Replacing John Boehner: Meet J.D. Winteregg

For me the situation is clear, I’ll support J.D. Winteregg to run against John Boehner in the primary coming up as opposed to the other challenger who spoke at the West Chester Tea Party in a short introduction and debate against my neighbor Eric Gurr—a very nice guy, smart man, but too much of a political insider.  J.D. has a new penny feel about him, and after hearing him speak, I believe he is incorruptible.  I’ve known a few people over the years that can walk through the valley of sin without falling to temptation, and Eric has that presence about him.  It will take that kind of person to knock off Boehner, and do what is required in Washington D.C. in the seat that Boehner vacates.  But don’t just take my word for it, watch the debate for yourself—where both J.D. Winteregg and Eric Gurr introduce their basic platforms and do a bit of Q & A at the end through debate fashion.  Both guys did a pretty good job at this early stage.  Neither are slick politicians—but that’s a good thing when it is considered that the task at hand is to knock off the Speaker of the House—the third most powerful job in the entire world.

John Boehner has been in Congress representing the 8th District since 1990.  He’s been in that position my children’s entire life, and they are now both married and having kids of their own.  He’s been in Washington too long.  I know he’s a nice guy, but I’m sure the same could be said of Obama privately.  Boehner is just bad for the job.  It became clear to me that Boehner had fallen in love with Washington D.C. when he was caught on a hot mike talking to Joe Biden about golf before the President addressed the nation with a yearly speech.  Obama obviously has intentions to grossly expand government which is a real and serious threat to everyone’s livelihoods who actually work at real jobs—and hob knobbing with the powerful elite while they do it is just neglectful.  It has become obvious that Obama and John Boehner are not that far apart on many issues.  Boehner plays the Republican act for the cameras, and fundraising speeches, but it is obvious he doesn’t believe what he says because he doesn’t act on his promises—such as someone’s going to “jail over the IRS.”  Boehner like Obama just delivers lines of dialogue and seems to believe in nothing.

When a politician like John Boehner “compromises” he’s done, not because compromise is a dirty word, but because the implication of that task states clearly that a person is willing to yield their values for the collective good of democracy.  The trouble with that is the other side does not function from a value system, so compromise to them costs nothing—because they have nothing to yield.  The compromise exclusively comes from those who do have value—people like Boehner—and he has for over twenty years compromised, and compromised, and compromised until he has allowed the Republican right to be pulled so far to the political left that he could likely hold a job right now in the Clinton White House of the 1990s.

Boehner plays too many Washington games, and he loses most of them. Whether it’s the government shut down, the debt ceiling, Health Care which was rammed through Congress on his watch, his failure to go after Obama on several potentially impeachable offenses—Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, the political appointments, Boehner has shown that he’s comfortable in Washington.  He likes it and for a representative from Ohio, he is not representing it in the Belt Way—giving politicians like Obama leverage in all negotiations.  It is obvious that in the poker games of Washington, John doesn’t know what he’s doing, or what his opponents are doing to him.  Boehner is continuously out-maneuvered by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for God’s sake—and those people are complete idiots.  I am convinced that Boehner was elected Speaker of the House not for his skill as a Speaker, but for his naive complacency—his aloofness toward the crimes going on in the House under his nose which is enriching its members.  Boehner is Speaker of the House to keep the status quo functioning with excuses and promises while the trio of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama run him down over and over like Enos on the old television show, The Dukes of Hazzard.

On a rainy January in 2011 I went down to John’s office during lunch to speak to his “people,” the same guys who were in the audience scouting the competition trying to knock off their boss in the video above.  I wanted to give Boehner a formal letter, and actually hoped to catch him in town, as I knew he was back home at the time.  When I got to the office, they hadn’t seen Boehner even though he lives right down the road—and that little aspect of Boehner’s management style spoke volumes about the current Speaker of the House—he’s out of touch.  Boehner after 20 years in Congress has been out-witted one too many times and the way he attempts to overcome his intellectual naiveté is to play golf with his enemies and compromise.  When Boehner compromises with Obama it is always the GOP which gives up something because Obama is a classic thief—a looter who gains everything he has in life by taking from others.  Obama never gives up anything because he never earned anything.  John Boehner on the other hand has always done for himself—but he gives Obama equal value at the bargaining table with a compromise.  It’s like going to a garage sale and buying a new television in exchange for a pack of stolen laundry plucked off a neighbor’s cloths line.  Boehner has the television; Obama has the bag of laundry.  Boehner gives Obama the television, and Boehner gets a bag of laundry that the owner eventually comes looking for and thinks that it was Boehner who stole it in the first place, because it’s in his hands.  Obama goes home and watches football on the television while Boehner defends himself in court for stealing laundry from people’s back yards.  That is what Democrats call “compromise.”

The Speaker of the House should know how to defend himself from those types of political games, but Boehner clearly doesn’t.  Like Enos in The Dukes of Hazzard, John Boehner is a good man pushed around constantly by the Boss Hoggs of Capital Hill, and he falls for just about every scheme imaginable.  He has been kept as Speaker because the thieves, looters and barons know that they can continue their crimes against the tax payer so long as John Boehner is in charge—and that is just an insult to the people of the 8th District, and to himself.  It is painful to watch Boehner struggle through all the various controversies that the Obama administration has served up to him, and he misses again and again the opportunity to deliver a spike.  It’s like watching a child in tee-ball who can’t swing a bat and hit the ball set up on a tee.  It’s just pathetic.

So it’s time for Boehner to go and send a message to Washington that an established (powerful) Republican can be knocked out of his seat by someone new—someone like J.D. Winteregg.  If the Republicans fail to gain seats in the House after the Obamacare debacle, then they are complete idiots anyway—and hopeless beyond repair.  Obamacare is not just a ball placed on a tee for the GOP to hit, but it’s already been knocked out into the field for them.  All they have to do is run the bases.  So losing Boehner in the primary is of little consequence to the GOP.  We can afford it as an investment into a new kind of government where the Speaker is actually in his office when he’s in town, and doesn’t think first of playing golf while the other side is pulling his underwear up over his head like a Three Stooges skit.  It’s time for someone else to take John’s seat, and for me it would be J.D. Winteregg.

Rich Hoffman


11 thoughts on “Replacing John Boehner: Meet J.D. Winteregg

  1. After hearing him speak JD has my vote hands down. I have not heard or seen anyone that even compares in intelligence or principles.


    1. If you think Franchise….is intelligent…. I have some ocean front property in Ohio to sell you. The guy is a fraud and big public school union shill…..ask him. ..he will not address it.


  2. This statement is a little confusing….sounds like you’re supporting Eric instead.

    “I’ve known a few people over the years that can walk through the valley of sin without falling to temptation, and Eric has that presence about him. It will take that kind of person to knock off Boehner, and do what is required in Washington D.C. in the seat that Boehner vacates.”


  3. There is no way my family or I would support JD Winteregg over Eric Gurr…watch the latest debate… Eric clearly is the more…um well…stable candidate for starters… not to mention JD’s big government educational union ties and support… Eric has spent his whole life in the private sector…worked over the tough times and built a successful business… JD sounds like he running for class president and one can tell in this debate and he is totally uneducated in politics…not to mention issues… he hits the Conservative talking points but fails on the meat of subjects…


  4. No one is “incorruptible.” Most disturbing to me is the thousands Winteregg has taken from Tea Party Leadership Fund which is a questionable organization at best.

    My first report on them was 3 years ago and many other are discovering as well. I want Boehner out as much as everyone else but I’m fearful if this group is finally outed it will come back to haunt

    Carol Greenberg Oh-5 Latta


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