Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman 2014 Prediction Broadcast: “Tapestries of Ideology”

If you were listening today across the vast frozen plains of Southern Michigan to WAAM radio in Ann Arbor you would have heard Clarkcast Radio host Matt Clark speaking to me about the future of America starting in 2014.  The theme of our discussion centered around “Tapestries of Ideology” which I mentioned as a way to explain whether or not people cared enough about anything to change the direction of the Republic away from the socialism, liberalism, and sometimes open communism that has infected the American way of life by rabid progressive influence.  When the “Tapestries of Ideology” are removed from people—the need for power structures to utilize pairs of opposites to herd people into a particular direction—people find they have more in common than less 100% of the time.  I have had elegant dinners with “hit men” who did what they did to keep their wives wrapped in gold and perils, but loved watching Davy Crocket on The Wonderful World of Disney as kids.  I’ve associated with judges who ran their entire local political structure ruthlessly—but discovered that deep down inside they loved the movie, “The Sound of Music.”  Presently some of my best friends are the kind of people who used to be professional educators and would have hated me a decade ago, but find themselves united with my present crusade.  Once those “Tapestries of Ideology” are removed, often it is discovered that people have more in common than not.  This led to a very interesting discussion as Matt recorded it with video.  He didn’t just want me to call in like a typical guest on talk radio, but he utilized Skype so he could have our discussion on a split screen—which turned out to be a really good idea.  Have a look:

Progressives are often given credit for propelling forward the Civil Rights movement, bringing equality to women, and creating a five-day work week with labor union pressure against their employers.  Using “Tapestries of Ideology” all those groups propelling so-called “rights”—actually exploited certain collective groups by focusing their energy on pairs of opposite duality so to steer their efforts toward progressive causes.  For Civil Rights, progressive groups exploited black oppression, for women, progressives sought to create a “war against women” perpetrated by evil, vile, dirty, heterosexual men.  For the weekend oriented work week, labor unions painted the pictures that corporations were evil and slave shops of doom that could not put a check on their selfish motivations.  However, once those ideologies are removed from people one on one, it can easily be discovered that most women yearn to have a man’s specific touch in their life and want to be cared for in a passive way, blacks integrate quite well with whites, and most union members are happy to have a job that was created by a corporation and are often grateful.  Progressive organizations can only advance their positions with duality and hate—which is why they never really wish to solve any problems.  Instead they are perpetually on the outlook for more problems so that they can exploit them to gain power from the process.

What I said to Matt during our half hour broadcast was that this power trick is changing—the old progressive behavior is altering exposing the game of duality that has been played behind the “Tapestries of Ideology” for decades.  When those tapestries are removed, people tend to find they have a lot in common—more so than politics would care to admit.  When Denver plays Seattle in the next Superbowl entire cities supporting those respective teams will find themselves united.  Ideologies of political and progressive nature will be removed because they find themselves supporting the exploits of Payton Manning or the terrific defense of the Seattle Seahawks.  However, when the game is over, those tapestries of ideology go back up and the duality nature of progressive politics will return.

I most saw this duality during a game I attended in Tampa, Florida when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers retired the jersey of Mike Alstott.  My wife and I flew down from Cincinnati for the game to watch the prime time Sunday night extravaganza.  Before the game I attended a tailgate party where firefighters, local girls from the Penthouse strip club, cops, teachers, radio hosts, former players and a number of colorful personalities were enjoying the extended hours before the game.  The event began at noon and lasted up until around 7 PM and featured great food, lots of drinks, and a very festive atmosphere.  Ideologically I was opposed to most of the people at this tailgate party—but on that day at that time, we were all dressed to kill with skulls, and pirate paraphernalia with the united goal of seeing the Bucs beat the Seahawks.  It was very exciting.  These are some of my friends from “What The Buc?”

Old School, you are looking good man……………the weight loss is fantastic!  l_d4cde2fe25e24b26ac058f1f2a06945c

The Bucs won that game and Raymond James Stadium was rocking as the palm trees inside the stadium waved from a slight breeze to the massive crowed juiced up from the victory.  But that wasn’t all, just across town at another stadium the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team was on a run for the World Series and were in the final innings.  The game was a game seven as they had been down 4 to 1 against the Boston Red Sox just a few days before.  Their comeback was one of the great sports stories at the time and if they won that particular game they’d go to the World Series against The Philadelphia Phillies.  In Tampa this was an electrifying moment.  My wife and I flew to Tampa essentially just for the Buccaneer game and the night before on a flight out of Baltimore the captain knowing that game 6 was so important to most of the passengers headed for Tampa piped in the game to the in-seat headsets.  I listened to the Rays win that game going to game 7 the following night and the plane erupted with cheers.   It was a phenomenal experience as perfect strangers were high fiving each other just because the game ended with the Tampa Bay Rays winning the game.l_fc1c8868d60d4eeba2028a22935cc084l_16cc485bd0f04fd3a096df3d785fe452

