Lakota’s Greg Snyder Suspended: More abuse of power from public school teachers

I don’t normally give the Lakota school board credit, but they deserve some for the hard decision of reprimanding and suspending the famed band director Greg Snyder.  Snyder shortly after the disciplinary action took early retirement which takes place next February 20th 2015. At Lakota that is similar to punishing a star athlete who is a team’s bread and butter—it is difficult—but is something that must be done when impropriety is discovered.  The band director who took Cincinnati to the Tournament of Roses Parade and the famous Macy’s Day Parade used his $81,733 per year position to make at least $6000 additional dollars more in private lessons, and free travel for his family members.  Here are the details according to a good report from Channel 19 news in Cincinnati.


Lakota West High School’s band director has been suspended for 17 days without pay after a district investigation found that he violated several policies and state laws, including using his official influence for personal gain.

A letter dated Monday to Greg Snyder, the district’s executive director of human resources outlines the conduct led to the suspension.

“Mr. Snyder, I must indicate to you that I am deeply concerned for your disregard for board of education policies, the Licensure of Professional Conduct, ethical considerations and other directives given by Lakota administration,” Diane Brunsman said. “This attitude and disregard is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Snyder has conducted a band clinic for seventh, eighth and ninth grade students for nearly 20 years that’s never been a district sponsored event. Before the past two years, Snyder received the student participation fee money directly for the band clinic.

Snyder advertised the band clinic by posting a flyer that sits next to programs at band concerts and he made the flyer on his district-provided computer.  Snyder determines who receives money for the clinic.

The district said that conduct violated several policies and state laws, including the state’s prohibition against the use of official influence for personal gain.

Snyder also encouraged the hiring and payment of family members by the Upbeat Club band boosters for band camp. That violates state law that says public employees are not permitted to authorize or use their authority to secure a public contract for himself, relatives or business associates.

The district also said that Snyder hosted private lessons at his home for Lakota district students. Board policy required that he received permission for the lessons but the district found no records that he received the approval. The board found that Snyder gave students extra credit for taking private lessons.

Since at least 2004, Snyder received free school band-related trips from travel agencies. The district didn’t pay for the trips. Until a recent New York trip, Snyder arranged the traveling. He decided what vendors to use for travel services, Brunsman said.

The travel-related conduct violated several policies including the prohibition against the use of official influence for personal gain, the district said.

Brunsman found more alleged misconduct.

At last year’s band camp, a student was told by a college student to run laps while all staff and students went inside. The student passed out outside alone. The student’s father found the student and spoke to Snyder about the incident. But Snyder didn’t tell anyone at the district about the episode.

“You were the district employee in charge during this incident and failed to adequately supervise the students,” Brunsman wrote.

The district also said that a uniform vendor treats Snyder and his wife to a variety of places for dinner including Applebee’s, Skyline and an annual dinner at The Precinct or other Jeff Ruby restaurants. That too violates several policies or laws.

Snyder has agreed to retire/resign effective Feb. 20, 2015 or when he is eligible to retire through the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio with 35 years of service.

Snyder’s salary is $81,733.

Lakota West’s band has performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Tournament of Roses Parade.

The school board did the right thing, even though it was surely difficult.  However, here is where attention needs to be directed.  The story was very cleverly released on the Thursday before Good Friday immediately after the release of the new teacher contract with the union where that same board agreed to pay over $2 million dollars more in raises to over 900 teachers just like Snyder, who are highly paid already.  The actions of Snyder who was an example at Lakota West of everything that was right about a teacher proved that the temptation to abuse power for personal gain is just too great, and even large wages cannot prevent the kind of greed that fueled his actions.

I can only use my own experiences for reference in judging Greg Snyder’s behavior which I’m sure levy apologists will attempt to declare is much to do about nothing.  Professionally, I do pretty well—so much so that my wife doesn’t have to work.  Just last weekend I spent some time with my friends at the The Whip Artistry Studio helping them do promotional work.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  At the conclusion of the event I was offered quite a lot of money for my services, which I turned down because I like the people involved and felt my pay-day had already come from other sources.  It didn’t cross my mind to charge money—not even remotely until a few hundred bucks were stuffed in my face which I refused.  A few days later some high level entertainers saw the work I was doing for WAAM radio at the Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day and assumed I was highly paid talent producing a show.  When they discovered that I was doing everything for free, they were shocked.  I explained that it was passion that drove my actions, and I would never expect payment for doing what I enjoyed while helping friends.  For me the value is in doing something I feel passion for.  When I hear about Greg Snyder’s actions, if I had a nice position making a comfortable $81,000 dollar per year salary which is more than enough to live on—and I wanted to share that passion with students outside of school, I would never charge for extra classes or mentorship—and I’d pay for my own meals.  What Greg Snyder did was so ridiculously cheap and low-class.  He is just the latest example of a poor mind corrupted with terribly bad judgment at the Lakota school system.

