Harvey Weinstein’s Stupid Anti-NRA Film: Why ‘Expendables 3’ will destroy Meryl Streep

When Harvey Weinstein promised to make a movie with Meryl Streep going after the National Rifle Association, he declared war against middle America. His statements were a simple declaration that many already knew—that Hollywood is teeming with parasitic liberals hell-bent on a destructive progressive agenda.  For such a prominent producer and actress to make such a bold statement is to declare their alliance with collectivism and the breath of evil which has blown it along through the ages.  So I look forward to Meryl’s anti-gun movie—because I’ll make a bet with the liberal Hollywood elite—I bet as of January 2014 that the Sylvester Stallone film Expendables 3 will out gross Streep’s anti-NRA film by over $700 dollars per screen in every market outside of New York and Los Angeles.  I will also bet that Stallone’s film will top $300 million at the box office while Streep will be lucky to break $100 million. So go ahead Harvey—make your silly NRA movie and watch all the people who will go see Expendables 3 instead.  The bottom line in the movie world is that middle America decides if films are hits or successes—and in that region—they love their guns and they hate big government.  Expendables 3 will do more for the sale of guns than Weinstein’s picture will do against them—and the liberal Hollywood machine will be left scratching their heads.  Their premier actress Meryl Streep will be out grossed by a bunch of retired action stars from the 1980s—and they’ll do it spectacularly.  Critics will pan the film with negative reviews, entertainment web-sites and television broadcasts will declare the Expendables 3 has bad production values and glorifies guns and killing—but it won’t matter.  Expendables 3 will top $300 million at the box office when it hits theaters this upcoming August—place your bets now.  And Harvey’s film will barely make its money back from the production costs.


My son-in-law had been raving about how good Expendables 2 was, and even as he was declaring it—I had my doubts.  I enjoyed the first one, but certainly didn’t go out of my way to see the second one at theaters.  Growing up in the 80s I sort of take it for granted that movies like the Expendable films get made—as they used to come out every couple of months in America during the Reagan presidency.  I truly enjoyed seeing all those great action stars again in Jason Stratham, Jet Li, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all in the same movie kicking absolute ass during the entire duration of the plot.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as a film like 2013’s Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 or The Hobbit.  But he did convince me recently to watch the movie with him and I’m glad he did.

Expendables 2 was wonderfully testosterone filled without apology.  It was uncompromisingly manly—and for that I was grateful.  I have not laughed so hard genuinely in a long time as I did when Arnold Schwarzenegger ripped the door off a Smart Car that Bruce Willis was driving and declared that he has shoes bigger than the car—all while mowing down bad guys with machine guns.  It was a wonderfully fun movie and it was just pleasurable to see a movie with all those actors known for their tough guy rolls in the same movie.  It was a movie made for the core of America from the rural areas of Pennsylvania to the recluse mobile home dwellers in the Nevada Mountains.  Santa Monica, California might look down their nose at all these old action stars mindlessly killing thousands of people centering around a ridiculous mercenary plot—and New York career climbers would find all the activity repulsive—but everyone else in America loves it.  Expendables 2 is an American movie made for American men.  End of story.  It is a film meant to be watched by men while the women cook in the kitchen during Holiday events gossiping about other family members who aren’t present.  In such times men have very little to do—they usually watch football as grown men run into each other as hard as they can, or they watch movies like Expendables 2.  It is a fun movie that is not afraid to touch the heart of a testosterone driven entity.  Women might complain about that testosterone when its inconvenient to them—but in the bedroom they want it.  Expendables 2 is likely to improve the love lives of many women, so they shouldn’t complain.

As for Harvey Weinstein he’s built his career producing movies that exploit violence and guns—films like Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Grindhouse, Sin City, the Kill Bill movies, Rambo, Django Unchained along with many others.  He also has made several sexually exploitive films.  He had Madonna show her bare breasts in the 1991 film Truth or Dare, and had Nichole Kidman very; very naked in Cold Mountain, which likely ruined her career.  Once people saw her in such a nude fashion in that movie after the film Eyes Wide Shut,there was nothing left to desire in Nichole.  Everyone had seen everything and Nichole was officially old news after that.  Here is Harvey’s film resume:

Executive producer


Because of his Academy Awards he falsely believes that he’s a “serious” filmmaker.  But what he’s done is use action films exploiting massive amounts of violence—some of the most violent movies ever made—and turned those profits into progressive agenda films—like Silver Linings Playbook, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Chicago.  He is the opposite of someone like Walt Disney who took his profits from animated films to crusade for traditional values. Harvey exploited violence, sex, and over-the-top action to fund progressive films—which never make much money. So now, Harvey thinks he’s the king of Hollywood and that he can command Meryl Streep to make a film that will sink the NRA.  Well, good luck, Harvey.  Your Hollywood friends might like a film like that—but while the women are gabbing in the kitchen during Holidays cooking dinner as they are prone to do—the men won’t be popping in a DVD of your upcoming stupid anti-NRA film.  They’ll put in Expendables 2, and in the future Expendables 3, and if Stallone gets his way, Clint Eastwood will be in Expendables 4 taking the director’s chair and appearing in the film.  I’d pay damn good money to watch Clint Eastwood as an 86-year-old man blasting bad guys with a .500 magnum over one of Harvey’s pictures like Zack and Miri.

So have at it Harvey—take my bet.  Your movie with Meryl Streep will be grossly out performed by Expendables 3 which will add to the cast mentioned above Harrison Ford, Antonia Banderias, and Mel Gibson.  In addition, ten years from now where men have the option to watch all the Expendables movies or the latest anti-gun film from the Weinstein Company what do you think they’ll pick. Even with all of Hollywood’s efforts to make women “equal” or enlightened, they’ll still be in the kitchen cooking dinners for their men and talking about those men’s mothers—and the men will be looking for violent entertainment that features guns—guns, and more GUNS!  And there isn’t a damn thing anybody can do about it. It’s the way God made all of us, and that is the way it will always be even 2000 years from now long after progressivism has fallen off the radar as a failure in social engineering long forgotten—like all of Harvey’s non-violent progressive films—such as Chicago and his upcoming film with Meryl Streep dead before it is ever made.