Meryl Streep and the Poop Particles of Doom: The progressive attack against sanity

After listening to Meryl Streep attack Walt Disney while honoring Emma Thompson’s rabid feminism, it does not surprise me that many men these days seem to prefer the stinky exit of the human body’s digestive system as opposed to a heterosexual relationship with these modern “man hating females.”  But I am not one of those guys.  Even the vilest feminist is a better option in my book.  As progressives would label such a position “homophobic” I would call it sanity, clarity in thinking, and the best option available.  Some people have phobias of spiders, some of snakes, some of heights—mine has and always will be that of the poop particle.  I have one real fear out all possible fears and that is of the remnants of material left over after the digestive process.  I have never liked seeing cow patties on my grandfather’s farms, I hate watching dogs defecate—and worse yet—eat it—and I have absolutely no desire to ever pursue an orifice that creates such matter in pursuit of sexual pleasure.  With that hatred of poop particles in mind, this educational film from the late 1950s reflects my impression of the “homosexual.”

The same people who have communicated this same-sex type of lifestyle are the same people talked about in my article yesterday attacking monogamous marriage.  They have an agenda and from my vantage point it is destructive—and disgusting.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  It’s not that I want to return America to the 1950s.  For me, that period of time was too liberal.  I’d prefer 1750 to about 1790 myself, but that’s just me.  In that video shown above, I wouldn’t even tell a kid to inform a teacher—as the parent is the last and only line of defense that matters in a child’s life.  But in the video at least the film makers addressed the kind of threats that might come to a child so they could learn to defend themselves from the vile acts of adults who are clearly screwed up in the head.

We live in a society where declaring that sex which involves fecal matter is healthy, proper, and naturally good.  If anyone disagrees they are called a “homophobe.”  This behavior has paved the way for the child raped by his teacher in Michigan.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  Likely, that teacher wouldn’t have even been a teacher in the type of society ran by those who made the homosexual video above, as that society would have spotted his antics in the light of day.  As things are today, nobody is comfortable calling out any kind of homosexual behavior that might lead to abusing children, because they don’t want to be attacked by progressives calling them “homophobes.”  In 2014 that is nearly as bad as being called a “sexist.”  If you don’t support feminism, you are a “sexist.”  If you don’t support poop particle sex, you are “homophobic.”  Both carry a social stigma created by a progressive establishment and those types are directly at fault for creating scenarios where teachers like the one in Michigan have the ability to destroy the lives of his students.  The fault is squarely on their shoulders.

As much as progressives hate the naivety of the 1950s and all the times that came before it where tradition and family value paved the way for strong healthy lives—the world they have created is far, far worse.  Can anybody in their right mind declare that feminism has worked?  Can anybody declare that the Michigan teacher was not mentally insane because of his sexual prerogative?  Can anybody think that Meryl Streep would be a fun date?  Progressives have created these problems, and they suppress a value judgment against them by calling sane people names for trying to identify the problem.  At least there was a time in America where bad behavior was identified and a warning to future conduct was attempted.  It may have been fear based, it may not have encompassed the entire enormity of the homosexual complexity—but at least a social norm identified for the benefit of a majority of the population was considered.  At least children were getting a warning of what to look out for among perverted adults.  Back in the “old fashioned” days, such people hid their behavior.  Today they run labor unions and make decisions right out in the open.

The way society is today people who might otherwise warn children away from parasites like that Michigan teacher keep their mouths shut because they don’t want to be called a “homophobe.”  But is that such a bad name?  Is it really a negative to be told that a person doesn’t enjoy poop particle sex?  It isn’t to me.  It states that my mind is not confused into behaving like a dog but would prefer even a feminist over a homosexual.  I may feel sorry for the person attracted to such things, but that doesn’t make them superior to the biological structure that was bestowed on mankind for the sake of mating rituals and human evolution.  The warnings of the 40s, 50s, and very early 60s were valid even if they were rooted with fear and religion into conforming society around a set of values that were being recognizably lost.

As despicable as Meryl Streep’s political views of men hatred are, she would still be a better dinner date than the eventual peril of the poop particles in a man’s hairy ass.  That to me is the gauge of sanity in our modern time where such judgments are forbidden to even be discussed, let alone dealt with.  In my family we have a couple of dogs and I watch often in horror when one sniffs at the other after urinating, or defecating and becomes quite excited about the occasion jumping around as though they just found out they won a million dollars.  We also have a cat, and sometimes that animal will puke right in the middle of the floor and the dog will come and lick it all up clean. This behavior is disgusting by every measure of human value judgment—except the homosexual leaning beings.  For them, this behavior has appeal, and from my point of view—is reminiscent of an illness of some kind.  Such illnesses could be treated if they were identified, but instead they are promoted.  That lack of proper danger recognition is what lead to the kind of rape case that happened in Michigan between a union president—teacher, and his student.  In a society that called such behavior bad, the rape and abuse likely would have been averted.

We’ve all been told that we need to be open to other ways of thinking and embrace the “progressive” view of the world which states that feminism is more important than traditional value, and that same-sex practices are equal to traditional heterosexual practices.  But they are not.  One involves poop particles and the other doesn’t, and poop particles are not good, healthy, or delightful……..unless one considers themselves a dog.  And that would be an insult—and nobody wants such a thing leveled in their direction.  So what do we call such people?  For all the faults pointed out by progressives toward films like the training film against homosexuality in the 50s, nothing has been offered as a modification or replacement to the attempt to at least identify bad behavior that might truly endanger children.  Instead, we are told to look the other way and ignore the faults that progressives have brought to us all in pain, suffering and misery.  And not even the fine acting of Meryl Streep can disguise her cover of a truly disgusting premise behind the progressive platform—that of the poop particle and the terrible expulsion of human waste that propagates from such unions in a sexual ritual centered purely on pleasure like a mindless animal—instead of the continuation of the human race.  At least in the 50s they considered the impact that such behavior would have on children.  The modern progressive does not—instead they seek to use children for their own pleasure and attempt to excuse the behavior as a “learning” experience that will pave the way to adult behavior that will never be able to relate to traditional value—which was always the real goal of their maniacal strategy.

I will give credit to the gay community and the progressive in general for one aspect of their strategy which is brilliant–the use of Meryl Streep as a growing advocate of feminism, erosion of Second Amendment rights, and general liberal causes.  Many men who do not find such revulsion toward fecal matter as I do are choosing the gay life than a life shared with a feminist man-hating radical which substantially bolsters their numbers. The way to make more people turn toward homosexual behavior among men is to provide them with Meryl Streep as a spokesman for feminist causes…….brilliant.

Rich Hoffman