The scary thing about Greg Snyder is that he is an example of what’s right in public schools, and not even he with a very comfortable wage can turn down the temptation to abuse power to enrich himself.  One of the reasons the school board stated that they needed to give teachers $2 million dollars in pay raises is because they wanted to retain their quality of teachers—yet Snyder is one of their examples of a quality teacher—a real school asset who was very well paid.  But the money wasn’t enough to keep him from abusing his power—so why would the school board think that throwing more money stolen from tax payer property values would alleviate future Greg Snyders from their poor conduct?   The answer is that they fail to recognize good teachers from bad ones.

Greg Snyder’s behavior is typical of employees protected by a labor union.  Even with all the media coverage, Snyder will still teach at the school until he is eligible for retirement, which is almost a year from now.  So the punishment is pretty toothless—except for the embarrassment of the experience.  Such labor unions like Lakota’s LEA is filled with these types of small-minded employees, who are so cheap mentally that their generous salary isn’t enough—they want more—and more—and more, levy after levy, after levy.  They are never happy because they are mentally empty vessels inside perpetually seeking to be filled.  There are not enough raises the school board could ever pass or taxes levied against the community that will stop the behavior of similar Greg Snyders.  Because Greg Snyder isn’t so good—it is just that the rest of public education is that bad.  A person capable of making the bad decisions of Lakota West’s band director is not a person who should be teaching children.  So what if they get to go to New York on Thanksgiving Day to participate in the Macy’s Parade—if to get there they had to pad the pockets of Greg Snyder and his wife to become a bit better.  It takes extra work to be better than the next competitor, and Snyder was charging students for that boost—so there is nothing special about Greg Snyder which is the heart of this story.  What was assumed about Snyder was that his bands were good because he was just better than other band directors.  The truth turns out to be that he was teaching in a rich district that had great benefits like being sent to The Precinct and other Jeff Ruby restaurants, accompanied with under the table cash from The Upbeat Club because the parents were willing to pay for their kids to get a bit of a boost in life.  Snyder was too cheap to cover those events with his voluminous paycheck.  Greg Snyder turned out to be just another typical example of a public employee—much more concerned with their payday than actually doing good work. And at Lakota he was considered one of the good ones.

Imagine what the bad ones are like—and out of the 900 teachers who just got a levy increase funded pay raise, you can bet there are employees in that mix who also make similar money as Snyder did under the LEA collective bargaining agreement who are so bad that they make Lakota’s band director look like a saint in comparison.

“Just as a note to Randy Oppenheimer, Lakota’s director of media and community relations who reads here quite often for obvious reasons—I put this story up after Easter was over, because you know how things are.  You released your story during a holiday weekend so that people would have their minds on other things and it would be dead by Sunday morning.  Clever move—so I waited until people were reengaged with reality before I commented on it.  You didn’t think I’d forget did you?  Surely not.” :  )  This little chess game between us wouldn’t be any fun otherwise.


Rich Hoffman


49 thoughts on “Lakota’s Greg Snyder Suspended: More abuse of power from public school teachers

  1. Unfortunately for all of us you are the kind of person who sends innocent people to jail and spews the words of defamation if it fits your agenda. I choose to do my own investigation of the investigation and often find there is a less than thorough process as is the case I have come to uncover with the Greg Snyder story. Uncovered is the truth that parents chose to pay Mr. Snyder and many other district music instructors for the “clinics” instead of traveling out of state for such an experience. No clinic was ever held during school instructional time. For private lessons, parents want to know who you have found that gives them for free. Did you also uncover that all of the students have gotten extra credit since 6th grade band for taking privates no matter who they get them from? Did you also uncover that all of the trips for Mr. Snyder were donated to the district and the board minutes approved them? Yep, those minutes are also public record. Did you also find out in preparation of writing your article that his family members paid the same “Friends and Family” rate that anyone can purchase to travel with the band. Yep again, just inquire and you too Mr. Hoffman can go support these talented musicians to the Rose Bowl Parade next year for the same price as Mrs. Snyder and the rest of the band supporters. Here’s another fact, the “victim” was running a lap because all of the students in his section made a deal that if any of them screwed up they would run a lap and that many of the students and spectators were witnesses but none of them were interviewed, not even the section leader. Last but not least, the complainant parent used her trusted position within the band boosters to get revenge for her son on his least favorite teacher. All my parents ever did was tell me that this is life and you will need to learn how to get along with all types of teachers and bosses so consider it a lesson. Revenge was never an excuse in our house. Here we have yet another reason why I hope my kids become defense attorneys!


