Cindy Carpenter and Mrs. Hyde: Butler County RINOs and deceitful politics

In the recording below from 700 WLW Bill Cunningham found himself in the middle of Butler County Republican politics when Commissioner Cindy Carpenter was engaged in yet another debacle on his show.  Cunningham joked to Cindy who was on the radio to defend accusations and possible indictments against her–that Butler County does not have any Democrats so Republicans have taken to fighting each other as Carpenter was at odds with the county prosecutor.  I think it was lost to Cunningham that what he said was actually quite wrong.  A lot, (too many) politicians in Butler County like Commissioner Don Dixon are former Democrats just like Cunningham used to be—they are the epitome of the whole RINO accusation—“Republican In Name Only.”  Dixon used to lead the Democrats in Butler County in the 90’s and only changed parties when he realized that it would be easier to win elections if he called himself a Republican.  During the last trustee race in the very conservative West Chester Township, Cathy Stoker was a Democrat but she didn’t dare put that information on her campaign literature.  Instead she put “fiscal conservative,” so to give the impression that she was a conservative.  Her running mate, Lee Wong—who is a functional socialist literally called himself a Republican—complete with the little elephant on his yard signs.  Later during the Cunningham broadcast with Commissioner Carpenter their mutual friend Sheriff Jones came on and essentially called Carpenter a liar.  Jones thinks of himself as a Republican, yet he supports labor unions and votes for school levies.  His social behavior is quite liberal, yet he is considered a staunch Republican, just like his friend the radio host Cunningham.  A lot of these people put on the mask of conservativism to win audience approval, but they legislate like bleeding heart liberals and are directly responsible for spreading the expansion of government.  Because most of the world sees and hears these kinds of people as the faces of Republicanism, real conservatives who live as traditional Americans, and are actually philosophically conservative seem as though they are extremists.  Meanwhile, these mask wearing conservatives get themselves involved in so many different aspects of politics that they lose track of what they said to whom and when they said it.  This is apparently what has happened to Cindy Carpenter who came on the Bill Cunningham Show to dispel the perception of her political blunders.  At the end of the broadcast she was dismissed by her Republican buddy and political fundraiser Sheriff Jones who sided with the prosecutor over the controversial incident.  CLICK TO REVIEW.

Many of the problems that Cindy has had during her tenure as Commissioner has been her tendency to abuse her office for little things like free baby sitting services and intimidating others with a lot of yelling and screaming.  I might be inclined to admire Cindy’s combativeness if she didn’t have elements of big government expansion about her—which comes out in conversations like what she had on 700 WLW.  She was quick to point out in her interview that she was a conservative, as though she needed to explain her actions to confirm it.  However, the troubling aspect of her discussion is that she declared Sheriff Jones had told her he’d back her over her confrontation with the Butler Country Prosecutor, which was the theme of her latest trouble.

This is the direct result of politicians who are not philosophically aligned by conservative beliefs and instead use the Republican Party as a platform to work as career politicians.  When these politicians have to fake being conservatives to get elected in a conservative area, they are often caught in contradictions like what Cindy has found herself in.  I believe she has convinced herself that she’s a Republican in the same way that John McCain or Chris Christie believes they are hard-core conservatives—yet deep down inside they are bleeding heart liberals who believe that government should intrude on people’s lives—and interfere with justice based on their interpretation of a moral code—which is established by the same type of politicians.  

This behavior from Cindy is not new; it has gone on for a long time and seems to be part of the way she operates.  Former Commissioner Chuck Furman addressed his concerns regarding Cindy Carpenter’s temper tantrums and emotional tirades in the Commissioner’s office not that long ago.  If I were in Cindy’s position, it is likely that many people would be intimidated and frightened also and often, so I don’t begrudge her of that.  I understand dropping the “F” bomb in meetings and harassing people who are standing in the way of justice—but whose justice?  That is the million dollar question.  As a conservative, I know where the line is, but for someone who is a wanna-be conservative– a RINO—their opinions are likely shaped by liberal politics dressed behind a conservative mask—and that is not OK.

Below is a letter from Commissioner Furman to Carpenter which reflects accurately the current trouble that Cindy is having—yet this letter is over a year and a half old as of this writing.  It shows a pattern of behavior that is quite destructive.  Cindy’s response to the letter can be seen by clicking on the hot link attached to the letter.

June 5, 2012

To: Cindy Carpenter, Commissioner

Butler County, Ohio

This is a difficult letter to write but I think it has become necessary. I am speaking in regard to the hostile environment you continue to create in the commissioner’s office.

