Leia Display Systems: The future of science fact inspired by fiction

The reason I provide so many comparison articles about the influence of Star Wars on our modern society is because it is unique in the history of the world.  As much as many would assume that it was just a series of movies made years ago and will fade away in popularity in the years to come are grossly mistaken.  Star Wars in the future will have more influence on philosophy, science, art, history, politics, religion and virtually every aspect of culture than ANY other influence from the 20th Century.  If books like the Communist Manifesto had the ability to change the world with massive collectivism and wealth redistribution sentiments, Star Wars will dwarf that small little book in its ability to reach the hearts and minds of virtually every corner of the globe.  This was never truer than the present age where a new company in Poland has invented a holographic projection system that will revolutionize all forms of communication in the next decade.  It is the new hot thing and will soon make iPads and iPhones look clunky and archaic.  It is very difficult to understand how many astronauts, how many NASA scientists, how many bio tech engineers, physicist, and computer programmers journeyed to those fields because of Star Wars.  But it is quickly becoming apparent in vehicle design, political trends, and social patterns where their influence has come from.  As of this writing the first Star Wars film came out 37 years ago, and now that the kids from that age are in their 40s–the impact of their imaginations stirred in those stories has become obvious.  This has never been truer than the new company called Leia Display Systems created because the Polish entrepreneurs wanted to recreate the holographic message Princess Leia gave to Obi Wan Kenobi in the first film A New Hope.  With that basic premise in mind they worked out the problems of implementation while at European night clubs and the rest is………….the future.

The new way of advertising

Small screen – infinite possibilities

Screen dimensions are 65cm x 65cm. Very thin projection surface (about 6mm) makes possible to project hi definition pictures. Now the only border is YOUR imagination!

Perfect for promotion, premieres, introductions and any applications when you want to draw attention and astonish your guests.

The whole new experience

Clear image on giant screen

3m x 2,5m screen is a perfect solution for event marketing, stage, fashion shows, trade shows etc. You can put your hand through it or walk through it and the screen goes back to its previous form immediately. Interactive kit allows translating it into a giant multi-touch screen or other solution based on people movement.

Leia Display System

Technology for tomorrow

LDS are the devices that allows to display images in mid-air. This unique technology makes possible to walk through the image, touch it or interact with it. Streams of bearly visible fog becomes an image carier and their laminar structure allows to display hi resolution contents. Our patented way to produce laminar airflow for very long distance from the output makes Leia Display the most steady midair screen on the market.


When the 1989 film Back to the Future II came out showing Hill Valley in the far away year of 2015, there were holographic images everywhere advertising products and communicating ideas.  Well, it’s now 2014, and with the Leia Display System our society is nearly on target for these kind of video interaction services.  The units seen above should be available to the mass population in approximately five years from now, but without question they will begin to show up at trade shows within the next few years.  This upcoming technology is so powerful that it will change how everything is done by way of communication.  Suddenly public venues such as sports stadiums, night clubs, shopping complexes, even movie theaters will utilize these powerful devices to bring graphic images from the two-dimensional world to the 3D world.

Just ten years ago such cutting edge entrepreneurs would grudgingly admit that they got their ideas from a movie like Star Wars.  But in this day and age where one of the most popular television shows is Big Bang Theory where geeks are the new “jocks” of society, it is now cool to make such announcements.  These guys after all named a cutting edge company that will revolutionize communication after Princess Leia.  So what we are talking about is a whole new way of looking at virtually everything that centers around human activity inspired by the limitless world created by a film series that has only become more popular as time has moved on—not less.

Just this past weekend the popular discovery show Myth Busters did a special on Star Wars and the cast had obvious fun with the topic with open—outright geeky joy.  The important thing to conclude from these activities is the way that science fact is being driven by science fiction—where an idea is communicated through a story and the minds of society seek to manifest that idea into reality.  With Star Wars this has already been a powerful force in our culture but it’s not one from the past only, but will continue well into the future.  In the case of Leia Display Systems the televisions and telephones of tomorrow will be directly influenced by a fantasy science fiction film series which will catapult to even more popularity now that Disney is the force behind the movement.  Without question these Leia Display Systems will find their way into the Disney Parks.

For me personally this new invention of Leia Display Systems means that I can have a Dejarik table within my lifetime.  Dejarik is the chess game of the Star Wars universe.  Dejarik was a popular game which withstood the test of time better than nearly any other game in that fictional galaxy. It originated as a Jedi game, though as it became much more widespread over time, many beings became unaware of its origins.

Dejarik was played on a hologame table, which comprised a hologram generator within a table-sized cylindrical base, with a black-and-white checkerboard pattern on the top surface. When active, holomonsters – full-color, three-dimensional hologram playing pieces measuring between 5-30 cm tall – would be projected on the board. The pieces all resembled creatures, real and mythic, from throughout the galaxy, including the Mantellian Savrip, Grimtaash the Molator, Ghhhk, Houjix, Ng’ok, Kintan strider, K’lor’slug, and the M’onnok. These pieces, when moved by the player, actually acted out the moves as if really specimens of their species. If the pieces were not used for a certain amount of time or the game was abandoned by both players, they would simulate boredom.


It is only a matter of time before this game played only in the fantastic world of Star Wars will be played in homes the way Chess is played today.  It will be just one aspect of a future shaped by Star Wars influence.  It is important to understand why and how these influences do the work of molding society—and is why I’m so interested in Star Wars.  On one hand education institutions have thought that they were shaping society with a huge influence of government pulling the strings—but in reality Star Wars as a work of art has had a momentous impact that is just now being realized.  Much of the future technical innovation coming our way as a species will find the origin of their ideas in a darkened theater where Star Wars planted the seed.

One of those first very obvious seeds is the new holographic system by Leia Display Systems.  The future is here and it’s relatively on schedule.  In the past, many from the previous generation kept these kinds of technical innovations from being proposed to secure their own archaic ideas concocted from usually impure motivations.  Colliding with the compactness of modern computing power and a generation raised on Star Wars, exciting new inventions are about to explode upon the marketplace.  It was only about 7 years ago when I was seeking out the kind of compact cameras that were the size of a pin head for use in spy techniques.  Such things cost $300 to $1000 dollars at The Spy Store back then.  Now they are in the front and back of a paper-thin iPad for virtually no cost.  Star Wars is specifically a creation of American cinema, but its reach is world-wide.  In the case of Leia Display Systems, they are a European company.  Star Wars is popular in virtually every country in the world and has touched minds in those far-flung regions that only a functionally healthy mythology can perform.  And those benefits are just now beginning to come to us in the form of political discourse, technology, and philosophy that is unique to this period of time in history.  The fledgling bud from a deeply planted seed that will soon grow into a new way of thinking where once before only dark, archaic thoughts once prevailed has arrived with the very exciting new developments at Leia Display Systems.

Rich Hoffman