Jack Parsons and the Occult: The birth of NASA, government looters, and sexual sacrifice

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This is the comment of Jack Parsons who was a leader of the O.T.O temple in Pasadena, California and the primary driver of the Cal Tech rocket program that would compete directly with Robert Goddard for NASA’s journey into space.  He was also a very close friend of L.R. Hubbard—so close that they often shared women sexually.

“The dictatorship of the proletariat is merely temporary—the state will eventually wither away like a snark hunter, leaving us all free as birds. Meanwhile it may be necessary to kill, torture and imprison a few million people, but whose fault is it if they get in the way of progress?[146]

From early on in his career, Parsons took an interest in socialism and communism,[143] views that he shared with his friend Malina.[144] Under the influence of another friend, Sidney Weinbaum, the two of them joined a communist group in the late 1930s, with Parsons reading Marxist literature, but he remained unconvinced and refused to join the American Communist Party.[37] Malina asserted that this was because Parsons was a “political romantic,” whose attitude was more anti-authoritarian than anti-capitalist.[145] Parsons would later become critical of the Marxist-Leninist government of the Soviet Union led by Joseph Stalin, leading to the above quoted comments.

During the era of McCarthyism and the Red Scare, he was questioned as to his former links to the communist movement, by which time he denied any connection to it.  Instead he described himself as “an individualist.”[147]

Influenced by Thelema, which holds to the ethical code of “Do what thou wilt,” in the 1940s Parsons became a vocal social libertarian. In his article, Freedom is a Lonely Star, he championed the libertarian social views of some of the Founding Fathers of the United States, which were enshrined in the American Constitution, claiming that by his own time these had been “sold out by America, and for that reason the heart of America is sick and the soul of America is dead.”[148] He proceeded to criticize many aspects of contemporary U.S. society, particularly the police force, remarking, “The police mind is usually of a sadistic and homicidal trend” and noting that they carried out the “ruthless punishment of symbolic scapegoats” such as African-Americans, prostitutes, alcoholics, homeless people and socio-political radicals, under the pretense of a country that had “liberty and justice for all.”[149] To bring about a freer future, Parsons believed in liberalizing attitudes to sexual morality, stating that in his belief, the publication of the Kinsey report and development of the psychonautical sciences had as significant an influence on Western society as the creation of the atomic bomb and the development of nuclear physics, and that in the future the restrictions on sexual morality within society should be abolished in order to bring about greater freedom and individuality.[150] In this context, Colin Bennett of the Fortean Times cites Parsons as one of the instigators of the countercultural movements of the 1960s.[151]

In January 1939, John and Frances Baxter, a brother and sister who had befriended Jack and Helen Parsons, took Jack to the Church of Thelema in Winona Boulevard, Hollywood, where he witnessed the performance of a Gnostic Mass. Parsons was intrigued, having already heard of Thelema’s founder Aleister Crowley after reading a copy of Crowley’s Konx om Pax (1907). Parsons’ formative interest in esotericism was developed through his reading of The Golden Bough (1890), a work in comparative mythology by Scottish social anthropologist James George Frazer.[39] With Helen he had attended a lecture on theosophy by philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, but was “nauseated” by its sentiment of “the good and the true.”[40]

At the mass Parsons was introduced to leading members Regina Kahl, Jane Wolfe, and Wilfred Talbot Smith. Feeling both “repulsion and attraction” for Smith, Parsons continued to attend the Church’s events sporadically for a year.[41] He continued to read Crowley’s works, which increasingly interested him, and encouraged Helen to do so too.[42] Parsons came to believe in the reality of magic as a force that could be explained through quantum physics.[42] He tried to interest a number of his friends and acquaintances in Thelema, at one point taking the science fiction authors Jack Williamson and Cleve Cartmill to a performance of the Gnostic Mass, and although they were unimpressed, Parsons was successful with a young Caltech student whom he had befriended, Grady Louis McMurtry, as well as McMurtry’s fiancee Claire Palmer, and Helen’s sister Sara Northrup, who was known as Betty.[43]

