The IRS Ways and Means Hearings in Washington D.C.:Justin Binik Thomas and Tea Party friends seek justice

What a lot of people do not realize is that Tea Party groups are educational organizations designed to get back into touch with Constitutional ideals and beliefs that were valued upon the founding of The United States of America.  In essence they are like a giant book club where members get together and talk about the merits of books they have read like The Federalist Papers and The 5000 Year Leap.  That makes the recent IRS scandal against the Tea Party that much more preposterous, which has been going on for over three years now, culminating in the testimony in Washington that is currently going on.  All government entities from local schools to the smallest cubical in the IRS administration offices have in their culture an inherit desire to advance statism—and anything that is a threat to their statism they deem worthy of attack.  If a school levy is resisted, the advocates of the tax increase believe they have a “right” to destroy businesses and any individual who stand in the way of their funding.  The IRS does the same on a massive scale acting as agents of tyranny to those who oppose statist oriented government objectives.  So as a supporter of Tea Party causes, it gave me great pleasure to listen to the testimony of May 17, 2013 and hear occasional cheers coming from the crowd sitting in the balcony—since I personally know a good portion of the Tea Party patriots making such a ruckus there.

Many people are just now arriving to where many of us have been for a long time.  Justin Binik-Thomas is a friend of mine who was also up in the balcony, along with Rachael Proctor who I most recently discussed in another article.  They were joined with most of the organizational heads of the Liberty Township Tea Party which is one that I have supported from the beginning as it is the group that is in my home district.  In February of 2013, only a few months ago I had to provide the IRS through the Liberty Township Tea Party hard copies of videos I made which were shown at a picnic that was done at a local farm celebrating patriotic themes.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  To understand what the Tea Party is all about, watch the video I have at that link because it involves many of the people targeted in this current IRS probe, and it can easily be seen how ridiculously stupid the IRS probe of these people truly is.    I remember vividly the meeting where it was discussed how the IRS had asked the Liberty Township Tea Party about their relationship with Justin Binik Thomas, who is one of the founding members of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and the cold chill that permeated the audience at that event.

Unlike my Tea Party friends, my interest in politics extends beyond education.  I am an aggressive type of individual and I sometimes do and say things many of them would never consider.  For that reason I keep a bit of distance from them so to preserve my right to exercise my intentions without bringing negativity into their direction, particularly from groups like the IRS or any other government body.  So privately, frequent readers of my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom got together with Justin Binik-Thomas to deal with this whole IRS thing.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  I’m not the kind of person who believes in mass demonstrations and protests.  I don’t do the group activity thing but I do respect those who do.  The people who were in that Overmanwarrior’s group were not the types who would collect in mass to show the IRS that there is strength in numbers—they are the type of people who are prepared for the next tragic steps once government organizations realize that the Tea Party will not back down.  They are people like Justin Binik-Thomas who won’t be frightened away from holding leadership positions in the Tea Party organizations, due to IRS intimidation.  Knowing something about media relations myself, if those steps are necessitated, I don’t want my friends in the Tea Party splattered all over the news as a negative connection to me, so I keep a respectable distance—because that is where I am.  I admire their kindness, and desire to learn.  That much I share with them.  But I have different methods for dealing with bullies that is much more direct than a lot of people feel comfortable with.  I intend to direct that kind of attention toward one of the biggest bullies around, the IRS.  So the meeting we had with Justin well over a year ago in the middle of this IRS scandal was to deal with those next steps should the IRS push the issue beyond pieces of paper and phone calls.

