What’s Wrong With America: Matt Clark covers Walt Disney as Abigail Disney seeks relevancy

Matt Clark had spent the last week in Disney World running in a yearly marathon event he has made a ritual of embarking on.  During his trip he sent me a nice picture taken under the Liberty Tree which permeated the glum of the winter blues with reminders of the southern family haven of Disney’s vast empire I love so much.  Matt shares this love with me and he wanted to pay tribute with a visit to the Liberty Tree at Liberty Square, a place that Walt Disney wanted to ensure that America would never forget.  Once Matt arrived home, he did a radio show on WAAM with his Disney trip still fresh on his mind and opened up the phone lines.  He asked a simple question, would Walt Disney be able to amass such a large media empire in modern America—with only a high school education, and a federal government that wants to be in the pocket of every business in America.  Matt opened up the phone lines, and this is what happened.  Have a listen.

My answer to Matt’s question is that Disney could not exist today.  In fact he is currently under attack as Meryl Streep displayed just last week.  In a previous time of common sense, Disney made comments about women stating, “women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that task is performed entirely by young men.”  That was the quote Streep uttered which was then backed a few days later by Disney’s grand niece Abigail Disney—who is the granddaughter of Walt’s brother Roy.  Uncle Walt could not exist today as he would be picked apart by progressive ideology which would have encumbered his imagination needlessly, and prevented him from doing what he did in bringing to the world a ray of light with the Disney media empire which we all enjoy from ESPN to the Disney Channel.


Abigail’s comments would be similar to the daughter of one of my nieces criticizing the things I wrote here on Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom 70 years from now—the context would be evaporated by a watered down family member who is the kid of a kid of a brother who lacked Walt’s abilities and secretly has resented it their entire life.  Abigail said on the heels of Meryl Streep’s comments:

“And if you are going to have mixed feelings about a family member (and we all do) take it from me, you really need to be as honest as possible about those feelings, or else you are going to lead yourself into many a blind alley in life!! … Anti-Semite? Check. Misogynist? OF COURSE!! Racist? C’mon he made a film (Jungle Book) about how you should stay ‘with your own kind’ at the height of the fight over segregation! As if the ‘King of the Jungle’ number wasn’t proof enough!! How much more information do you need? But damn, he was hella good at making films and his work has made billions of people happy. There’s no denying it. So there ya go. Mixed feelings up the wazoo.”

Abigail posted again 10 hours later: “I feel I have to clarify. I LOVED what Meryl Streep said. I know he was a man of his times and I can forgive him, but Saving Mr Banks was a brazen attempt by the company to make a saint out of the man. A devil he was not. Nor an angel.

To defend Walt Disney if I had the chance to speak with him back then when he made those statements about women in his animation department in the context of his times I would say that he was concerned about bringing women into a room full of animators who were expected to draw pictures all day.  When men and women are brought together in the same time and same place—they tend to attempt to engage in sexual relationships which distract from the work a person like Disney was performing.  Considering that nobody has come along like Disney then or since, his formula should be studied not rejected.

Progressives do not have a way to deal with this intermixing problem of men and women working together.  Their solution is to advocate gay rights so that they can bring the same tensions to male to male relationships and take the light off the fact that women still tend to sleep their way to the top, and provide temptations to slack jawed men—and Disney wanted to avoid that kind of thing.  Of course men and women have learned to work things out over time, companies like Lucasfilm, Weta, and Pixar come to mind as similar companies that do the same kind of work that Disney did which still gets done when men and women work together in close proximity.  But at the time, in the 1940s when labor unions were trying to destroy Walt Disney, and women were demanding “equal” rights which threatened to bring sexual drama to his skilled animators—the emergence of all these progressive concepts were threatening to destroy what he spent his life building.

Now many years later man haters like Meryl Streep and Abigail Disney corrupted by progressive propaganda wish to paint Walt in the light of the modern progressive times—which is actually quite screwed up.  Disney wouldn’t get media, Disney wouldn’t get financing, and Disney would find himself always in court defending himself—and he wouldn’t have the time or energy to conduct the kind of projects he embarked on.   He barely was able to do what he did in the context of his times……………he would surely be destroyed before he ever got started today………….so the answer to Matt’s question is that no, Disney could not do today what he did during his time.  There would be no Disney World, there would have been no Zorro television show, no Davey Crockett, no Disney Channel there’d be nothing but a film maker who made a few cartoons that would be immediately panned by critics and disposed directly to Red Box to die a quick death on the rental market in direct competition with pornography.