Parsons and his wife would finally be initiated into the Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis on February 15, 1941, with Parsons adopting the Thelemic motto of “Thelema Obtenteum Proedero Amoris Nuptiae”, a Latin mistranslation of “The establishment of Thelema through the rituals of love”. The initials of this motto spelled out TOPAN, also serving as the declaration “To Pan.”[44] Commenting on Parsons’ errors of translation, in jest Crowley remarked that “the motto which you mention is couched in a language beyond my powers of understanding.”[45] Smith wrote to Crowley, claiming that Parsons was “a really excellent man … He has an excellent mind and much better intellect than myself … JP is going to be very valuable”,[46] while Wolfe wrote to the Thelemite Karl Germer to comment that Parsons was “an A1 man … Crowleyesque in attainment as a matter of fact.”[47] Crowley concurred with such assessments, informing Smith that Parsons “is the most valued member of the whole Order, with no exception!”[45]

Soon, science fiction writer and former United States Navy officer L. Ron Hubbard moved in to 1003; he and Parsons became close friends, with Parsons informing Crowley that Hubbard was “the most Thelemic person I have ever met.”[83] Although Parsons and Sara had always had an open relationship, she became enamored with Hubbard, causing Parsons intense jealousy.[84] Parsons began to devote increasing amounts of time to the ‘dark side’ of magic, becoming interested in the iconography of witchcraft, something that concerned many fellow OTO members, who believed that he had invoked troublesome spirits into the Parsonage. Parsons reported paranormal events in the house resulting from his rituals including poltergeist activity, sightings of orbs and ghostly apparitions, and disembodied voices. Pendle suggested that Parsons was particularly susceptible to these interpretations, and attributed the voices to a prank by Hubbard and Sara.[85] One ritual allegedly brought screaming banshees to the windows of the Parsonage, an incident that disturbed Ed Forman for the rest of his life.[86] Deciding to use magical means to attract a new lover, Parsons performed a series of rituals based in Enochian magic during which he masturbated on to magical tablets, accompanied by Sergei Prokofiev‘s Second Violin Concerto, using both his own semen and blood for this purpose. He allowed Hubbard to take part, believing that he was particularly sensitive to detecting magical phenomena.[87]

Their final ritual took place in the Mojave Desert on 18 January 1946, and on return to the Parsonage Parsons discovered that a woman named Marjorie “Candy” Cameron had come to visit. Believing her to be the “elemental” woman that he had invoked, he began performing sex magic rituals with her. Describing this as the Babalon Working, he hoped to bring about the incarnation of a Thelemite female messiah, Babalon, onto Earth, with Cameron acting as the “Scarlet Woman” in these rituals.[88] Although Crowley warned him of such an endeavor, Parsons was committed, and retreated to the desert, where he came to believe that a preternatural entity spoke to him, to provide him with Liber 49, which he believed to represent a fourth part of The Book of the Law, the primary sacred text of Thelema, as well as part of a new sacred text he called the Book of Babalon.[89] This accomplished, Parsons set about trying to sell the Parsonage for $25,000, on the condition that he could continue to live in the coach house, and he appointed Roy Leffingwell to head the Agape Lodge, which would now have to meet elsewhere for its rituals.[90]


What Parsons had in common with present day President Obama and the very evil Aleister Crowley is that he had a failed relationship with his father.  Parsons’ father had carried on a sexual relationship with a prostitute causing him a divorce.  Little Jack’s mother was so angry that the father’s name was removed from her son’s referral and the situation never really alleviated.  Jack found replacements for a father figure in communism where the “state” was the parent, and he found a more literal father figure in Aleister Crowley and the head of the Agape Loge Wildfred Smith.  Smith would comfort Parsons first wife after Jack decided he desired sexually her sister. But when that more sexual appetizing sister began bedding L.R. Hubbard Parsons went into the desert to perform the Mojave ritual giving him Candy Cameron whom he would stay married to until his death while trying to fulfill an explosives order for a Hollywood movie.  But those weren’t the only women Jack slept with—he carried on openly sexual relationships with many other women coming full circle to far surpass his father’s womanizing.  The big difference is that Jack Parsons had found a mechanism through religion which allowed him to justify the conduct.

