Mara Jade in Disney’s ‘Rebels’: Advice for Ted Stevenot

Yes John Kasich will be challenged for the Ohio governor seat, yes Obamacare will face many challenges in 2014, yes the Senate is up for grabs, yes there are major rifts in the Republican Party, and yes public education is guilty of training the mass of society into collectivism. However those are things that were set in motion many years ago—and were covered here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom pointing to this grand fortissimo of cultural events—but these are just the beginning notes of that movement and the next portion of that symphony will not come from politics but art.  Politics does not drive culture it reacts to it.  Art however does drive culture and when I cover artistic efforts with superior footing to political ones, this is the reason why.  Personally it is for this reason that I am so excited about the new Disney program coming up in the fall on their XD channel called Star Wars: Rebels.  Listen to the executive producer Simeon Kinsberg discuss his motivations for the show intended for children—but extremely relevant to adults.

As stated previously, mythology in the rock, paper, scissors game of world culture beats politics or popular fashion because it is the foundation of those beliefs.  In not just America, but throughout the world are an entire generation of disgruntled young people who have watched previous generations of adults rob them of their future with massive debt, wrecked health care, educational opportunities that have not manifested into profit, and a lifestyle less vigorous than that of their parents.  For them, and their children, the new Star Wars dynasty beginning with Rebels will permeate deep into their consciousness and my point of bringing it up is so that the kind of people who read here regularly can take note and act upon it.

There are two better than rumored female characters in the upcoming Rebels which will resound powerfully through the myths of our society which will carry well beyond common cartoon shows.  Ahsoka Tano will be back after her departure from the Clone Wars and perform her duties as a Rebel Pilot in the fledgling young Rebellion.  And more notable will be Mara Jade who will be a young girl serving as the Emperor’s Hand as the Empire rises to power. 

Mara in the future of the Star Wars saga was the wife of Luke Skywalker, was killed by Han and Leia Solo’s son Jacen, and gave birth to a son named Ben who will reportedly be in the new films by Disney in 2015.  It was also Mara who trained Jaina Solo to be a Jedi Knight who and will be the star of the new film series as the Sword of the Jedi.  Mara plays a significant roll in the overall mythology and will be present in the upcoming Rebels which will cover her origin story.

Lucasfilm is not a political company.  Most of their employees probably voted for Obama over Romney—but they are deeply philosophical.  They have at their disposal at Skywalker Ranch a treasure trove of books from around the world to expand the Star Wars mythology which centers on the struggle of individuals over statist control from dictators.  That premise to a story makes Star Wars important in that the story helps people see how those tyrannical forces come into their lives in various forms.  I have no doubt that Rebels will do this for millions of young people and millions of people who are over 30—and will grudgingly admit that they will be watching the new television show.  Once human beings learn to identify where troubles begin in their lives through mythology they will desire to take actions against those troubles.  For many, my friend Doc Thompson at The Blaze will offer an alternative to the statist offerings they currently have in the media.  I often refer to The Blaze as “Rebel” radio.  Glenn Beck is preaching in the real world much what Mon Mothma and Bail Organa will preach in the upcoming Disney show, Rebels.  The producer has said that one of his primary inspirations is the American Revolution and this will take minds to that real life rebellion as they learn to see the same signs.  Rebels as a work of art and fiction will provide a palette of context to the real life struggles we are all dealing with from all political fronts.

As I look through the history of such endeavors I can think of no time in entertainment history where this kind of high-profile television show offered this kind of content.  What comes to mind are the old Disney shows like Johnny Tremain and Davy Crockett.  But those were shows dealing with the past, Star Wars is both the past and the future and has more power because of it.  Star Wars has the power to communicate values to several generations as very high quality family entertainment that will get discussions started.  If our present society is lacking value because the art we live by has focused on exposed female breasts, silly adolescent jokes, and other forms of didactic pornography, our culture mirrors those aspects presently.  Lucasfilm owned by Disney is about to present a show to the world through a simple cartoon which will be beaming with value—value that people will gobble up like parched desert travelers deprived three days of water.

I speak to people at all levels in the gaming community, and I speak to people at all levels of politics—and I’m declaring that the former is more powerful than the later.  There is a pent-up energy looking for release.  Companies like Disney can take that pent-up energy and convert it to dollars through merchandise sales—which helps expand the overall mythology.  But what is more interesting is why the merchandise sells—why there is an excitement for the new Star Wars: Rebels action figures that will be sold at Target and Wal-Mart.  The reason why grown adults are already saving their money to add these little trinkets to their already vast Star Wars collection is because the overall story speaks to them about things that are otherwise beyond their control.  These people typically don’t vote, or might otherwise call themselves political independents.  But they can be motivated to do so if the message taps in to their already curious minds.

Rand Paul………….are you listening?  Ted Stevenot, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and challenger to John Kasich, are you seeing the wave that I’m pointing at?  There is a wave deep at sea that nobody sees coming ashore yet, but when it arrives a skilled surfer can ride that wave with careful timing.  I’m pointing to that timing.  Culture drives that timing—entertainment drives culture.  Lucasfilm is providing a valuable entertainment that will not only provide values to a new generation—politically neutral values—but resolutely values against statism.  With those values voters will be looking for someone in politics who beholds similar values.  Take note, and act upon them—and good things will happen.  It doesn’t mean that candidates need to start quoting Star Wars lines on the campaign trail, but that they need to take note of why Star Wars is so popular, why people want to spend so much money on it, and to utilize those methods in reality as politicians.  They should strive to be politicians like Mon Mothma and Bail Organa and not like Governor Tarkin, and Emperor Palpatine.  The reason Star Wars is so popular is because such characters do not exist in real life—and people wish they did.

A failure to be heroic, bold, or project the values of a political rebel will lead to more of the kind of dysfunction that we’ve had—and nobody wants that.  Don’t look at what politicians have been doing for centuries—look at what entertainment is doing and tap into the same reasons that people a year in advance are willing to plop down $10 bucks on a new Rebels Star Wars action figure.  Once those two things are aligned, our society will benefit greatly in a new direction that will be a lot different from our current system.

Meanwhile, I am very much looking forward to watching the back story of Mara Jade in the new Star Wars: Rebels television program on Disney XD.  And I’m even more looking forward to Ted Stevenot challenging Governor Kasich in the upcoming primary for Ohio governor.  Both are rebels, one is fictional, one is from the actual world, but both speak to the heart of an ideal that is deep in the human consciousness—bold changes are necessary when tyranny is afoot—and when those times occur, it is time for “rebels” to throw off the old and make way for the new.

Rich Hoffman