But here is the real reason for the increase in attacks against Walt Disney, especially lately after the release of Saving Mr. Banks.  You see, nothing is by accident and rival studios run by liberal labor unions see the writing on the wall—and everyone knows how Walt felt about labor unions—he didn’t like them.  But you won’t hear those quotes from Meryl and Abigail—only the things that can be distorted to suit the modern progressive agenda.  Disney in the next four years is poised to explode with their mythic relevancy.  With the acquisition of Star Wars that alone will drive the company toward economic growth that will exceed all the other production companies in Hollywood combined.  Yet in addition to that, they also have Marvel comics as well as Pixar leaving the Disney Company in prime shape to bring in new revenue streams combating the escalating production costs of making motion pictures—which is destroying the other studios and drying up  work on Wilshire Blvd.  I have said it many times; Star Wars is going to ignite a revolution of creative thought across the entire world.  I remember what it was like in the 70s under the independent hand of George Lucas—who designed his companies after Walt Disney.  The Disney Company has even more power and ability to expand that mythology to a society that is lacking social and intellectual value and are hungry for it.  In just a few short years it will be impossible to go anywhere and not see something of Star Wars from action figures to party napkins.  The merchandising alone will rock the coffers at the Disney Company to levels never seen before with an entertainment company.  Disney will of course do what they always do, they’ll take that money and produce good family films like Frozen, The Little Mermaid, The Lone Ranger, and Saving Mr Banks—good traditional family productions that will drive progressives out of their minds with anxiety—because they desire to crush traditional America.  Disney was committed to preserving it, and Star Wars will give the company the financial leverage to do more of it.

Family members would say the same things about me as Abigail did of Uncle Walt for much the same reasons—because their frame of reference is skewed by the progressive times by progressive concepts that have infected their belief systems.  The value of the statements about Walt come from the faulty beliefs of the advocates.  Meryl Streep would be nothing if she did not brown nose producers in the early days of her career to get film roles.  She is entirely dependent on other people to give her work.  When those people line up the financing, direct the make-up people, lighting and camera guys, and hire writers to make a movie they hire Meryl to stand in front of the camera and do what they tell her to do.  As much of a liberated woman as she wishes to pretend she is, she still does what people tell her to do.  If they tell her to kiss somebody, she does.  She learns the lines that other people write for her, acts the way other people tell her to.  If they say to take off her top off she does or pose seductively with another actress, she does.  Check out this for the proof where Meryl did a lesbian love scene with Penelope Cruz for Harper’s Bazaar.  How is Meryl Streep a free—independent woman?


Who would pay any attention to what Abigail Disney put on her Facebook account if her last name wasn’t “Disney.”  And who gave her that value……….Uncle Walt who built something in America that Meryl and all her other Hollywood friends couldn’t even conceive of.   They have attempted to copy off Walt, but when they failed, they have slandered his name.  Without Walt Disney her grandfather Roy and everyone that came after—including her—would have just been average man-hating progressives spiteful about the world and everything in it.

There may come a time in the future where a persona like Walt Disney could once again do what he did to make the Disney Company one of the best organizations in the world.  But not in this time and this place—not in the days where Barack Obama is president and a criminal like Hillary Clinton is a front runner for the office in 2016.  These are dark times—far removed from the hopeful days of Walt Disney and the kind of stories he wanted to tell hoping to save mankind from itself all in the glory of entertainment with some value added.  They don’t teach the kind of genius that Walt Disney had in school, and that drives progressives even crazier—because they don’t understand how someone like Disney could have ever been so brilliant.  So they do the only thing they know how to do—they tear the guy down behind his back using bra burning feminists to advocate the smear hoping that they can destroy the Disney Company before the next wave of box office profits threatens to put them all out of business.  And that is what is behind Meryl Streep’s comments which led to Abigail’s slander of her treasured family member.

The ultimate answer to Matt’s question, could Walt Disney exist today…………….the answer is NO!  Walt Disney is attacked for the same reason that Chick-fil-A is, because he made a quality product with values and set a bar too high for everyone else to compete with.  These days, what matters to most everyone is to set the bar of competition so low that anybody can win—and Disney simply made that bar too high, and he did it partially by recognizing that his animators needed to concentrate on their jobs instead of looking for a lunch date.

Rich Hoffman