      1. Point 11 of the agreement specifically states “It is understood that the execution of this Agreement does not constitute an admission of any kind whatsoever by any party. Specifically Mr. Snyder does not agree to the alleged violations set forth in Appendix A but enters into this Agreement solely to amicably resolve any differences between he and the Board. Mr. Snyder specifically reserves the right to challenge the allegations set forth in Appendix A in any other forum.” D. Wilson’s comments would indicate there may be more to the story. Maybe some or none of the allegations are true. The wrongdoings (if any are proven) appear to lack of knowledge of policies not malicious “pocket lining.” I do acknowledge that lack of knowledge of policy/law is not a defense.
        Based on your article you are assuming all or some of the allegations are true. I have not come to that conclusion. To play devil’s advocate and let’s assume the allegations are true, I question why you of all people would not ask about Lakota administration’s lack of oversight of this teacher or program for 27 years. LWHS administrator’s salaries exceed Mr. Snyder’s. It appears from the board’s reprimand that the “district” knew little of the program or Snyder’s actions for over decade. Doesn’t that seem odd? The administration should be somewhat aware of the activities inside the classroom and extracurricular activities – including trips with hundreds of students and grading policies. Mr. Snyder is very open and transparent. The band website and Upbeat club has open communication on all activities relating to the band so if I am aware of these things why would West administration not be? Why would the administration allow him to host clinics for 20 years without someone thinking to ask for a copy of the board approval? When private lessons and band clinics were advertised for years at concerts that were official school functions – no one asked for his copy of board approval or indicated that he needed one? Why did no one ask for specifics of the Macy’s trip which had board approval? I am “Snyder” supporter and therefore biased but I feel he is a teacher who deserves his salary based on merit. There are other controversial issues highlighted from this investigation that deserve some scrutiny.


    1. Wow, the point was that the teacher abused his position to make money, the facts are very clear in this regard.

      Typical Delphi Technique used by progressives/union leeches: cast aspersions and use distraction to avert attention away from the main point.

      How can you defend a government employee raping taxpayers of $81+k per year, if this guy’s position didn’t exist it wouldn’t make an iota of difference, not as much difference as the taxpayers keeping the $81k they earned that could be used as they see fit.


  2. You continue to conveniently ignore the facts that Dawn has presented…it was not “abuse of power.” I am not a “progressive/union leech” and his salary does not bother me in the least. I believe that we are all free to seek work where paychecks are part of our compensation packages and I certainly don’t begrudge you your earnings, whatever they may be or however you may earn them.

    Mr. Snyder has been more than just a “band director.” He has been an educator for over 30 years providing excellent musical instrument instruction to hundreds of students, enabling many to pursue their own careers in musical performance or education. Even if they went on to other careers, their lives were enriched by participating in the band program…you may need to explore the value of arts programs in schools and how they can help children exceed academically before you claim that “it wouldn’t make an iota of a difference.”


    1. His money comes from a collective bargaining agreement. 900 teachers just recieved a raise, and do you really think they are all good at their jobs and are worth the money? My earnings don’t come from tax payers. His does, that makes him accountable in ways that the private sector isn’t.


    2. You’re right, everyone is “free to seek work” but you’re ignoring the fact that his salary is stolen from people that work in the private sector via IRS gunpoint in the form of taxes.

      Maybe “leech” was wrong….parasite fits better.

      Arts programs sure are nice but its basically a taxpayer funded baby sitting service for parents too lazy to do anything with their own kids….plus it sure would be nice if the union parasites could at least teach reading/writing/math before worrying about using “arts” as an excuse to further drain taxpayers.


      1. Yeah, Lakotas excellent with dinstinction, the highest state recognition, really shows they can’t teach reading, writing and math…
        Where do you people come from? I csnt believe you actually exist.

