and couldnt use any of it! There was no 1000 page instruction book to accompany the documents. So the books won’t do you much good without a guide who knows the territory and can help you avoid costly mistakes and delays.
        First time down this road took me five years.
        Second time I can do it in three months.


    1. Like I said, he knows a lot. Think Rain Man without the card counting ability, but the ability to absorb massive documents and books like he downloaded them straight to his brain for further reference. I sent you his email : )


    1. BRK, can you provide a link to “Cracking the Code”? Vicious, make your private round-table 41 – I would love to learn more. Rich knows how to contact me.


      1. Search “Cracking The Code Third Edition PDF”.
        Easy to find, people all over The Crown Colonies have it on their sites.
        Also read everything on the three websites I recommended.


      2. WC Watcher/Matt

        Click to access 22egj337rh6jan7u1ki5.pdf

        If you surf with TOR, be sure to disable it. It’s a lofty dl. I don’t use Firefox any longer but I would bet Ghostery
        would also make grass growing look like lightening speed.

        I’ve requested your email WCW from TKR and will get with you as soon as I recieve it.

        BRK….No wonder it took 5 years! I’m only on pg 352 and have done a preliminary presentation to those who think it would be worthy of a gathering. As you know, getting together with anyone much less a group is hard. This sparked interest beyond what I thought it would. Many things that I take deep regard for are useless to others. It’s fascinating. Because I forwarded the info, I will call and present the meeting. One thing we all agree on is why we meet. The other stuff is bacon around the filet.
        This is an easy (ish) read for me as most is based on the Federalist Papers. For those unfamiliar wanting to grasp what Cracking the Code is all about…I recommend picking up “The Original Argument” first.
        If you have the attention span of a paper clip as I do, stick with it and don’t let the OCD get the best of you.


      3. My first year I read thirty thousand pages.
        The indoctrination we have been immersed in is so complete that it requires actual cult deprogramming for many people to accept the truth.

        Cracking the Code 3rd Edition is a good overall introduction to how the CURRENT private foreign government occupying America actually operates.

        I can win a bet every day simpky by betting any American that I can prove he is legally dead, owns no property and has zero “rights”.

        All you have to do is walk into a cemetery and hold up any government issued I.D.

        Same format as the dead people, duhh.

        The name on that I.D. is the name of a dead person, an Estate, not the name of a living being.

        if your I.D. Looks like this JOHN HENRY DOE then you are legally dead.
        It is called Captitus Diminutia Maxima.
        The maximum dimunition of rights.
        Or legally dead.

        What’s in a name?
        It turns out everything.

        john henry doe all rights intact, none waivered
        John Henry Doe. member of a Society like a Republic most rights intact, probably agree to wear
        clothes or something similar (give up the right to run naked)
        DOE, John-Henry living heir to the DOE Estate

        JOHN HENRY DOE an Estate of a Decedant, or the name of a deceased person HELLO!

        DOE, JOHN HENRY the Estate of a Decedant seized by the Church-State-Bank

        JOHN H DOE 245-76-7623. the trustee of the JOHN H DOE ESTATE

        Welcome to hell.
        You are already legally dead and the actual owner of your property is just waiting patiently for the mass extermination of Americans to start so he can move in and collect your life’s work held by your Estate.

        Whoever your birth certificate was sold to gets your Estate when you are exterminated (next year by the way).

        That’s reality, booboisie Americanus.


  5. Nothing self-righteous about many, almost all, Americanus that read here.
    Good job on that curve.
    You’re a wealth of info BRK. I appreciate you very much!!


      1. I detect a Question about “The Rabbit Hole”.

        “The Rabbit Hole” is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland and the impossible world of commerce.
        Alice falls into a Rabbit Hole and lands in an upside down world.
        To exit the room she finds herself in (a womb) she must drink the potion to shrink herself down to fit through the small door.
        This is saying you can only enter the world of commerce by being born.
        In the same room there is a cake that makes you grow very large. This is an allusion to finding the knowledge to grow into a competent adult and rule your own affairs as a “Giant” in the world of commerce.
        If you think Alice in Wonderland is A Story for Children, then you are right !
        However, “Children of the State” are not defined by age.
        If you have not yet eaten the cake of knowledge and grown to be a giant able to rule your commercial affairs, then the State will continue to treat you as their child.
        As they well should.

        So take a trip down the Rabbit Hole with me and let me show you the possible impossible things I can do in this world.
        “Like my father used to say, I like to do six impossible things before Breakfast.”


  6. The soverign warriors and whole illuminati thing is really fun…so….OK…I’ll jump in the hole, what the hell…………………………………………………………………………………….ahhh, much better!!! Now we’re ALL lying!!


  7. BRK,
    After seeing this, and many others, that are linked to this one I’m not comfortable being a US citizen any more! I want to be in control of my own destiny, and not whomever I have been sold to, I want the guided tour! I’m in a wheelchair, but by no means disabled, and I want out!!!! Please show me the way!!!!! In case being handicapable complicates things, I want to get a move on!!!!! I will download, and start reading your suggested manuals, until I hear from you! How do I get my email to you privately? Will you get it when I type it below? Please advise!!!! I look forward to hearing from, and hopefully, working with you!!!!

    Concerned Handicapable ???


      1. Overmanwarrior,
        I’m sure, and growing surer, by the moment!!!!



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