Congressman Thomas Massie: What a Washington politician is supposed to look like

I normally spend a bit of effort when  I’m filming video making it as interesting as possible with depth of field changes, camera rotation, and any other means of capturing a still image—especially during a public speech.  But during the Cincinnati Freedom Expo I had put out the notification to readers of my Overmanwarrrior’s Wisdom blog that they were welcome to come up to me and say hello.  I wore my traditional hat so that readers would know who I was, and the result was a constant stream of readers who took me up on my offer.  The result was that I found myself away from the camera for most of the evening, so I missed some of the stage movement while filming speakers like Congressman Thomas Massie as seen below.  The camera work was not my best, but the audio captured from the event was classic, so much so that Matt Clark of WAAM radio used some of these video clips during his weekend show.  Massie as a sitting congressman has a reputation for voting NO on Capital Hill bills which has earned him the derogatory diagnosis of a politician who doesn’t understand “compromise.”  Yet upon listening to Massie, it is not hard to wish that every politician in Congress thought the way he does.  He appears to be one of the very good guys in politics and his speech was like a pleasant breeze on a comfortable spring day.  Check it out for yourself.

Thomas Harold Massie (born January 13, 1971) is an American politician who has been the United States Representative for “Kentucky’s 4th congressional district.”  In 2010, Massie announced his intention to seek the office of Lewis County Judge Executive; he went on to defeat the incumbent by a large margin. In 2012, Massie announced his run for the seat most recently occupied by Congressman Geoff Davis. On November 6, 2012, Massie defeated Bill Adkins in both the special election and the general election.

Thomas Massie was born in Huntington, West Virginia. He grew up in Vanceburg, Kentucky and met his future wife, Rhonda. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1]

In 1993, at MIT, he and his wife started a successful company, called SensAble Devices Inc.[2][3] Massie was the winner in 1995 of the $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for inventors.[1] The company was re-incorporated as SensAble Technologies, Inc. in 1996 after partner Bill Aulet joined the company.[2] They raised $32 million of venture capital, had 24 different patents, and 70 other employees.[4]

After Massie sold the company, he and his wife moved back to their hometown in Lewis County. They raised their children on a farm,[3][5] where he built his own off-the-grid timberframe house.[6]

In 2010, after attending several local political meetings in Lewis County, Kentucky, Massie decided to pursue the office of Judge Executive of Lewis County, in order to fight what he considered wasteful spending and intrusion into the lives of the county’s citizens by the government.[3] Massie won the primary election, defeating the incumbent by a large margin,[3] and went on to defeat his Democratic opponent by nearly 40 points.[7] Massie also campaigned for then-U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul, speaking to various Tea Party groups on his behalf.[3]

In December 2011, Congressman Geoff Davis announced his decision to retire from his seat in Kentucky’s 4th congressional district. After several other officeholders announced their candidacies for the seat, Massie announced his decision to join the race on January 10, 2012.[8] Massie has been endorsed by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky,[9][10] and Rand’s father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul.[11][12] He has also received endorsements from FreedomWorks,[13] Club for Growth,[14][15] Gun Owners of America,[16] and Young Americans for Liberty.[17]

On May 22, 2012, Thomas Massie was elected as the Republican nominee for the 4th congressional district, beating his closest opponents, State Representative Alecia Webb-Edgington and Boone County Judge Executive Gary Moore, by a double-digit margin.[18][19] In his victory speech, Massie thanked “the Tea Party, the liberty movement, and grassroots Ronald Reagan Republicans.”[20] Massie was challenged by Democrat Bill Adkins in the general election, and was widely expected to win the election by a wide margin.[18][21]

Since being sworn in, Massie has voted on and co-sponsored several key pieces of legislation, including voting against the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, otherwise known as the NDAA,[32] and co-sponsoring legislation in favor of industrial hemp,[33] and repealing federal gun free zones in schools.[34] Massie also voted against the fiscal cliff deal, stating “This plan is Washington kicking the can down the road […] The modest spending cuts agreed to in the 2011 debt ceiling deal are postponed by this bill. This bill does nothing to reform our bloated tax code — in fact the bill perpetuates Obama’s failed stimulus spending within the tax code. Finally, it fails to address entitlement reform or the solvency of Social Security and Medicare.” [35] Massie also broke from the majority of his party by opposing the reelection of Speaker of the House John Boehner, instead casting his vote for Republican Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan.[36]


Thomas Massie represents the type of man who is supposed to be in congress.  As a free and independent thinker who was wealthy before ever stepping into office known forever as the inventor and proprietor of SensAble Technologies, being a politician for Massie is the way it should be for every congressional district in America.  Massie has talent and wisdom to offer based on a thus-far successful life, so he is not prone to the pressure of Congressional leadership attempting to force his vote in a whip, or to toe the line as a non-thinking representative of the 4th District.  Congressman Massie is what every member of congress should look like and after a few years of service, they should leave their congressional seats and return to their businesses.

Congressman should not hold a seat to earn the sizeable check or hold office for 20 to 30 years.  They should never seek to become wealthy off lobbyists.  They should 100% of the time vote their minds no matter what party they are from, and should never—EVER—vote as a compromise to collective democracy.  NEVER!  They should never allow their arms to be twisted in a way that their minds reject.  They should never be told how to vote, as was indicated by Massie during his speech.  There should never be a table of people who have read a 2000 page bill instructing congressman who have not read a bill how to vote.  To do so is to surrender the American representational republic to a thuggish mass driven democracy.

Out of the whole event at the Cincinnati Freedom Expo, out of all the wonderful speakers, it was Congressman Massie who spoke to me most clearly.  It was his words as a sitting congressman who confirmed much of what many already suspected.  Congress is corrupt beyond repair due the current trend allowing the philosophy of congress to be one of emphasis on democracy instead of a representative republic.  The former will slowly destroy itself as a mass of collective minds never succeeds, and cannot direct society in a positive direction.  Only independent minds committed to uncompromising truth can do so, and in the fog of the day, it is congressman like Thomas Massie who represents the best and brightest of how congress should operate.

Listening to Massie speak for me was the highlight of the evening, and worth the effort of the entire event.  In a simple 20 minute speech Massie summed up the goals of the Tea Party movement and displayed what is right in government so all could see what it is supposed to look like.  I appreciate all the readers here who approached me to talk and converse in person.  If I was distracted during Massie’s speech, I apologize because I was really enjoying what he was saying.  Congressman Massie represented not only the 4th Congressional District of Kentucky that evening of April 19th 2013, but the hearts and minds of millions of Tea Party Patriots who are hungry for honesty and clarity in a representative republic, perhaps for the first time in American history.  It’s not that the Tea Party wishes to return back to the yesteryear of a bygone era.  The American Constitution was manipulated and corrupted by incomplete minds and power-hungry politicians from the very start, so America has never fully been what it was designed to be.  But people like Congressman Massie are excellent examples of what America should be, and is what the Tea Party expects in elected representatives.  The people who the Tea Party must fight are those who would attempt to paint good people like Massie as radical extremists of “uncompromising” integrity.  Anyone who utters such a thing is a contributor to the looters of modern America, and villains to the lives of billions of innocents across the Earth.  Because as freedom lives or dies in America, there is no light left on Earth for any hopeful being to wake up and live on their own terms but in the shores of The United States.  And such hopes for such dreams are carried on the many strong backs of representatives like Congressman Massie and many thousands of less glamorous souls attending the halls of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center.

Rich Hoffman

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