Identifying Evil: Learn about the sex trade industry NOW

I urge you dear reader to pay attention to this text and watch every video CAREFULLY. Learn about sex trafficking and do something about it starting with your own life.

It has taken me a few days to assemble my thoughts about Ariel Castro, the man who took at least three young girls hostage in his home and forced them to perform as sex slaves over a ten-year period, never letting the girls see the light of day.  I wish I could say that such information was shocking, but it’s not.  The case represents a complete failure in our society—a failure to recognize evil and to act on it.  Castro was very arrogant about his behavior, even maintaining emotional connections to the families of the girls he had locked in his basement—so to throw off the trail of his guilt.  The case has unsettled Americans because they fear that it could happen to anybody, anywhere, if such people could do such a horrible act right out in the open of a busy neighborhood.  The question of how Ariel Castro could have held the girls prisoner for such a long time as other people walked by down the side-walk, visited his home, and observed him from across the street and not detect the evil happening in his basement leaves Americans feeling insecure—and looking to government to assist them.  Everybody wants to know that somebody can detect such evil and prevent it from happening.

When I wrote my novel The Symposium of Justice I wrote the opening chapter based on a personal experience I had which involved the FBI and local police who were unable to find a serial rapist that was roaming my neighborhood, frightening my wife and little girls. The villain of that chapter was a character who is ironically very much like the profile of Ariel Castro in real life.  The scene takes place in the chapter titled “Scarface the Rapist.”  It was based on many late nights spent by myself looking for the rapist on my neighborhood streets because the FBI was failing to discover the predator.  The similarities to Castro and Scarface the Rapist in my novel was not a prophetic act on my part, but a profile tendency that such villain’s exhibit.  I realized in my interviews with the police at the time, and the FBI that our society had lost the ability to detect evil and act on preventing it, because most human beings had fallen victim to inaction by allowing their personal educations to introduce to their minds anti-concepts which stripped away their ability to ascertain value to people or situations.

I wrote The Symposium of Justice as a reaction to this realization.  I wanted to re-teach those willing to learn how to recognize evil and to act on their realizations.  I wanted to present to reader’s minds various scenarios that examine evil from various vantage points so that they could relate the experience to their lives and hopefully keep people like Ariel Castro in the cracks of society away from innocent children.

There is no amount of surveillance available to the CIA, FBI, the DEA, the police, or any other protective organization if the people listening have lost their ability to determine the nature of evil and to act against it.  The short answer to the Ariel Castro types in the world, who wish to assert their dominance over others with force, coercion, and fear, is that the authorities cannot save anybody.  They can only scoop up the bodies later after the crimes have happen.  It took Amanda Berry to finally escape after 10 years of captivity having to endure unimaginable acts to heroically save herself by playing her hand till just the right moment.  If she hadn’t kept her mind sane, the rest of the girls would still be chained in the basement for perhaps another 10 years and the police, along with every federal agency would be powerless to do anything about it.  They are powerless not because they don’t have the tools to detect human bodies present with heat detection technology, listening devices, and other advanced wall penetrating information gathering equipment—but because they cannot detect the behavior patterns of evil.

The human race has lost its ability to look people like Ariel Castro in the eye and determine that they are up to no good.  The human race has lost its ability to assert judgment of right and wrong.  It has lost the ability to act on behalf of goodness.

I realized this during my many interviews with federal agents and the police years ago.  So I took matters into my own hands.  I wrote The Symposium of Justice to help others re-learn how evil conducts its sinister symphonies.  I write this blog every day in the same spirit, I want to teach other human beings how to determine right from wrong and to educate them on the skills they have had bred out of them through public education and other statist institutions.  The best way to prevent the Ariel Casto types from ruining the lives of other people is to detect them as they walk down your sidewalk, or to catch them in the middle of the night outside a neighbor’s window, and to deal with them in ways that they police are powerless to engage in—due to a court system which has allowed evil to thrive by removing value assessment from society.

The way to prevent evil is to call it by name when you see it.  Evil hides right out in the open and grows by inaction do to paralysis in judgment.  Ariel Castro for 10 years lived within a few miles of the parent’s homes where the little girls were stolen, and he actively participated in pretending to help find the girls, so to rub salt in the wounds of naïveté.  Castro’s brand of evil is very similar to the type of evil seen in public schools where the fate of individual children is overlooked on behalf of institutional preservation—such as what was seen at Penn State, Steubenville High School, and Lakota elementary school where a teacher molested his third grade students in full view of a very prestigious community. Evil does not care what the demographic level of the victims are whether wealthy or poor, white or black, all it requires are people who are compliant and have lost the ability to judge good from evil.

The other aspect to this problem of evil and its social growth is the tragic result of modern society to consciously produce “beta men.”  Public schools, statist governments, religions, and the media have actively sought to destroy the traditional sense of strong, Alpha males in a misguided attempt to bring perceived equality to women.  They have sought to accomplish this by bringing down the mental standards of women toward men, and making men strive to be physically less astute and more akin to females.  This has caused all types of problems primarily where men no longer feel they should protect females in society.  Men should no longer open the door for women, pay their way during mating customs, or stand on behalf of a woman’s honor, is the modern message advocated most profoundly.  Progressive social engineers have removed “value” from the social vocabulary so to make possible equality between the sexes and this has left both males and females prone to being preyed upon by evil.


