Rich Hoffman on WAAM with Matt Clark: Why compromise is EVIL

Matt Clark from WAAM had me on his Sunday afternoon radio show to discuss the Cincinnati Freedom Expo at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center on April 19th 2013.  Matt had come down from Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend the event and meet with me personally.  As a bonus, he had the opportunity to also meet Doc Thompson from The Blaze radio network also in attendance.  The three of us have been on a kind of collision course for a long time as we have each fought our own portion of the battle for modern-day freedom independently.  The Freedom Expo was a chance for us all to meet on the same evening at the same place, as most of the time we have spoken primarily over radio airwaves.  So Matt took advantage of my invite to come to Northern Kentucky and be a part of the freedom festivities.  After a fabulous evening with a lot of color in dialogue spewing forth from multiple sources, Matt invited me to come on his Sunday show immediately following the event as Doc Thompson drove him back to his hotel at 2 AM.

A theme of the evening was the influx of young people who are now migrating to the Freedom Movement in large numbers.  As the founders of the Tea Party are aging, even though they started that way, it is the young who are beginning to find that the Tea Party is the only voice of reason available to them, as the political machines who handled America before their time have mismanaged the country toward statism, which has done a tremendous disservice to entire generations.  Matt Clark was certainly in that demographic.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE EXAMPLES.

One of the topics we discussed was the speech by Congressman Massie where he described how poorly congress prepares for their votes, and how arm twisting was common place in order to force consensus.  On many levels, we all know this goes on, but it was surreal to hear a sitting congressman speak about it so openly, and matter-of-fact.  That type of behavior has contributed to most of the evils young people fresh from their educations have to contend with as they graduate college to find a world that has hung  perilous debt at their feet.  Those educations have instructed them to “feel,” first and embrace their compassion for all life, leaving them totally unprepared to deal with the problems of our modern age which require logic to solve.  The education institutions have completely failed young people teaching them all the wrong skills for not only running government, but their own lives.  This has given inquiring minds no place to turn but to the Tea Party, which was born out of the kind of apathy Matt played in the Massie clips during our interview.

For those who have destroyed the world with misguided strategies of collectivism the pieces are laying about everywhere, and the minds of mankind is struggling to find out why it’s happening.  Bright minds with eyes willing to see notice the warning signs in the movies of our age, songs, literature, video games, and virtually anyone who still prides themselves of thinking.  But everyone gets the summary of the problem just a little wrong, because the true evil consuming America, and the world at large is the misguided premise of compromise being the guiding light of the current civilizations of planet Earth.  Compromise has ruined America and given young people no place to go or hope to cling to.  In virtually every business, every political endeavor, every relationship the word “compromise” is thrown about as if it were a gospel of almighty thought, yet it is the destroyer that has robbed young people of their future potential.

This realization hit me during Matt’s broadcast when he played the Massie clips.  Audio over a radio is more potent because like a book, it forces the mind to paint the picture of what is being said, as opposed to the visual senses providing the information like a baby eating from a jar a of baby food.  The evil that Massie was speaking about in congress is the same evil that is ruining schools, businesses, and all government activity–the evil of compromise.

Compromise is sold as an altruistic form of goodness, so the idea that compromise is the root of all evil is certainly an alien one to most people.  When Massie told the story of the GOP leader who instructed him he could vote the way he wanted “this time,” that was an attempt to “compromise” with Massie so that it would be realized that there would come a time when the vote was more important to vote the way leadership instructed—as a collective unit.  This astonished Massie, because as a congressman, he was willing to do the work of reading the bills he’s responsible for.  It was an insult to him that the GOP would expect him to vote any other way but the results of his thinking mind.  This is because the machine politics of the GOP desired “non-thinking” compliance to the collective order of the right leaning political party. They expected Massie to collect his tax payer funded check and to vote the way he was told, and this has been going on for decades.  It’s certainly not a new phenomenon.

Compromise is evil because there is only one right answer in any given argument.  A thief cannot be a thief by themselves.  First someone must produce something of value before the thief can steal it.  In such a relationship only the person who has something of value losses anything.  When the thief attempts to take all or a part of the valuable something, they call it compromise.  The producer calls it theft.  Barack Obama and other socialists call such an act “wealth redistribution.”  But the intention is the same in all cases.  When a drunken uncle asks his straight as an arrow brother to go into business with him as a partner, the brother says yes out of obligation to his sibling, because he may feel sorry for the drunk.  But once the two brothers are in business together, the drunk has little to offer leaving the straight business partner to do all the work. The success of the business rests completely on the straight business partner while the drunken uncle can only gain from the relationship. If the business fails, the drunken uncle returns to his bottle, but his brother’s reputation may be ruined forever from the failure.  This is why Matt and I began our broadcast with the 53% comparison that was made so famous during the Mitt Romney campaign.  It is well-known that roughly 47% of the country does not pay federal taxes.  But 53% pay for 100% of the country’s needs, and I am proudly one of those 53%.  Yet I find myself in an unwilling partnership with those leeching 47% who refuse to manage their lives, or conduct themselves with productivity, because it is easier to “compromise” with me through votes in the government to steal my wealth for their gain.  These arrangements are made possible because of scenarios like the one outlined by Congressman Massie at The Cincinnati Freedom Expo.

Compromise is not good, because always the value of one thing is reduced when portions of it are divided up and consumed out of a dedication to fairness rather than the truth.  Those who fear the truth are always those who reserve the right to compromise with someone else so that they earn value in their life by the act of compromise.  But the compromise of right to wrong comes from a value somewhere, and it is always from that value that something is stolen.  This is why the political landscape of modern America is considered so immoral, and ruthlessly decadent.  People like Congressman Massie are expected to compromise their beliefs for the benefit of the collective GOP.  Such a compromise makes the collective sum of congress better off the efforts of Massie, while Massie comes away from such events less than what he was in the beginning.  In the compromise, Massie had something to give while those representing all the incorrect answers had only to gain from the Congressman.

This is the reason for the increases in young people who wish to join the Tea Party with greater numbers.  Young people have been lied to, manipulated, and tricked into compromises from before they were even born by the kind of leeches who whisper in Congressman Massie’s ear on how he is expected to vote.  Young people are learning that there are no answers in either political party for them.  They are looking for something else.  They are looking for a chance, and they won’t find it in the present system of statism that is built around the premise of compromise.  So they are coming to events like The Cincinnati Freedom Expo in greater numbers, because they are tired of it.

When Matt Clark says on his radio show that he is intending to “Save the Republic” one show at a time, he means it.  As one of those young people, he has no illusions that anything current politicians utter are any greater than a terrible lie.  When that realization hits, a person has only a few choices, they can dig a hole and hide their heads, or they can start to fight back to take what is rightfully theirs.  In the case of the second option it is “compromise” that starts the corrosive process that delivers human beings into slavery, the kind of slavery young people all across America are currently chained to.  What makes people free is their ability to think, and when the mind is robbed from a person through compromise, or dedication to collective causes they have lost their freedoms in the worst way.  Matt understands this, and it is through his program on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan that he is dedicated to stopping such intrusions, one broadcast at a time no matter how wonderful the weather is outside.  Because the fight is worth it, and fortunately Matt is no longer alone in a wasteland of compromise built by generations of fools who placed their values in the wrong strategy of saving the world by destroying all the good in it so there wouldn’t be any opposition to evil ending conflict for all time.  It is now time to stop compromising with evil, and to stare it straight in the eye and dig our fingers into its sockets with a ferocity that it has never seen popping out their ability to have vision, and fill that empty socket with spittle, and declare, “That is the new way that the good ‘compromises’ with evil!”

Rich Hoffman

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