Dictator Obama’s Executive Orders: Wealth redistribution on a global scale

Dictator Obama with all his threats of using Executive Orders to bypass congress leading up to his State of the Union speech made one of the most reckless proposals a sitting president ever made.  Obama proposed a mandatory minimum wage hike for all employees involved with government contracts and urged all companies everywhere no matter of economic ability to adhere to a minimum wage of $10.10.  To the everyday person, more money for the same work sounds appealing—but those people have never struggled to collect payable accounts to make a payroll.  What this president has just proposed is a mandatory decimation on labor margins that while have a devastating impact on the flow of business.  Now, Obama has no idea why his dumb idea will be such a travesty.  He thinks he’s helping people.  But for a sitting president who wants to create jobs—he is clearly out of his mind—he’s just proposed a policy that will destroy them.

Of course the President and his advisers are proposing this hike in the minimum wage because of their belief in socialism.  They don’t believe that the “greedy” business owner has a “right” to the profits of their endeavors.  They believe that all people from the simple laborer to the CEO are “equal.”  They believe that everyone should show up for work each day and play their roles at their places of business, take their pay at the end of the week, and live their “middle-class” lives under the rule of people like Obama and his government bureaucrats.  But—their view of the world is severally flawed because it does not incorporate the most important ingredient into hiring a staff—potential.

Not all employees are equal.  Some are better than others, and not all people are worth the same money.  It doesn’t matter if people are white, black, purple, yellow, green males females or some combination in between—what does matter is whether or not employees have gumption—drive—and a sense of quality in their lives.  The worker who makes silly fart jokes during an entire shift is not worth the same amount of pay as the worker who is always looking to stay busy and pushing themselves to advance by learning more.  The worker who does not have the personal ambition to try to be a better person is not worth the same as the person who tries every day to go to bed at night better than they were when they woke up.

Obama’s minimum wage increase with the stroke of an Executive Order—bypassing congress ignores this basic premise in hiring practices and makes American productivity less competitive because the weak and un-ambitious are now getting a raise which they don’t deserve.  This incentivizes companies who might consider doing business in America to take their endeavor to India, China or Malaysia where employees will work for very little money-making doing business in those countries much more appealing than in The United States.

Obama has artificially created value with his stupid little pin and his foreign Jakarta education that will guarantee wealth redistribution not from the rich and the poor in America but from The United States to third world countries many of them plagued by socialism and communism.  China is a communist country………..in spite of Hong Kong being the freest city on earth.  By forcing companies to push back against this minimum wage law, Obama wants those companies to relocate to poor economic regions where cheap labor resides.  Isn’t it obvious?  Government cannot create value—or jobs, yet Obama’s reckless attempt in spite of the good intentions are just further ignorance of his economic ignorance.  Where value is created artificially the bad are rewarded while the good are penalized.  The good is the productive worker, or the actual job creator.  The bad is the lackluster human being who just wants to do the minimum in life, get their pay check, and buy a six-pack of beer.  Many of those same stupid people are currently paying more taxes than they need to on their IRS forms so that they can get a $3000 check back in the spring because they are incapable of saving money.  As they file their taxes they already have their money spent planning vacations, new computer purchases, and fancy dinners.  Once the money is spent by May they will be broke until the following year waiting for their tax returns once again.  Those are the dumb asses who will benefit from the minimum wage increase—not the frugal, diligent worker who may have worked hard every day for years and is currently making $10 to $11 an hour on a general labor position.  Now Obama has given the less than efficient worker an equal status forcing an employer to decrease their margins—which many won’t be able to do—it will be easier to just take their operation out of America where labor is cheaper.

When the terrorists of 9/11 attacked the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001, they intended to attack America’s symbol of economic power.  They hoped to bring down the American economy—and for the most part their act was successful.  America handcuffed themselves in reaction for over a decade after.  But Obama as performed a much more effective terrorist attack that was undoubtedly hatched long ago with his friendships with the American terrorists Bill Ayers and Michelle’s law office buddy, Bernadine Dorn.  With the stroke of a pin, Obama has done much more to destroy the American economy than run a plane into some buildings.  He has attacked American business directly—with an Executive Order—and a philosophy bred by socialism—and all the failures that follow in its wake.

This minimum wage law is not about being “fair.”  It is about wealth redistribution not even from the rich to the poor but from one country to other countries suffering from economic depravity because of their commitment to social collectivism.  To be a strong country, it takes work, innovation, and effort.  Americans aren’t just born, they are made.  By raising the minimum wage, Obama takes money from those who have worked, innovated and put forth effort and gives it to those who have not.  He also destroys the next generation of Americans by rewarding the lazy incentivizing more people to be more so.  Why should employees work harder if the good are paid to be bad?  The answer is that they shouldn’t.  Yet that is what’s happening, and the reason is more than just a thinly veiled attempt at fairness.  It is a form of terrorism intended to drain the wealth of one nation into others—and that is why it’s a crime, not a good tiding designed to do good.  It is sinister for all that will result and the evil was ushered in with cheers and fanfare……….as it always is.

Rich Hoffman