We currently live in a society where a man would not consider taking a bullet from a gun for a woman he does not know.  He will not fight for the honor of a female that is being pillaged by a gang of thugs.  The man has been taught to be a “beta” since he views males and females the same in value so the first impulse is indecision instead of valor during an emergency confrontation or possible maneuver by evil to harm an innocent women.  This has wrecked sexual customs in human beings forcing their inner feelings underground through pornography to manifest.  For women, they deeply yearn for a dominate man in their sexual relationships and are more prone than ever to promiscuous relationships outside the family unit to satisfy their yearnings.  For men, unable to satisfy their wives turn to pornography and innocent young girls who are too immature to judge their adult inadequacies.  This is the fuel behind the sex trade industry where many men save up their pennies to purchase “escorts” during business trips at their hotel rooms, or place dollar bills in the panties of 19-year-old girls at Vegas gentlemen clubs.  Some even go so far to fly oversees to participate in the type of youthful sex that they cannot get in the United States openly.

This comes back around to the Ariel Castro case.  Castro, too poor to fly to Malaysia, Cambodia, or China for illegal sex with 12 to 16 year-old-girls simply took them from his neighborhood.  He scouted them out as a school bus driver for a public school, and simply took the girls for his use.  His situation is no different from the other evils that drive sex trade throughout the world.  The only difference between Castro and “Millions” of other confused men is that Castro was too poor to hide his crimes from the eyes of society.  He could only afford to take the crimes to his basement, but the desire is the same as the middle-aged businessman who pretends to go to Cambodia for a “charity” event only to use such an endeavor to commit vicious evil against an innocent child sold into the sex trade by parents crushed under government statism.  The evil of Castro was not seen by friends, family and neighbors because in their minds they are guilty of the same crimes.  They may not act on their thoughts, but they think about them, which prevents them from casting opinions at the strange behavior of Castro as he entered his home with more food than he needed, placed trash in front of his home that was “excessive,” and had strangely boarded up windows.  Nobody thought to push Castro when they were associating with him about his strange habits because they had the same irregular behavior patterns allowing evil to hide itself in plain view.

I know when I wrote Symposium and started the opening chapter with a rape attempt driven by a child molesting sex addict that I was insulting most of the world population.  I didn’t expect the novel to jump to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list because it stands against most of the current values of modern society.  But for that, I am proud.  I enjoy profoundly fighting evil.  I have done it all my life and I will do it as long as I walk the earth.  I have picked fights with evil for many years and had many adventures because of it.  If I had it my way I would string evil up into the trees with my whips and beat them all like a piñata.  I don’t care if its one evil doer or 1 million, it does not matter.  But in the modern world, I would be prosecuted because I have value where evil does not.  Evil and statist government are essentially one in the same so the government will defend evil and prosecute me because evil has nothing to give—they can only take—just like government.  So I take my frustrations out on evil in my novels—particularly my Symposium, which my kids love most.  They know me, and some of the antics I have been involved in, so they understand the motives of Fletcher Finnegan from that very defined story of good against evil.

I feel bad for Amanda Berry who escaped the wrath finally after 10 years from Ariel Castro.  But I feel worse for the “millions” and millions of other girls throughout the world who are currently under the same tragic circumstances.  Evil has their lives in its hands and for such young minds they realize that there is nowhere on earth that they are safe, so they surrender their integrity to the impositions of tyranny in the form of forced sex.  The line of problems that lead to such circumstances is long, and has its roots in statist governments and lack of individual will.  This problem will not go away with the prosecution of Ariel Castro.  It will simply allow society to divert their attention away from the real problem of evil that is present in their own lives, inconveniently.  For those who realize such things, I offer them The Symposium.  The way to beat evil is to combat it directly and to spit in its eye and prevent it from hiding in the shadows of guilt, apathy, and lazy neglect.  Evil must be defeated if the human race hopes to continue, and no government on earth can achieve such a feat no matter how much money they spend on the attempt.  The combat of evil comes from the ability to first determine right from wrong and assess value.  Then there must be a will to confront it.  Without such things, evil will continue to hide right in front of our faces, and more Amanda Berrys’ will remain chained in basements, tied to bed posts, and taken from loving families and sold into modern slavery until such a will is present in the human race.  It all starts with recognizing evil for evil, and having the courage to confront it without fear.

This is how desensitized we have all become. It’s an accepted practice…………….and it is evil.

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

2 thoughts on “Identifying Evil: Learn about the sex trade industry NOW

  1. The numbers of women traded as sex slaves is not small. Ukraine has lost some 300,000 women to traffickers in Turkey and Other countries like the Former Yugoslav republics. I have absolutely nothing against a freely entered into economic exchange between a man and woman. Happens every day even in marriages! But slavery of any kind is not freedom, it is violence and theft and injury.
    Of course we cannot look to the U.S. government for moral guidance against slavery. They are after all the worlds biggest trafficker in slaves, us. The Fedral Reserve’s friends sell actual shares in each one of us to their business jet and yacht suppliers all over the world. It is hard to talk about others who find themselves in another form of slavery when one is himself owned by international bankers. Slavery against any living soul is evil period.


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