        But your statement may have some truth to it if you are a product if public education….LOL


      2. The Excellent with Distinction rating has more to do with the quality of the community than the school itself. Take away all the people who live in the Lakota school district and replace them with parents from Mt Healthy, Princeton, or Cincinnati Public Schools, and watch how fast that “Excellent with Distinction” rating drops.


      3. I’m glad to hear that my parents (who are immensely supportive and still help out in the band and science programs despite the fact that I’ve graduated) were too lazy to do anything with me. I guess that’s why they sent me to a top-rated public school to learn “reading/writing/math” so that I would be well-prepared to attend one of the best architecture schools in the country (at which I am on the dean’s list, in Honors, and being honored for academic achievement). Just so you know that I didn’t waste yours and other taxpayer’s money, I’ve worked hard in school. According to your logic, my parents were “too lazy” to teach me English composition, literature, physics, calculus, music, theater, and engineering drafting, for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 12 years. With the support of the taxpayers who helped fund education I was able to attend public school, so that A) I can turn around and contribute real solutions to the problem you and the rest of taxpayers (INCLUDING MYSELF) face, and B) didn’t put my parents into deep debt because I didn’t go to a private or catholic school. I’d like to know what your ideas of education are, if you’re so against funding the education for our future. I do have a question, do you have kids? I don’t make much money, but even so I’m happy that some of my hard-earned money is helping kids earn a similar education.


      4. His pay is stolen from people in the private sector??????? Are you a complete idiot? You are calling teachers parasites???? Your comments are disgusting and just show your true ignorance. I can’t even gather the effort to reply to what your saying other than you are a insulting a whole profession.


      5. Just because something is a profession doesn’t mean it’s good or valuable. If the teaching profession was more competitive, I’d feel different. But right now it’s just another expensive government job that is ineffective. The kids of today show how ineffective it really is.


  3. Also this:

    “Snyder has agreed to retire/resign effective Feb. 20, 2015 or when he is eligible to retire through the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio with 35 years of service.”

    So he gets to soak taxpayers for another 30 years or so.

    So not only do taxpayers have to fund their own retirements, they have to pay for his too, which is a double burden.


    1. So, what FACTS or evidence can you provide that shows Lakota cant teach reading, wrting and math. You claim its the community..ok, then what PROOF do you have? The state came up with this rating system, Lakota follows the states guidelines. Are they wrong for following the laws?

      Face it, you know nothing about education. You are greedy and can’t stand teachers.

      Lakota provides an excellent education. Yes, the parents are an important part of that , I agree. So, should we hold parents accountable then? Maybe we should be giving ratings and set up penalties for parents that don’t raise their children eell, support schools, and prepare their children for kindergarten.
      Since the teachers have no affect on learning, lets not hold them accountable.
      See, you can’t have it both ways. Either the teachers suck and the kids/parents do it on their own(your theory) or the teachers do their job well…… Youre argument flip flops to meet your greedy needs


      1. You appear unable to see the big picture here. Of course the state law will benefit the school which is also its creation. The only people who like the system are the people who benefit from it. Facts cannot be shown because it is illegal to not have public education involved in every family in some way or another. That is a functioning monopoly designed to prevent contrary facts. If there were something like School Choice, where the money followed the child not the district–you would see the proof I’m talking about. The reason your types are against it, is because you can only be right so long as there are no other options.

        I hope you aren’t commenting on this site while working in the school. During school hours you are an employee of the tax payers. Your internet time should be regulated to your personal time. Not contracted time.


      2. Oh, so taxpayers employee teachers now?? Really. Naahh , you are wrong again. The school district employs them. They serve the public.
        Not an employee. But I wish I had an employer like yours that would allow me to be on here on his /her dime…


      3. Are you serious? Tax payers EMPLOY teachers. Who pays the district? What is the district? The whole reason for a school board–in theory–is so that the “community” can manage the district on behalf of the tax payers. Surely you know that. Please don’t tell me that ideology has removed that basic premise from your knowledge. You must be putting me on just to stir me up.


      4. Tax payers employ teachers merely because you can trace the money trail from tax payers to teachers? You can do the same for any private market employee … every single cent that is paid to a Wal-Mart employee comes at some stage from a Wal-Mart customer. Does this mean that Wal-Mart employees are employed by their customers? No. Such a claim is clearly foolish and juvenile.


