Lakota’s Dirtiest Trick: The Monday of Shooter Doom–ahead of Election Day

OK, it’s been 24 hours since the article put up yesterday warned what would happen if an arrest was not made at Lakota due to the “gun scare” released to the media on Friday, November 1st about a supposed shooting spree coming on Monday, one day before Election Day.  So I’m going to paint the picture of what I think happened based on my experiences with the Lakota school system.  The short of it is that Lakota will stoop to no low to manipulate the public.  They require fear by their voters to override logic in order to win emotional votes.  What happened was a message was found written on a stall wall in the girls bathroom Wednesday October 30th at the Lakota East freshman building warning people to wear red to school this coming Monday if they did not want to be shot.   This prompted a letter home to parents warning them of the issue.  It just so happens that mass school shootings are the theme of this year’s levy attempt where even Sheriff Jones has whored away his conservative beliefs to support the public school in exchange for $350,000 applied to the hiring of armed officers to patrol the district’s hallways.   So don’t expect the Sheriff’s department to make any arrests in this case–because they would be arresting a radical levy supporting Lakota employee, not a student—and that would be embarrassing.

It should be easy to determine who wrote the note on a bathroom stall and if everyone did their jobs, an arrest would have been made by Friday instead of a press release going out to all the parents warning of impending doom on Monday.  But let’s pretend Lakota really wants to know who did it, here’s what they should have done.  A quick review of who was in the hall moving toward the girl’s bathroom during Wednesday would help narrow down the suspects.  Investigators should then use a handwriting expert to compare all known females who went into the bathroom that day with samples taken out of their personnel files.  Once this was done, the search would be narrowed down to roughly ten suspects who would then be interrogated to measure their responses and the perpetrator would be discovered. This should have happened already.  But it hasn’t.Lakota Letter

What most likely happened based on my experience with the institution was a crazy progressive leaning teacher went into the stall on her own accord after hearing about the terrible showing for the early voting numbers and wanted to push public sentiment toward the For Lakota message.  So she went into the bathroom probably between the 9 and 10 o’clock hour while the students were in class and wrote the message on the stall wall.  She hoped that a student would then see the message later and report the threat to authorities, which is what happened provoking mass hysteria, panic, and ultimately a spike in voter turn-out, better than what current numbers are showing for Lakota.  The reason the Lakota employee picked that particular time period is because they were nervous and wanted to get the act out-of-the-way early in the day, and also to provide time to let a student discover the message in time to alert authorities.

Of course Lakota officials wanted the message, and they don’t want to know who wrote it, because it gives them the fearful dialogue that fits their levy campaign—more security to capitalize off the Sandy Hook shootings.  In the back of their minds they actually worry about learning who wrote the letter because it would explode into another terrible school scandal right before the election.  That is why Lakota was quick to rationalize that it was a student looking for a free day off school, because that particular Monday, November 4th was originally scheduled as a day off for students.  It takes the edge off the impending doom just a bit.  But if the situation were legitimate, Superintendent Mantia and all the school board members, especially those running for re-election would be scrambling to get some face time on the various news outlets.  Instead they just turned the story over to Randy—who is running cover as usual, doing what he gets paid a lot of money to do—contain stories.

But nobody was fooled and even on the Lakota administration side, they fear the same thing I just proposed.  The very first comment when this story was reported in the West Chester Buzz:

More likely the note was posted by the school board to help get there levy attempt to pass on Nov 5th. Nothing like a good emotional scare to get people to vote the way you want them to.

Eric Smith

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I’m not the only one who suspects that the writing on the wall was intended maliciously by an inside Lakota employee who wanted their $117.50 per month raise after levy passage.  As for the Butler County Sheriff’s department they will conveniently drag their feet until after the election to reveal what they probably already know—that the author of the threat letter was a teacher who foolishly believed the scheme would incite enough panic to pass a school levy on the fourth attempt.  The Sheriff’s office will handle the case in the same way as they did the police beating in West Chester.  They will get behind their union brothers and sisters at Lakota and support them, even when the evidence says otherwise.  CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT PROOF.

For more about the raises going to Lakota employees after the election read the link below.