This is where the statist government types like Barack Obama are at a loss, and why they find themselves in the center of so much trouble.  America is not Europe; we have not been beaten down by thousands of years of statism under kings and queens.  America was founded by rebels fleeing Europe.  Rebellion is so deeply ingrained into our DNA that it cannot be easily changed leaving a subtle and constant push against statism.  Even though government education has trained the minds of generations toward statism, deep in their hearts Americans hate it, and they act against it any way they can.  Most of the people I know are happy to peacefully protest, as they traveled to Washington to show a unified force against the IRS.  But I prepare in other ways for events that are historically probable.  I do not count on government to submit itself to the will of the American people, and I expect a fight from them.  So I am always in a state of preparation.  But what we all have in common, my Tea Party friends and some of my “other” friends who will strategically stay in the shadows until needed–is that we are not going to yield.  Submission to government is not an option.  We will never submit to United Nations authority, we will never submit to the tyranny of the IRS or any other government organization.  I personally won’t even submit to a local trustee or zoning board.   I don’t go out looking for trouble, I simply resist the imposition of my time, money, and energy by those who want something from me, and hope to force me to act in the way they desire through “thuggish” democracy—mob rule.

What else is the motive when a bunch of union inspired thugs attempt to vandalize the property of a target, or organize a mass protest in front of a home or business?  What is the point of spying on a target so that weaknesses in their defense can be ascertained?  What is the point of using the rule of law through the tax code or some other government inspired imposition to arrest a target and throw them in jail just because they have charisma and a following?  The intent is to “win” at their intended strategic objectives, through force.  The IRS did these types of things to the Liberty Township Tea Party because they wanted to send a strong message to a Tea Party group in John Boehner’s back yard.  They wanted to tie up the efforts of the Tea Party into not protesting big government and national debt, but to put them on the defensive with red tape and bureaucracy.  It was harassment with the intention of “changing” the behavior of the Tea Party groups.  By targeting Justin Binik-Thomas the IRS wanted to send a message to the other Tea Party groups that leaders in such groups would be targeted—so to discourage leaders from naming themselves for fear of an audit.

I am happy to see the victims of this IRS harassment enjoying their moment in the sun.  They deserve to look down from the gallery upon those who intended to bring harm to their lives—and the IRS did intend to use their authority to change Tea Party behavior.  Justin deserves that satisfaction as does Rachael and the representatives of the Liberty Township Tea Party who were there for the testimony.  It is nice to see justice being handed out where it is deserved.  I’d rather get everything out in the open so that the pretense of politeness can be dropped and everyone can start dealing with reality.

As these scandals break, and justice comes to the aggressors of the IRS and the government that supports such a tyranny, what I believe will happen may be delayed, where the federal government out of frustration just turns on the American people with out-right force.  Such peaceful resolutions are the intentions of the Tea Party and I’m happy to see them getting some form of justice from the efforts and worry they have expelled.  But such victories are paper in nature and easily forgotten.  They are not the kind of conflict resolution that I am thinking of.  It would seem that for that, I’ll have to wait a bit longer as the government recalibrates for their next psychological assault.  But what we all share no matter what the method is that submission is not an option.  Statist government is not what we are willing to support, and there isn’t any amount of forced imposition that can change that basic premise.

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

8 thoughts on “The IRS Ways and Means Hearings in Washington D.C.:Justin Binik Thomas and Tea Party friends seek justice

  1. What Constitution? Unless you are a signatory to one of their Constitutions or a direct bloodline descendant then you are not a party to those Conventions/Constitutions and it is an act of War to claim Rights by them.
    I’ve been to the Cincinnati Tea Party Education seminar on that Constitution. The people all have themselves deluded into believing they are parties to that corporate charter. Obviously not, their names do not appear anywhere on it!
    If the National Football League Charter said “‘We the People of the National Football League’ do hereby ordain and establish this charter for us and our posterity……”
    Then what kind of idiot would try to interject himself into those People’s Private Contract?
    It’s no wonder they beat us slaves when we go into their courts and claim we are “The People” in that contract. Bull! You are The Property in The Planters Contract, you want to know your rights as property? See Article IV. It is very clear, you have the right to be disposed of as the United States sees fit. Period.
    The well intentioned Tea Party groups are useful idiots helping to spread and perpetuate mythical thinking, delusions that serve The Planters interests in maintaining hard working docile slaves who delude themselves into thinking they are “Free” and “Brave”.

