Joan Powell Was Thinking About Me: The start of a long born strategy


Did retired school board member Joan Powell and newly elected Lakota school board president Julie Shaffer really think that attacking me for going on WLW all the time illuminating the many mistakes made in public education—that the pressure against them would go away if I were not quoted on the mainstream radio and newspaper anymore?  Did they think that if television stations stayed away from me because I made “incendiary” comments about women and the kind of idiots who typically join PTA groups that they would gain strategic positioning?  Did they really think they’d change the dialogue using traditional tricks which I was well aware of—and used to my advantage?  Apparently—they were just that stupid and continue to be as they are apparently bewildered by the large number of conservative leaning school board members entering into the public education management of districts.  Here is a quote from Joan in a recent Michael Clark article in The Cincinnati Enquirer

Still, recently retired Lakota school board President Joan Powell – a 16-year board veteran and one of the most influential school officials in the region during her tenure – wonders whether the publicly stated goals of some new board members match their political agendas.

“Unfortunately some of these individuals are not just interested in reducing expenses and maintaining taxes at their current level. There are those that have a goal to destroy public education as it exists – government schools, they call them – and use anti-tax and pro-voucher issues to reduce funding to schools to help reach that goal,” she said.

“A lot of damage can be done during a four-year term. By then voters should know what they stand for and whether (board members) are working in the best interests of the school district and the voters.”

Damage for whom—tax payers or education empire builders?  The damage Joan is talking about is for her view of education, which is corrupt and devastating for American enterprise.  So that’s a good thing when people like her are on the out. 

Here’s a news flash that they and a whole bunch of others in the mainstream media and government school gate keepers have neglected to consider—that a plan hatched many years ago by a small number of Southern Ohio education reformers is just now manifesting into reality—and what they are seeing is just the beginning.  If they think for a second that everything is going back to how public education was in the 90s and 2000s, they are sadly—and pathetically mistaken.  Labor union domination of public education is ending and they are fighting to preserve a way of life that is out-dated, and destructive to American education not just in name—but actual function. 

I know of about 80 different elected officials who visit this site—Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom about 3 times a week.  There are even more who read here that consider running for an office and use the encouragement they receive from these words to pursue those objectives. Whoever thought that I poured so much work into 1500 word daily articles to appease the fools who have the mind of an egg-shell, and the patience of a shooting star—that the kind of people who enjoy tabloid magazines and television were my target audience?  Whoever was so naive to think that each and every step over the last four years was not a carefully considered chess match where even the controversial elements were calculated to the maximum effect with deep psychological impact highlighting issues at many levels?  I’m pretty good at chess—at strategy—and managing people.  Sometimes the most important work is not in front of the camera or behind the microphone but in arranging an army of such people to do those tasks instead of just one person.  Initially, you have to lead by example so that they can see how things should be done—but once they learn—they can then take the effort and run with it independently.  Wasn’t it clear that was what was going on?

Apparently not.  When Joan said, “Unfortunately some of these individuals are not just interested in reducing expenses and maintaining taxes at their current level. There are those that have a goal to destroy public education as it exists – government schools, they call them – and use anti-tax and pro-voucher issues to reduce funding to schools to help reach that goal,” she was thinking about me.  The more I worked with Lakota, the more I hated government schools—and that is a term that I have increasingly used.  If I were to run for school board I could not sit next to Julie Shaffer to manage the district without major, major confrontations—MAJOR confrontations.  If left to me, public education would be defunded and eradicated replaced by free market options where the government was not involved at all.  But I am happy to let people who do not feel quite so strongly join school boards and fight the good fight in a more civil manner.  I have more impact with more people not being an elected representative as opposed to locking horns with someone like Julie wasting my time on something that is already dying on the vine.  In 15 years, what will any of her arguments matter?  If other people wish to engage in that argument—that is good—but I am more effective elsewhere.  The strategic position for this matter is not behind a name plate—but here. 

The kind of people like Julie who organized the media blitz with the Enquirer to come after me personally should never be involved in educating children. CLICK TO REVIEW. They are not competent and are only given that ability with a government monopoly.  I will certainly never forgive Julie for what she tried to do to me—or Joan.  They used the collective entity of Lakota to satisfy their inner desire to be relevant socially—to mask personal mistakes—and to achieve that they needed to get me out of their way so management of schools could return to the unions at the cost of children’s minds—and they’d stoop to no low to achieve it.  Did they think that I’d give up and just retreat?  Did they think that more would not join the fight with me?  Yes, that is precisely what they believed. 

The Enquirer should have seen this coming.  I explained it to Clark in great detail September of 2010.  I layed all this out for him in my back yard while I was cutting targets with my bullwhips and he had his photographer snapping away pictures.  I knew as I spoke that he was scheming to build me up so that he could take me down again the way he and others did with Arnie Engle in Fairfield.  So I let him take the bait and run with it.  My plans were different—when the moment came—more than just I would move into strategic position to affect change.  So whatever schemes Clark had in mind would be useless in the long run—and I knew that.  He didn’t understand it just as Joan, and Julie Shaffer didn’t get it.  They actually thought by pandering to their latte sipping fat ass, guilt ridden, bitchy voting base that they could continue forever the scam of public education.  Well, obviously they can’t.

Sure they won their last levy at Lakota by manipulation and wasting hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars to move the needle just a few percentage points with a wear-down tactic taught in Columbus to school board members.  But it’s a short-term victory as the ship they have fought to keep afloat is sinking.  Many of the districts mentioned in the Enquirer article, such as West Clermont—where I know quite a few of those people there—and they are readers here and have been for years now—the proof that schools waste tax money on teacher unions, and scam ridden politics will be exposed destroying the myth that higher taxes make for a better community.  And that is what people like Joan and Julie are worried about.  Ten years from now they will be shown to be wrong in their assertions about education and neurotic in their approach—and it will be embarrassing for them.

I will make damn sure of it—that everyone remembers. 

We’re just getting started folks…………this is far from a completed strategy.  But we’re only about four years into it.  Another four years will yield even more results not in their favor and bitching about it like this news is “new” won’t take away the blunt edge of reality. 

Rich Hoffman