The Fur Coats of Marcella Sills: Second handed progressives and their policies of stolen value

New York City is a utopian dream.  That is the point Doc Thompson and Skip LeCombe were making on The Blaze Radio Network.  New York is the safe haven of progressives; it is the result of their policies, philosophies and influence.  New York is the result of progressive authority so if it were so great—it should be “perfect.”  Yet the reality of the situation is far from it, New York has some real trouble and the fault is squarely on the shoulders of progressives.  This has never been more obvious than in the public education industry—and specifically a school in New York City.  Public School 106 in Rockaway, New York is one of the most poorly run schools in the United States and is the embodiment of what happens when progressives are able to make the world into their image.  It is run by Marcella Sills, a 48-year-old club hopping socialite who spends more time in her fur coat and BMW than she does on her job which she seldom even shows up for.  When she does come to work it is past 11 AM.  The classrooms are infested with vermin and the smell of urine, there are few substitute teachers, and the kids frequently watch movies all day instead of learning anything—while Marcella Sills makes $128,207 off the American taxpayer.  Listen to Doc and Skip address this very serious issue on their very popular Blaze Radio Network show on every day from 6 AM to 9 AM all over the world.

Thus, public schools to some degree or another are the net result of progressive policy and the faults now being seen so grotesquely in our modern society is directly their fault.  They own the poor performance, they own the treachery of the teacher unions, the sexual molestation of students, the bullying, the sheer stupidity, the apathy, the broken budgets—progressives own all the troubles because they created them first hand.

Of course as a middle-ager I have been in many personal circumstances where I have had success with something, then others trained in progressive concepts has attempted to loot off my efforts and then sign their name to my success.  My standard policy is the moment this happens I put down my work and let the looters choke on their own bad decisions.  I do not allow them to loot off my efforts so that they can appear to know what they are doing.  I do not support “group” circle jerk endeavors where progressive concepts are allowed to sap the strength of my ideas.  The moment I see it, I remove my influence and let the parasites choke on their own bad policy and stupidity.  I do not let them use me as a shield from reality.  I step aside and let them feel the full impact of their poor decisions.  To do anything else would be to allow a deception.  The same holds true for large organizations like public schools.  To allow public education to hide behind the good efforts of a football player who is exceptional and earning scholarships all over America, or the parents who truly love their children and want what’s best for them—public schools often hide behind such exceptions and sign their name to their success as a collective enterprise.  They say often—“we produced the star athlete,” or the child who achieved honors for academic aptitude. The individual efforts of the athlete or the loving parents are almost always ignored in favor of collective salvation.

However in New York, the haven of progressivism, there aren’t many people of quality to sap off of so progressives are left unshielded from reality.  Most  of the good people have left and moved to more conservative areas of the country leaving only losers, malcontents and progressives to run the entire endeavor—and the evidence of their work is eye-popping obvious.  Marcella Sills might as well be Michelle Obama, or Hillary Clinton—they are all progressives who are nothing but leeches off of society.  If they look good in their nice clothes are fancy cars it is not because of their skills, their personal aptitude, but because they have benefited from taking from others and reaping the fruits personally.

Much was made of Michelle Obama’s recent 50th birthday and how good she looked.  The American media addicted to European royalty wanted to make her into something she’s not—a goddess of progressive ideals—but all she is–is a simple thief.  Neither of the Obamas currently in The White House could be plopped down in a business situation and make it profitable.  Neither has the skill to assess human potential or find a profit margin in a task that only exists in a mind and that makes them functionally worthless.  So they become members of government so that they can earn through the IRS the ability to steal worth from people who create it and provide the illusion that they are people of success too.

When Marcella Sills arrives late almost every morning to her rat infested school in her fur coat and night club clothing fueled by her six figure salary she is stating to the world that she is a success.  She is so successful that she can come and go as she pleases in her BMW.  But she is nothing but a looter—only at Public School 106 in Rockaway, New York there is nobody to steal value from.  The teachers, the students, the parents, the politicians are either all progressive, heavily government dependent, or being taught to be—so there is nobody of any value to steal from leaving Marcella grossly exposed as a fraud.

For more times than I can count I have been asked by people who think they are superior to me—socially, politically, financially, or even intellectually—how do you know how to judge the talent of people, how do you know how to recruit, how do you know how to see something that does not exist yet so clearly.  I am often good about these kinds of encounters and often try to teach people so that they can do for themselves.  Sadly, often this is not what is going on.  The interrogators are simply wanting to steal my recipe so that they can put their name on my concepts.  Of course they are willing to share the credit with me until they can politically push me aside later—or so they believe.  But I never allow it, and their failures are predictably on par every single time.  I can almost name the date on a calendar when they will fail if I take away my input—and deep down inside they know it.

That is when the word “team” comes out of their mouths—“it’s good for the team, the organization as a whole—if you tell me how you did this—or that.”  But it never is—its only good for them so that they can steal value and hide their incompetency behind it.   From my vantage point, it is best for an organization to understand where they are failing and to expose the problem areas by preventing the looting of value from others.  In this way an organization can have success by spotting the personnel that is robbing its strength.  Public schools have no such dynamic—so they perpetually must rob money from the tax payer to inject their institutions with value that they do not have—and can never get.

Marcella Sills, or Michelle Obama cannot make value where it doesn’t exist.  Just because they have a fur coat paid for by tax payers, or their own private airplane to fly around the world—they are simply second handers—people who cannot live without the aid of others to help them.  Their lives are second handed and totally reliant on some primary to initiate everything.  All they are able to do is loot off the existence of those who create.  In New York’s public schools where such value is lacking—the buildings and social structure are failing miserably—because there aren’t enough people of value to steal from leaving Public School 106 in Rockaway, New York a dump vacant of a mind or caring soul to save it from people like Marcella Sills.

It is time for everyone else to do what I have suggested and that is to remove their value from such institutions and allow those collective organizations to choke on their own failure.  The best thing for children is to see the contrasts clearly between those who have value and those who do not.  To allow a lie to continue is to allow a system that is corrupt by progressive influence to loot off the efforts of the good—which doesn’t teach children anything but how to grow up and become looters themselves.  It’s not always so easy to see in places like Lakota, or Beverly Hills where people of value and wealth live—but behind the scenes running all these places are incompetent fools like Marcella Sills.  The only real difference is that Sills is running a school where the entire population is progressive, where other places that are wealthy have a portion of the population that can be stolen from in value propping up everyone else.  The behavior is the same—and so are the results.

Rich Hoffman