As it has been well documented, my experience with Lakota indicates that they will do anything to get their way.  I have seen them participate in open extortion, boycotting, and personal character assassination attempts.  I watched the network first-hand and learned how information flows through the political structure of Lakota when first they organized a direct attack against me with the famous Lakota Survey.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  When I lashed back, it was entertaining to see how school board vice president Julie Shafer working directly with superintendent Karen Mantia pulled the political strings of Trustee Cathy Stoker to launch an attack against me in the Cincinnati Enquirer, hoping that it would put an end to No Lakota Levy.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  On more than one occasion I have watched these same people go after the individual lives of the people who stand against them and they will stoop as low as they have to in order to perform the task.  I have watched them cover up sex scandals with the same slick tenacity, and watched them openly defy the law on several occasions because like the police, they represent the authority of the state—and feel they are above the law.  So it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that it was a teacher who wrote the message on the bathroom wall because they needed a boost in the exit polling.  No doubt they know the same information that I do regarding exit numbers from early voting.  I haven’t talked about it much because for me the election isn’t over until after Tuesday, and the NO voters have to hold their ground and show up.  They have to VOTE NO and not take it for granted that the election won’t even be close.  But so far the numbers have not been good for Lakota, and without question this has them worried enough to attempt some crazy extremist plot to win 2% to 3% of a gullible public during an election.

If the Butler County Sheriff’s department led by Sheriff Jones does find out who wrote the letter it won’t be a student that they will take to jail, it will be a teacher—or possibly even an administrator, and Lakota will experience its deepest embarrassment yet.  It will be a national story—I’ll make damn sure of it—you can place the bets now.  I think the people who currently run Lakota are vile human beings, I have seen their ugly side, and I don’t want to pay them the tax money they already extract from me against my will, let alone more.  In my opinion, they are bad people up to no good and I don’t want them teaching the next generation.  That position may seem extreme now, because not everyone has experienced them quite the way I have, but over time, most people will arrive at the same conclusion by default.  But from then to now it is important to not let Lakota get away with this public relations stunt that is criminal in nature.  The authorities cannot be trusted to do the right thing because they are all on the same team.  The only defense there is against Lakota is to keep more money out of their pockets.  And you can do that dear reader by voting NO on the Lakota levy on November 5th, 2013.  Don’t forget, and don’t take it for granted.  Let Lakota know what you think of them with a vote that will send a message more powerful than any legal action could possibly achieve.  The best form of justice is when the bad guys do get punished, and the way to do that in Lakota is to keep money out of their pockets—and in yours with a VOTE NO!

I know Sheriff Jones reads here, so if I’m wrong………….prove it.  The burden of proof falls on the Butler County Sheriff’s department because the track record at Lakota says I’m right.

And as to those who thought NO LAKOTA LEVY would be over after that little stunt on March 15th 2012.  How do you like the signs all over town, and the ads in the newspapers, and the quotes in the press?  Yea………….that’s what I thought.  :  )

Rich Hoffman

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6 thoughts on “Lakota’s Dirtiest Trick: The Monday of Shooter Doom–ahead of Election Day

  1. wow Rich, I couldnt agree more. the greed and gluttony is astounding. and how sad, all the money it takes to even pass a levy. Oh thats right, its “for the kids” “do the right thing”


  2. These people will do anything to pass this levy. Same here in Lebanon. Liars all. They give so little infomration as to how and where the money will be spent. Lebanon wants to tear down and rebuild four of the buildings in the district. They have not included the taxpayers in their plans. I have the OSFC report and so I know what they are planning. Too bad the public hasn’t a clue.


    1. They are starting to get a hint of a clue. But most have a long way to go. Just like we were the first to call Obamacare what it really was, and now people are seeing first hand. The same with school levies. Every year more and more people are learning what we already know.


  3. As a forced shareholder and a wannabe day trader, it boggles the mind how even if you’re a levy supporter every time, that land owners don’t question exactly how every penny is going to be spent beyond the bullshit that they hand off as nessesity. Of course most are mortgaged to the hilt and have payments on evertything. I’ve never bought a car I had to make payments on. I’ve bought my vehicles outright since I was 15. That goes with anything I buy in all aspects of my life. Economics 101. If people aren’t living within their means…which is very disciplined, then I expect they don’t see that the institutions do either. If they did, they would be staunch on a detailed contract, and if it couldn’t or wouldn’t be acquired and made public, they would vote it down everytime.

    When the stasi comes for your shit and tells you what you’re able to keep, you won’t have a say.
    Producers need to take the reins of their livelyhood like yesterday including all the takers that come knocking. With the new EO signed on Friday and Barrycare in full bite Jan 1st…..most are going to get hurt badly and forever. Regret will be the emotion of the day.

    Thrift is for the children. Education is in their control for now. Economics is a deal breaker and we’ve already left their futures in shambles. Add to that what they’re teaching in Communist Core and they’ll be groomed for an unsustainable slavery with no ideals to right the ship.


      1. All used even if slightly. Never had a brand new car. Just insane to make payments. I couldn’t do it. The mortgage grates on me but besides utilities, it’s the only financed item. I have better things to do with my money.
        My dream vehicle is a 1972 ford F-150 camoed paint with a dual gun rack in the back window, Gumbo mudders, a 6 inch lift kit, glass packs and a carbon footprint the size of Montana.

        Unsustainable slavery?? *paperclip* ugh
        you know what I meant. damn OCD!


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