Wanted, Mercenary Group For Nigerian Mission: Saving sex slaves from the Boko Haram

I often get called a sexist by idiots who have swallowed the hook of feminism without consideration.  I have traditional values in regard to the roles of the sexes in domestic life and in the upbringing of children.  Critics of mine draw their terminology from low intellect sloths with assess the size of their mouths—and they do it to attempt control of my behavior when they discover that they can’t out maneuver my strategy.  That type of name calling is not about correctly labeling a dire social position or old-fashioned neurosis, but in gaining control over another person.  It is often an offensive tactical maneuver to attempt to play a race or sexism card created by progressives to leverage control over the powerful.  Similarly I have watched this whole issue involving Donald Sterling who was obviously jealous of his mistress girlfriend V. Stinviano’s enjoyment of men with color—and didn’t want to be made a fool of at his Los Angeles Clipper games of which he was the owner.  After all, he’s 80 years old and left his wife of many years to hang out with young women like Stinviano—so he doesn’t need her bringing around young studs to public settings where people know that he’s sexually engaged in the same young woman only not for his prowess, but his money.  That’s what I heard when listing to the tapes accusing him of racism—of which Stinviano recorded to gain power over her sugar daddy—which worked.  Now Sterling is destroyed as the machine of progressivism has went to work at removing his property ownership of an NBA team and virtually everything he ever was by accusations of being a racist.  Even Snoop Dog weighed in to give his two cents about the Donald Sterling case.

Many of those opinions have been formed by progressive influences that have dumped billions of dollars into years of shaping the parameters of social terminology.  George Soros for one, Bill Gates for another along with thousands of others who are excessively wealthy and seem intent to help shape the world toward progressivism have been bold about their assertions regarding feminism and racism advocating an open society where the government does the child raising while all able-bodied adults work and pay taxes to supply the state with the money it needs to properly fund the kind of socialism that progressives are such large supporters of.

However, in the recent case of the 329 schoolgirls from northern Nigeria stolen in the middle of the night from a boarding school in the Chibok region currently being sold as sex slaves to members of the Boko Haram—there doesn’t seem to be the same kind of anger from the Snoop Dogs of the world—the progressive social shifters who are so inflamed with rage over the Donald Sterling racism issue.  After all, in regards to the 329 little girls, they are female, so feminist groups should be outraged, they are young ladies of color, so civil rights leaders should be even more angry than they are over Sterling, and every human being in the world should be upset that the girls are being forced into slavery—sex slavery at that.  Yet there doesn’t seem to be any desire to help the little girls from the George Soros types—those with bottomless pit money. A few news outlets have written about it, but nobody has any desire to help the girls or their families with any real action.


The Boko Haram literally means in Nigerian “Western education is sinful,” and members of it are associated with the Taliban movement from Afghanistan. From the perspective of those Islamic radicals, they are intent to make all of Nigeria a strict Muslim country operating under Sharia Law and they don’t care who dies or what individual liberties must be trampled on to achieve their global vision.  For the people who have jumped against Donald Sterling and support massive feminism in American society, or stand against the history of The United States slavery issues, and wish to advocate civil rights for all people in every corner of the world, these young girls in Nigeria need help.  But none is coming.  Their parents have been pooling their money together to conduct a search to locate their daughters but the region is so poor that buying a tank of gas to operate a motorcycle costs a small fortune.  So the parents of the girls are helpless losing their children to the vast evils of Sharia Law.

If I were in Snoop Dog’s social position, or George Soros, Bill Gates or any progressive billionaire claiming to really care about civil rights issues, feminism, or slavery, I’d be organizing right now a mercenary group to go into Nigeria and rescue the little girls from their slave trade masters.  After all, Ross Perot did something like that when he rescued his own employees from Iran who were arrested on suspicion of bribery.  It’s been done before—and could certainly use the same kind of American boldness now.  The book talking about that Iranian case was called On Wings of Eagles and was published in 1983.  The story was made into a miniseries in 1986 and starred Burt Lancaster who played the real life role of a retired United States Army officer who organized the EDS employees into mercenaries to sneak into Iran and rescue their own people from harm.

As bold as Snoop Dog talked regarding Donald Sterling it would seem he’d be the first to organize a rescue mission to Nigeria to save those little girls from their attackers.  Why not pass the hat around to his Hollywood friends to cover the cost of organizing a mercenary group to go into Nigeria, attack Boko Haram and return the girls to their families so that they don’t have to become sex slaved wives to radical Muslims ruining their lives until the end of time.  Anyone who supports women rights and a world without racism should be able to get behind this effort.  I have my passport right next to me and would gladly join in an effort with George Soros and the Hollywood elite if they wanted to send mercenaries to Nigeria since it is obvious that no government on earth is capable of dealing with the situation.

But nobody will take me up on the suggestion.  Nobody in the entire world even though many people quite capable of funding such a thing will read this article—they’ll shake their head, and will move on to something else plagued with inaction.  Most people, most feminists, most race baiters, most civil rights advocates and progressive spawns are hypocrites who know not what they demand of society.  They have not thought things through to their natural conclusions.    Any supporter of a one world government and open boarders for all needs to be concerned about this Nigerian situation because this is what they want to see in America.  In their attack against American capitalism, they too hope that someday soon a tank of gas will cost four chickens and a mule—which in Nigerian currency might as well be a fortune.  Nigeria’s problems today will be American problems tomorrow.  So why not help them now in their hour of need, because if America doesn’t—specifically billionaires who support progressive causes, nobody else will help those little girls and their fate will be a lot worse than the members of the L.A Clippers NBA team or Stinviano who had sex many times with an 80-year-old man purely for money.  The poor girls in Nigeria won’t even get paid to do far worse with the Muslim radicals who will cut off their noses and lips in less than a second if they believe they are honoring Sharia Law with their stolen brides taken at gun point.

The world sits and talks tough about equal rights for all—yet they don’t even lift a finger to help people who really do need it.  They’ll call me a sexist because I think women should stay home with their children and actually raise them—because I believe motherhood is the most important job in the world.   They’ll call Donald Sterling an ignorant racist because of private conversations leveled jealously at a girlfriend 50 years his junior who has the intellectual capacity of a box of dry cereal.  A billionaire destroyed by a mixed race woman just because of progressive posturing, but when it comes to destroying a real villain, like Boko Haram—nobody does anything but talk.

That is shameful…………………………….  The world is in desperate need of courage.  Reports are that the girls are being raped up to 15 times a day, and it’s now been several weeks.  Justice needs to be done.  A rescue mission could likely be done for under $10 million.  Any takers?  Watch all these videos, particularly the On Wings of Eagles movie.  Then decide what you are willing to do.

Rich Hoffman



10 thoughts on “Wanted, Mercenary Group For Nigerian Mission: Saving sex slaves from the Boko Haram

  1. They won’t because running their mouths is free, and gets them brownie points for being on the right team and enhances their “brand”.

    Hiring mercenaries would require spending money on something other than drugs, Lamborghinis, and $30,000 dinners with the Kenyan in the White Haus.


      1. Top down…LIARS! This article is very enlightening. Hopefully they won’t get their carcasses dragged thru the streets like Chris Stevens. Remember, heads were gonna roll. Same here. You can’t arrest those that serve the administration.
        As Sunstein would say…Ride it out and it will pass. Overwhelm the masses.



  2. Exactly. That hashtag campaign was a joke.
    I could go on and on but the whole thing is a sham and disgusting. CFP layed it down and if you follow the videos of kankles, it’s all there. Yeah, and no one died for that ‘c’ either. See me in ’16.
    Minus the Daily Kos! 😉



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