      5. That assumption is skipping several economic rules centering around supply and demand. The teaching profession is a government job created more for the good of the state than the good for a child which the evidence clearly shows. It is supposed to be attached to tax payer money to keep that relationship in check, which has now become distorted with emotional rhetoric in support of public education. The teacher is employed and their value is judged based on the monopoly of their profession, a profession protected by the state to keep competition from changing it for the good or bad. Not all Wal-Mart employees are government employees, so their customer base is not a variable that can be compared in the same way. However, in public education there really isn’t any other way of funding education–which is on purpose so that the value can be “created” based on the needs of the institution.


  4. “Greg Snyder’s behavior is typical of employees protected by a labor union.”
    LOL, not really, look at the overall membership numbers. You are exaggerating again.. what’s new?

    You are mixing up employees in labor unions with politicians that get caught up in scandals like certain west Chester township trustees, you know , your buddy.LOL, you are picking fights with the wrong “crooks”. LOL


    1. Nobody ever thinks they are the bad guy. I know the circumstances of the “West Chester trustee” and can report accurately who is a crook and who isn’t. Of course it all depends on what your values are. History determines the antagonists from the protagonists. And blind levy supporters will be placed in the proper context through the evidence of time, as they are now with this band guy.


      1. I bet you weren’t reporting the “facts” and bashing a certain west Chester township trustee, accountable to the taxpayers when he was “accused” of being a crook but so quick to bash an educator of 20 years and disregarding facts mentioned above by the “woman” as one of your supporters pointed out.
        Funny, politicians are given more respect than teachers from you. Even the ones with good scumbag lawyers that get them out of the messes they get into… Wink wink


      2. What’s with the wink wink? Is that some kind of come-on? I hear that is fashionable among you people these days–but in case you’re wondering, I don’t support same sex marriage. So don’t get your hopes up.


      3. Figures, you degrade when you know you are wrong. Keep on drinkin the koolaid you are sipping on.

        You never bash people in govt that you like when they are involved in far worse scandals. Face it. Snyder’s 6,000 on lessons HE taught is chump change compared to your buddy’s scandal. You are a fraud. I’m glad you were exposed and only about 15 nutzos actually follow your rants…LOL

        Wink wink..LOL


      4. Ok, 30…either way, I don’t worry about you, don’t flatter yourself. I just love to show everyone of your cronies how ignorant they are for following you. Doesnt take much effort to flaw your logic…

        Still waiting to hear why you didn’t bash your buddy that was accused of much more than Mr. Snyder was and is “employed” by the taxpayers. Actually, he really is employed by the taxpayer. So, you should have been irate.

        See, you are quick to jump on teachers and make accusations. But when someone close to you is tied to something far worse…crickets.

        Oh, and school choice..many schools allow open enrollment now, including Lakota. So, unless you want public dollars to go to private schools(which will never happen, church and state issues) not sure what point you made again…another weak one I guess….
        Later, ill be back in 3-4 months when I’m bored to raise your blood pressure again..wink wink…LOL


      5. That money my friend makes as a trustee is nothing, it’s like a couple of nice dinners worth. Most of it if not all gets donated away. No, he makes real money with real work. And who says he’s a crook? The police, the labor unions, the newspaper?

        What you mean to say is that you don’t have the mental ability to understand what I’m telling you. You are lost in an ideology that is broken and aren’t even aware of it.

        The money must follow the child, not the school. If you don’t understand that, you can’t be helped.


      6. “History determines the antagonists from the protagonists.”

        No it doesn’t. History may falsely lead us to view specific individuals as one or the other, but it does nothing to change the fact of the events that transpired.

        Did you instead intend to claim that history determines the ‘good-guys’ from the ‘bad-guys?’ Seeing as THOSE descriptors are based upon social constructions and moral codes, then you would be correct. You claim to be a purveyor of truth and fact, so I must assume that you went with fancy sounding synonyms without properly understanding their meaning, in some sort of attempt to add rhetorical weight to your arguments.


      7. You must assign value to those social constructions, Your proposal is to ignore true value of a topic and assume that moral codes are determined by some glob of feeling driven by social neurosis. Under such logic it is assumed that “education” controlled by the state is “good” because value contrary to those claims have been stripped away. Yet the evidence is clear, music can now be taught to students with a cell phone app and video games. It doesn’t necessarily need a Greg Snyder unless those students wish to perform in a symphony orchestra somewhere. The basics of music can be learned without a traditional teacher now–so doesn’t the value of that position change or is the value driven by parents living through their children who want to believe in such a system so that the guilt from their own insecurities doesn’t translate into the inevitable confrontation with their personal failures. If value is driven by such a logic and not the traditional “good” and “bad” no wonder everything is so screwed up. I’m betting on the latter. Thanks for the comments. I like good debate so long as it doesn’t get personal. I don’t have a very long fuse, but I’m happy to debate back and forth if you want.