When my family visits the family condo down in Florida my wife is greatly disturbed by the number of strip houses erected to attend to the NASA scientists working at the Kennedy Space Center.  While she despises those places in spite of the beauty surrounding the Cocoa Beach area I feel the same level of disenchantment for the Merritt Island Lodge #353, which is the local Mason hall near the condo.  I see them one in the same by level of depravity.  Both are reminders that the rocket program ushered into NASA had its roots by two primary people who both had a mutual relationship with Wernher von Braun—Robert Goddard and Jack Parsons.  Of the two, Goddard was certainly my kind of guy.  When diagnosed with tuberculosis and told that he would soon die, he sat on the front porch of his cold New England home and stared death down daring it to consume him.  Miraculously, he beat death to live on for a number of years and eventually carry mankind into space after the federal government tried to steal all his patents for “national security” to build their own rockets.  It is likely that many of the UFO sightings from this early period of rocketry were government experiments into Robert Goddard’s designs which failed.  They would eventually settle with Goddard’s widow finally giving her husband credit and using his name as propaganda against the U.S.S.R during the space race. Jack Parsons however turned to magick instead of self-reliance leaving Goddard to reject the collectivism demonstrated by the Caltech rocket boys from California.  Goddard continued to his dying day to work in relative isolation while Parsons pursed his rocketry passion with the assistance of supernatural aid and making special effects for Hollywood studios sleeping with half the women of Southern California.  The seed of darkness planted into the movie and music industry began there at the Agape Lodge by Parsons and his mentor Smith.  Ironically, even though the Kennedy Space Center is now in heavy reverence for Robert Goddard, it is the old Caltech members of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who primarily established the foundations for those rocket engineers.  They had been developed by Jack Parsons as well leaving the modern-day rocket scientists of NASA to live the same kind of double life that Jack did.  By day they were brilliant scientists—by night they sought sexual fulfillment in the strip joints of Cocoa Beach and their Mason’s Lodge down the street told them that it was the right thing to do.

The difference between Jack Parasons and Robert Goddard are essentially the rift which modern America is currently experiencing.  One was a rugged individualist which was uniquely positioned as a genius that a whole army of government scientists couldn’t duplicate even with his stolen patent notes right in front of them.  The other in Jack Parsons who didn’t live very long, but did a tremendous amount of damage to the industry of film and early jet propulsion, and had roots in communism with the above opening quote which I’ll repeat here for emphasis:

“The dictatorship of the proletariat is merely temporary—the state will eventually wither away like a snark hunter, leaving us all free as birds. Meanwhile it may be necessary to kill, torture and imprison a few million people, but whose fault is it if they get in the way of progress.”

Jack Parsons was a smart man who helped carry America into the golden age of jet propulsion.  He conducted right out in the open a duel life, one of legitimate science, and dark sinister commitment to the occult—and he was a devoted communist—he believed in “collective salvation.”  Because of his success more people than fewer picked his path over that of old Robert Goddard—and that has brought a terrible realization of treachery to modern rocket science which is quite evident in the parking lot of the “gentlemen clubs” of Cocoa Beach at 1:30 in the morning an hour and a half past Sunday.

