The American Terrorists: Why Michelle Obama split up her husband and the Dutch prime minister

The really hilarious thing about progressives is their duality nature—their living lie with every breath that they take because their actions defy their philosophic positions.  Nothing more exacerbates that lie than the progressive excuses given for Barack Obama’s behavior with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt snapping selfies of themselves at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service with obvious flirtations.  That in itself didn’t surprise me, after all aren’t these confused progressive types the very people dressing in drag at gay bars, attending Fantasy Fest in Key West, or flying to Cancun to spend long weekends at the Temptations Resort.  Obama as a progressive and defender of the LGBT community obviously endorses strange deviant sexual behavior and swinging is part of that culture.  Obviously the Clintons are swingers—so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Michelle and Barack Obama support such relationships.

But it quickly became clear that Michelle isn’t into that kind of thing because she was angry about the behavior of her husband—so angry that she made him switch seats with her—which I thought was the biggest part of the story.  But the behavior was only picked up on by a few remote conservative outlets.  Most everyone else saw that Michelle was upset and assumed that it was just a normal issue of a wife reigning in a flirtatious husband from sexual activity that would flourish without her edit.  But what is more telling is the fact that Obama’s infatuation with women who look like Helle Thorning-Schmidt should be obvious.  Most young men pick wives who are most like their mothers—it’s a natural reaction to the development of their psyches.  Helle Thorning-Schmidt in her mannerisms, in her presentation of herself, and in her skin color more resembles Obama’s mother than Michelle does.  Deep insecurities about Obama’s past seem to have come out which would threaten Michelle’s current life, and she felt she needed to interject herself for her own self-preservation.  It is this that the American people need to know about the situation which really hasn’t been discussed properly.  Obviously what is about to be reported here could only be confirmed by Michelle Obama—but since her family, and her supporters are well-known to denying facts, lying, and behaving in an underhanded manner, then good old-fashioned detective work will have to do.  The Obama family won’t be able to dispute any of these things, because if they could—honestly—they would.  But they can’t.  Silence is the testimony of the guilty.

Michelle was, according to Bill Ayers himself, working with his wife the Weather Underground Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn at the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin a year ahead of Obama joining.  The four got together for mutual benefit, the terrorists seeing in Obama a Trojan Horse into politics that could do what their bomb from the 70s couldn’t—destroy the evil imperial America from within.  In 1995 Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn launched Obama’s political career from their living room once the socialist-oriented New Party member Alice Palmer announced that she wanted Obama as her successor in the state senate when she stepped down to run for Congress.

Obama has had some inconsistencies about his recollection of how he and Michelle met—but what is known was that they met at the law firm and it is of no coincidence that Dohrn and Ayers helped shape the relationship by pointing the two in the same political direction.  Michelle wouldn’t be the first woman under the advice of a wiser older woman in Dohrn to grab hold of an upcoming star and ride it as far as it would take her.  The trouble with Barack Obama was that his mother was a white woman, and a rather loosy-goosy one at that who loved interracial sex and had communist leanings formed by her own parents.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION—WARNING, THIS LINK LEADS TO NUDE PICTURES OF OBAMA’S MOTHER ALLEGEDLY TAKEN BY THE COMMUNIST FRANK MARSHELL DAVIS.  So if Michelle was going to make a relationship work with Obama, she needed to make sure she kept the kind of women who Obama was naturally attracted to out of his life as much as possible.

At this point in his life Obama had already had several white girlfriends—which as a young man from an interracial union, was his prerogative.  Michelle would have to change that by becoming the mother in his life—rather than his lover.  Obama, understanding that he needed that kind of balance in his life to achieve any level of success yielded to it knowingly—and put his white skinned girlfriends of the past well behind him without looking back.

When Genevieve Cook first met Barack Obama in the kitchen of a mutual friend’s New York flat in 1983, he was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a dark leather jacket.  As the night wore on, they sat close together on an orange beanbag in the hall while Cook swigged Baileys Irish Cream straight from the bottle.  They were amazed at how much they had in common: both were children of divorced parents, both had lived all over the world and had never felt truly at home anywhere.  They exchanged phone numbers. Within days, he was cooking her dinner at his apartment.  ‘Then we went and talked in his bedroom,’ Cook recalled. ‘And then I spent the night with him.  ‘It all felt very inevitable.’  For Genevieve Cook — to whom admittedly the President alludes to in his memoirs — she wasn’t the first white girlfriend in his life, nor the last.

As a young student in the early Eighties at Occidental College, a small arts university in Los Angeles, Obama developed a serious crush on another student Alexandra McNear, who was co-editor of a college literary magazine which published two of Obama’s poems.  She was a white woman and had a presence much like his anthropology loving mother.