  5. This stuff is hilarious! Keep it all coming. This should be printed in the comic strips in Sunday’s paper.

    I’ll add to the mix…what people don’t realize is that musical training is different from any other type of training in school, ESPECIALLY other subjects like math, science, social studies, and english. Let’s face to real-life facts…these days, students are being “taught to the test.” The liberal arts are there to educate us, but it’s a lot of regurgitating facts and no real learning takes places because #1 the teacher absolutely sucks or #2 the student doesn’t give a poo about anything. There are those “little angels” who take to the liberal arts and study their butts off and do well in the subjects…nothing wrong with that. Musical training is a totally different bear. Usually, a student in band starts off in 6th or 7th grade, depending upon the school district (Lakota unfortunately lost most of it’s beginning programs for 6th grade, so that means the students are essentially one year behind here). Band 5 days a week for 50 minutes in a period is just enough to hit the ground running. What takes those students to the next level are things called music camps or band camps during the summer. These students get in front of different people instead of their band director and learn lots of new things like how to make a better sound on their instrument, how to play more musically and how to become a better musician. These are just a few examples of what takes place in these camps. When the students come back to school in the fall, they have a new view on music and their instrument and if they were motivated to practice over the summer, the student is going to be much better. You may be thinking “well, you’re ignoring the facts again. he stole money from the camps for himself blah blah blah.” At least he is a director who CARES ABOUT THE STUDENTS and knows what potential and capabilities they have in order to succeed. These camps are meant to push a few more buttons in the student to trigger more excitement and motivation for improving on their instrument. What else other than camps help musicianship and mastery of an instrument? Private lessons. Private lessons are crucial to improve on your instrument QUICKLY. If you’re a better musician, you play with better players. If you play with better players, you have more fun, If you have more fun, you practice more. If you practice more, you get better. See the cycle? Giving extra credit to students (even though this allegation wasn’t PROVED) for private lessons was probably a wrong move, but I’ll bet you that it motivated other students to sign up for private lessons. This is what happens in a music program if you take risks. You get in trouble for it and musically ignorant people start cutting or suspending the music teachers and after a few years, the music program (not Lakota in particular; this is just a blanket term) will be gone because of taking these risks. Why do great teachers take risks? Great teachers put their students before themselves, which is the whole meaning of education in general. If you see a school board member or a band booster president who doesn’t know a damn thing about music and what needs to happen to make a program successful, pass this along to them. I’m sure they would love to learn something new today…oh wait…ignorance is a bitch.


      1. I was a tad on board and gave up tax payer theft until the :Great teachers put their students before themselves.”
        Great teachers get their Masters FOR the theft, pinhead! Wake up pal. This chick knows and lives all about her teacher neighbors. Wise up, man up, and pass on any union pussy woossie shit your neighbors will have to deal with.
        Personal responsibility. Live it.


  6. Getting a little feisty, are we? I like that. Or is it a little “vicious.” I don’t know, I can’t read Shitnese.


      1. The Jim Jones reference thrown at you of all people, is laughable. It bodes well for serfs being conditioned in a camp, anyones camp. I gotta hand it to ’em….they are ahead of that curve and don’t even see it.
        Good luck.
        I appreciate the “feisty” compliment but I’m second gen German and the only time I’m feisty is in slumber. I live passions notches above you before your feet ever hit the ground in the morning. However, you’ll always be welcome to test that over java or tequila. Anytime. It would only take about 5 minutes to teach you the basics of real liberty then you could try to teach me to see through your eyes. It’s a good bet I’ll be scrapping you of my shoe as we leave with your tail between your legs. Heads up. Opt for the tequila! The embarrassment will be easier to swallow.


  7. A 30% increase!!! That’s fucking insane!!!! For Franklin? That will put that demo in the soup lines.
    That’s your boards bending you over. Thank you, may I have another?
    Those taxpayers better snap out of it……. and quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. And those idiots actually think that kind of thing can go on for what–15 years, 20? Will any of them get out of their second mortgages before it all falls apart under heavy taxation? No…………


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