    “A slave ought not know he is a slave”. – Aristotle

    The wildly profitable “American Experiment” in human farming is Aristotle’s proof.
    The American slaves do not know they are slaves.
    Sadly the Tea Parties are anti-education foundations.
    They are playing right into The Planters hands.


    1. To barry… incorrect. Thank you.

      Secrion 1 – powers that you speak of shall be mandated of themselves, by each state individually. Prescribed by congress by GENERAL law… so no death penalty for stealing an apple.

      Section 2 – a person accused of a crime in one state shall be delivered, by any other state in which he flees, to the state whome said individual committed said crime

      Section 3 – lets not squabble over simple territorial laws, we are a union of states established and set officially by congress (organized state borders)

      Section 4 – Every state is our REPUBLICAN form of government will uphold each others rights and protect each other from attack, domestic or otherwise.

      I can not find “you the individual person of your state has the right to be disposed of as, I, the United States government see fit”… nor did I partake in any “Planters Contract”… The tea party upholds such values and fundmentals as the Constitution of the United States of America as a sovereign law of the land. I dont know how thats stupid… but if you disagree you may refer to the “treasoneous” acts part of Section 2. You are, in fact, educated I suppose… what with your philosopher’s perspectives, but where YOUR perspectives are concerned, you are, in fact, THE idiot of which by you refer to the tea party.

      And since by now you have nothing else worth discussing with, at, or against me, i’ll give you a splelling error to pick on instead, and i’ll begin this sentence with the word AND. And i’m probably just ugly too.


      1. Once again, who cares? What does the charter for their company have to do with me?
        That is the Propietors’ and their Posterity’s business not mine.

        I remember a quote from Blade Runner. “I am the business”.
        Yes it causes massive cognitive dissonance and pain in your brain when you have to face the fact that you are the business, human chattels.
        Sorry I didn’t give you the red pill warning.

        If you carefully read their new constitution adopted after the War Between the States you will see there are five classes of persons each with a vastly different status.
        1 The People of the United States (insert NFL)
        2 State Citizens
        3 U.S. citizens
        4 the people
        5 all other persons

        So figuring out which one you are is pretty important don’t you think?
        If you are still confused read The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
        people and citizens are clearly defined as having separate, different rights

        The U.S. citi zen ship was created by the United States and as it’s creation is therefore it’s property.
        Such property falls under article IV Section 3 paragraph two. Read the first and last part. …..; and nothing in this Constitution shall be construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State. That means all that high and mighty stuff about “rights” in other parts of the contract does not apply to the property (slaves).

        Sorry the truth hurts!


      2. jikiedan,
        I meant no offense. I am not attacking your efforts. I’m just saying it is pointless. I was standing in the pasture behind their Capitol on 9/12/2009 with the other 2 million people who still believed that constitution applied to them.
        Since then I’ve been told “this is the United States you have no lawful rights of any kind”.
        “Don’t bring that Constitution into my court!”
        And I have been robbed, beaten, tortured, starved, isolated, imprisoned as collateral (human surety) for 240,000,000.00 DOLLARS of their company debt.
        If you are still a “believer” Rich can forward you two charts that tell the truth about what business the United States is really in.
        Get puke bag at he ready. I puked.


    2. In that case, I retract on account of my own ignorance. My apologies. Ive already got a couple of books on my waiting list for when I get my life in order an can afford them, Tail of the Dragon being the first of which… however I’ll add that to the list and get to it (hopefully in time). Until then I’ll keep practicing at the gun range. However…. if you should so be inclined, Barry, I would appreciate your insight on our political/social situations. I try and remain “in the loop” but its tough to sift through the lies and stay on point with the truth. If you wouldnt mind, shoot me an email or use the #Kentucky link on my website to talk live via IRC. I stay connected on my mobile at all times and would enjoy the educated conversation.


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