It has, again, been brought to my attention that you have denigrated and yelled, this time using profanity; stating that you were a “F—ing” commissioner when addressing a member of the commissioner’s staff. Tuesday, May 29, 2012, your very loud and angry unprofessional rant while addressing a staff member was clearly heard by many other staff members throughout offices on the 6th floor, as well as anyone in the elevator frequented by the public.

Your tirades and tantrums are becoming the norm rather than the exception. You seem to be driven to continually create a hostile work environment.

I have repeatedly stated, that in my opinion, the commissioner’s staff are all hard working professionals. Those who work together in an office should be able to expect at least a satisfactory level of respect. Our staff does not deserve your hostile behavior. Day after day they live with the threat of your outbursts. There is no way one can justify yelling and using profanity to address staff.

Your verbal assaults as well as your threats of physical assaults have gone on much too long. The staff of the commissioner’s office work for all three commissioners and I, for one, do not wish to seemly condone that kind of behavior directed toward them. While, unfortunately, I do not have any means to control your behavior I refuse to continue to sit silently without commenting about your abusive and irrational behavior. If a county supervisory staff member spoke to anyone under their command the way you have been known to do it could, and should, be cause for their dismissal.

Unfortunately, I have no remedy for this situation, but I refuse to be silent about it.

From: Chuck Furmon, Commissioner

Butler County, Ohio

CC: Don Dixon, Butler County Commissioner

Mike Campbell, Butler County Administrator

Cindy’s response to Furman was similar to what was heard on Cunningham’s show.  She presented a logical explanation for everything which sounded good and makes you want to shake your head in acknowledgment—but something isn’t quite right about it.  Someone isn’t telling the truth……….either Furman wasn’t being truthful or Carpenter wasn’t.  I know Chuck a bit, and I doubt it’s him.  Cindy I wasn’t so sure about, although the time or two that I met her she seemed like a nice stable person.  She certainly didn’t seem like such a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality which has persistently followed her antics as an elected representative since 2010.

Yet during the Cunningham interview the Mr. Hyde personality was exposed toward the end.  Sheriff Jones is too politically astute to lie on 50,000 watts of AM radio to hundreds of thousands of people all over Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  Sheriff Jones might be walking the line between Republicans and Democrats with the skill of a circus act, but he’s not a liar.  So that leaves Carpenter rather exposed in an uncomfortable way that deserves consideration.

I admire about Cindy her fight, her drive, and her pursuit of justice.  Yet, her beliefs are way too liberal for me—she is a big government mind pretending to be a conservative.  She is at best a moderate Republican and if Butler County were a different kind of place where liberal politics were tolerated, I suspect she would be a Democrat similar to the kind of man Todd Portune is in Hamilton County.  I have a history with Todd as well, and I know his politics well—and Cindy is far closer to someone like him ideologically than she is a Republican like T.C. Rogers, the commissioner who took Chuck Furman’s seat during the 2012 election. Many believe that Butler County has three conservative Republican commissioners, but really they have only one in T.C.  Don Dixon is a former head of the Democratic Party and is Republican in name only.  He is a RINO without question.  And not far to the right of the political spectrum of Don is Cindy Carpenter.  Under a real tally of values Butler County is currently being led by two Democrats and one Republican—which is a deception that is not forgivable.

When people live their lives around lies, they force themselves to become a schizophrenic type of personality—a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in real life.  Cindy’s three year history shows that to the public she can display Doctor Jekyll—who is mild-mannered and articulate personality that is Republican.  But in the halls of the commissioner’s office screaming at people for strange reasons, forcing security to baby sit her kids while she attends meetings, and running around playing a bleeding heart liberal as a social service worker using the power of her office to impose her will—she shows the Mr. Hyde—and that person is a Democrat. It’s often not easy to see until provoked, but eventually the monster comes out and shows itself—and that’s what happened during the interview Carpenter gave to Bill Cunningham.

I don’t mind if people stand by what they are and believe what they believe.  I admire it in fact, and I will fight for those people to maintain that right.  I believe in the marketplace of ideals fighting it out for the betterment of everyone.  But that process doesn’t work if people hide what they really are and attempt to pull a blanket of deception over the actual monsters that drive them as people.  For that reason alone I won’t support Cindy Carpenter in the next election—because it is obvious she has not been completely honest about what she is, and what she believes.  Politicians who are RINO’s because they know they cannot be elected into office any other way are worse than Democrats because they are attempting to deceive the public at the very start of their public service—and that makes them unqualified of an office of any kind—and untrustworthy of tax payer dollars.

Rich Hoffman