The next day prior to the Buccaneer tailgate party my wife and I had lunch outside at a nice restaurant at the International Mall.  On October 19th 2008, it was a warm day in Florida and very pleasant around noon.  We had stayed the night before at the same hotel where the Seattle Seahawks were staying.  Due to the collective hostility toward them, they stayed in their rooms confined to their wing, mainly for their own protection as Tampa was revved up for their sports teams everywhere anybody went.  It was a hostile environment for a visiting team to the Bay area.  My wife and I ordered up a fine bottle of wine since we arrived late into town and the hotel let us have the outside pool area to ourselves until 2 AM as a special favor.  We were having a nice time.  This carried over to a nice breakfast by the bay, some quick phone calls to my Tampa contacts at the tailgate party, then arrangement for lunch.  At the International Mall even that early in the day on a Sunday people were absolutely ecstatic having two massive sports events in town at the same time, the Buccaneer game and the Rays’ playoff game.  It was an electrifying lunch which just intensified as the day wore on.l_6ebeeb89e1104178874ea374bc7b23f3

Many hours later, the Buc game ended in a victory but the Rays games was still rolling on.  So the Raymond James Stadium crew turned on the rest of the Rays game onto the jumbotron scoreboards so the fans at the Buccaneers game could watch the Rays win that remarkable comeback performance against the Boston Red Sox.  When David Price got the final out of that game I have never heard such an eruption of fan excitement as I did that day.  The entire Raymond James Stadium exploded into cheers that were so intense that I thought the concrete of the place would shake apart.  And it wasn’t just inside the stadium, but outside as well.  The cars on the streets tooted their horns wherever they were and a rumble of cheers came from the city streets from as far away as sound could carry them.  The ceremony went on for many hours and lasted all the way back to our hotel.  The streets were clogged with people who stopped in the street and were dancing on their cars.  It was an amazing experience.l_1630061810e543ea8474970bbb97e326

l_dd1441e7d69b42cbbc015b54b255988dI found myself joined with those people as a rugged individualist even though many of the people who wanted to shake my hand and hug me were likely people who would find my politics and social stance reprehensibly too strict for them.  This was because the “Tapestries of Ideology” had been removed by the Buccaneer football game and the World Series entry of the Tampa Bay Rays.  That emotion lasted until we got on a plane the next day, on a Monday and flew home.  Once we landed back in Cincinnati, the “Tapestries of Ideology” were back in full force as Cincinnati had not experienced such a thing.  The Reds had lost yet again, and the Bengals still sucked and people had nothing to unit them away from their personal ideologies created for them by power groups and charlatans.l_f8c48975e4cf438cb20f71e427072117

As I told Matt, in 2014 the “Tapestries of Ideology” are coming down not because of a sporting event, but because information is so easy to receive from new media, video games requiring thought are outselling movies, television is being forced to produce thoughtful programming instead of sophomoric “booby humor” and the realization that most everybody has been lied to by a politician from both parties is impossible to escape.  Common non-political people are sick of politics because it’s in their face now that Obamacare is taking more of their money with unjust taxation.  For the same reason that the Seattle Seahawks had to stay in their hotel rooms in Tampa gazing from their balconies down onto my wife and I lounging at the pool below them trapped like convicts, politicians are finding that the world outside of Washington D.C. is not friendly to them.  The “Tapestries of Ideology” are no longer hiding the antics of Obama and his miscreants of duality.  They are exposed, and the things that normally divide people are failing, uniting unlikely souls toward uncharted territory.

I predicted to Matt that before 2014 ends this illuminating statistic would become more pronounced.  It may not be measurable month by month—like the hands of a clock.  If you stare at the situation, little movement will be observed.  But if you turn away and look again five minutes from now, a huge change in hand position will be noticed.  Thus, the same type of thing will occur throughout 2014.  Watching day by day throughout February, March, and April, little will appear to change, but by the time that we reach December of 2014, quite a lot will.  People are waking up and the old tricks executed with the “Tapestries of Ideology” are not working because people know what are behind those tapestries.  They now know what they conceal and it is no longer enough to just look at the surface of things.  People are looking deeper.l_c8c50126724d4bb7b9309a46298bd4f2

The top-selling books on the market are not the Steven King types as they have been in the past, they are Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer and Star Wars all works of tradition, thought, and rebellion against established thinking.  The time has come and gone for the progressive.  They have ruined the world, and are presently still in power, but the mess they made people resent—and they can no longer hide behind “Tapestries of Ideology.”  Without those tapestries, there isn’t anything to hide the true intentions of the progressive—and that is what 2014 in the context of history most will be known for.  Mark it on your calendar—because it will be a big year for truth, justice……………………..and the American Way as the “Tapestries of Ideology” come crashing down.

Rich Hoffman