As I go to the store late at night at times to get milk, or soda for my wife, the cars in that parking lot are proud—they are NASA employees away from their families on 6 month assignments.  They come to the “gentlemen clubs” to see naked women who are often the age of their daughters and deep down inside they have the misguided belief that they are doing something for the greater good by participating.  Some of those proud cars have “Trust America” on their bumpers—or “Made in America,” referring to the NASA program.  Most of them are married, but like Jack Parsons, they feel that their participation in extramarital affairs is justified by some rationalization that we are all “one and the same.”  The 19-year-old girl dancing on the stage topless is the same as the obese wife bitter and unhealthy back home—they are both female and aspects of the Mother of Abominations.  Any high degree Mason from Merritt Island Lodge #353 knows what that is—and if they don’t, they haven’t been invited to the initiation ceremony yet.

I often sit on the balcony and watch those girls of the night come to the beach during early morning sunrises to wash off the sins of the previous evening.  I read my books and eat pistachio nuts while listening to their mutterings.  Without the seductive lure of the “gentlemen clubs,” the g-strings and the seductive lights and music, they are just girls a few years away from the innocent minds of a typical 9 to 10-year-old.  They are not yet ruined—that comes two or three years later when those same new bodies become irreparably tarnished with wrinkles from too much sun bathing, too many drugs, and too many gross old men wanting to caress them sexually.  By the time those girls are 25 they are destroyed for life and the NASA scientists from the Kennedy Space Center have helped take them there.  Every year from the balcony it is always a new crop of girls who come to the beach in their thin bikinis so to get tan lines that will assist them during their pole dancing routines.  I met one of these girls when I went to Ron Jon’s to purchase a new Frisbee to throw on the beach with my family.  A joke emerged with the female cashier leading me to believe that she was about my age—from the 1980s.  She looked at me sadly when she realized I assumed she was in her forties—she was missing all her front teeth probably from too much “meth” her skin looked like an alligator that had been soaked in vinegar to preserve its dead flesh and her breath was in desperate need of a breath mint.  Her eyes were sunken and very tired.  She was only 31.

The evils aren’t always as extreme as Jack Parsons experiments at the Agape Loge.  They are seldom so outrageous—and few people go to such extremes as Jack did for the reasons he did.  Even with all the broken families, there are still a lot of people who have healthy relationships with their fathers and don’t go to the extremes that Jack did, or Aleister Crowley to rectify a need for father atonement.  But what does sink in is the notion of collective sacrifice—the idea of dying for one’s country, or dedicating ones career to country, or dedicating oneself even to a family—the permeating belief is that sacrifice yields benefit for the collective will of humanity—and it doesn’t.  It simply destroys them, and leaves them empty husks of human flesh grossly undeveloped.

I have no doubt that the same type of people who hung out with Jack Parsons at the Agape Loge in Pasadena, California are the same type of people who raised Barack Obama during the height of the counter-culture movement which was directly influenced by Jack Parsons.  The ideal that the dictatorship of the proletariat would only be temporary are the musings of an incomplete mind deeply harmed by the lack of a strong father in their life to impart wisdom, and goodness to a hungry young mind.  Without that important element in their life, they sometimes turn to the supernatural for assistance, and once they do—it’s over for them. But what makes them dangerous to others is that they start churches like the O.T.O to help people find their individual paths—but in essence the real motive is to sacrifice the purity of many people to the collective will of the supernatural—and whose fault is it if they get into the way of progress?

Tomorrow, we will discover why these types of people yearn to sacrifice women in such a way.  You will learn about the Babalon Scarlet Women.  It is likely that you know some.

Rich Hoffman



2 thoughts on “Jack Parsons and the Occult: The birth of NASA, government looters, and sexual sacrifice

  1. This really is the most brilliant series of articles I’ve ever read on a blog…you’re setting the bar pretty high, here. I really wish you’d make a printed book out of all these posts.


    1. Thanks. These are hard topics that have very complicated interconnected aspects. I couldn’t do this without all the varied reading. Too much one way it’s all conspiracy theory. Too much the other it’s too political. It has taken me a long time to find the sweet spot.

      If I sold it, no publisher would know how to market it. I think it’s more important that people learn this stuff. It’s right out in front of us……….but men do not see it.


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