But once Obama got serious about a political career and knowing he needed to appeal to the minority voters around Chicago and greater Illinois to do it, old flames like Genevieve Cook and Alexandra McNear wouldn’t be very acceptable to voters.  And if Obama was ever going to get high up in political office as he and Ayers planned, he’d need a nice traditional wife – like Michelle Obama to “darken” him up a bit and get people to forget about his past, his mother and connections to the Communist Party through Frank Marshell Davis.  Ayers knew Obama needed more of a Jessie Jackson type of progressive representation than the one he and his wife projected—and that was the ticket to possibly even The White House over a ten-year span.  Imperial America would never see it coming.  Jackson at the time was at the height of his power and was bringing companies to their knees with unfettered guilt from their unsubstantiated role in American slavery.  America couldn’t resist the communist underpinnings of Barack Obama or they’d be called a racist, but Obama needed Michelle to complete the public relations package.

Likely, Michelle knew from the beginning that this was her role in the whole affair.  Arranged marriages are not uncommon in the world and Obama wasn’t the worst option.  He was a genuine person who really believed things, so she could make it work.  But she’d have to keep him focused on the tasks at hand, and for the most part she has.  Unlike the Clintons the Obamas are fairly sexually conservative for progressives.  They are more about radical social reform than personal pleasure.

Fast forward nearly 20 years to Nelson Mandela’s memorial service where the Obamas found themselves seated next to a nearly mirror image of Barack’s mother, Helle Thorning-Schmidt—a woman from a very permissive Danish culture where sex scandals are not even reported.  In nearby France they are common and the topic of gossip.  But in Denmark a woman like Helle Thorning-Schmidt could have sex in the streets with a menagerie of baboons and nobody would even snap a picture.   Helle is the type of Prime Minster who in 2012 spotted Sex in the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker on the street and rushed up to introduce herself like a Catholic school girl just let out of the seminary attending her first boy band concert.  It wasn’t that Helle was more attractive than Barack’s mother, it was that she is as liberated—something that Michelle cannot compete with in the bedroom or anywhere.  So when Michelle saw her husband getting too loose with himself she pulled him together like she always does, and switched seats to make sure that the two world leaders didn’t get any ideas.  Helle not really meaning any harm in relation to her culture took the hint and pulled herself together as did Barack—who dutifully listened to his wife and swapped seats leaning forward in his chair and spending much of the rest of the time defensively crossing his arms protecting himself from the embarrassment of the world’s eyes which were now upon him.  It’s not like he intended anything malicious—it’s just the whole mother/son—husband/wife aspect of being in a relationship with an unnatural psychological mate—one that is foreign to him from his childhood years.

As much as Obama has had issues over where he’s born, how he grew up, who he knew in college, and where he actually attended, the real issues with the guy are the missing pieces from his past that he can never reconcile.  Being a dutiful socialist, Obama believes that the greater good of society is more important than his individual happiness, so he will sacrifice that so that he can have the power to redistribute the wealth of the world for the better, a plan hatched years ago under not so much cloak and dagger tactics in Bill Ayers’ living room.  But his yearnings are more for the kind of attention that a woman like Helle can provide not due to skin color—which is only reference, but mannerisms—a white woman willing to throw off the prejudice of society and sleep with a black man, and to pose nude for one of his only real father figures in Frank Marshell Davis.  The open shirt blowing carelessly in the wind from such a woman holds more lustful euphemisms than a stack of pornography books because it reminds him of his dead mother and the incomplete relationship he had with her as a single parent hopping hopefully all her life from man to man.

Michelle didn’t make her husband switch seats because the eyes of the world was watching and might think something ill of the flirtations.  That may have been the reason she presented it to Barack and Helle.  She primarily did it to protect her marriage, and all that she had invested into a life which would fulfill the terrorist yearnings of her mentor Bernadine Dohrn who with her husband actually bombed the Pentagon on May 19, 1972.  Ayers said of that day, “Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon.  The sky was blue.  The birds were singing.  And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.  Kill all the rich people.  Break up their cars and apartments.  Bring the revolution home; kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.”  This was Michelle’s friend who worked at her law firm feeding into her hatred of America which was revealed in her Princeton college thesis illuminating her deep feelings of a race-obsessed worldview and incredible resistance to being “further integrated into a white cultural and social structure that would only allow her to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant.”  Dohrn directed her anger and with her husband taught the Obamas how they beat the rap during the Pentagon bombing—how to deny, deny, lie, deny, and lie again for the greater good—for the fight for social justice.

Michelle listened to Bernadine Dohrn and bedded her future husband.  She became a first lady in the process and everything and more that was planned in that Bill Ayers living room.  The promises by his wife, her co-worker came true.  They now can spend millions of dollars of looted money from those oppressors she wrote about in her Princeton thesis and laugh about it as they carve up the nation in a way that their terrorist mentors never dreamed possible.  And as far as she has come, and the sacrifices she made along the way, nothing is going to get in the way—especially a pretty Danish Prime Minister and the flirtations of her husband with a mother figure that if she were not in his life would likely be the object of his obsession.

So she sat between them…………………………….

Read more of this terrorist past from a CBS report in 2008—before Obama was elected, and before Glenn Beck exposed many of these things later on.  The following report came before CBS became concerned that they’d be blacklisted in the press room if they didn’t play ball with a tyrannical regime lead by the Obamas and their crusade to remake America into the image of some Chicago terrorists and a mother who slept her way around the world.

Rich Hoffman