The Cincinnati Freedom Expo Speech by K Carl Smith: Ending modern slavery to a government master

One of the most inspiring speeches at the 2013 Cincinnati Freedom Expo came from K Carl Smith founder of the Frederick Douglass Republicans.  Smith as a father and grandfather is an unyielding defender of the Constitution, who has been deeply inspired by the Founding Fathers—a message that has the political left terrified.  As a man of color, Smith has taken the very bold steps of declaring his individuality of thought into advocating his beliefs which unfortunately is unique among African-American demographics who overwhelmingly support the current president Barack Obama not from principle, but due to skin color.  K Carl Smith during his speech to a crowd of thousands was a breath of fresh air as he proudly set the record straight on a number of misconceptions not just related to race, but the little known history of Fredrick Douglass which many in the African-American communities of today are deliberately prevented from learning about in government-run schools.  Such an attempt would logically appear to be one not much different from when slavery in America was practiced, as slave holders attempted to prevent human beings from learning to read, so slaves would not gain the mental capacity to advance their social position.  In the absence of thought, human beings of all color regulate themselves to collectivism and tribal behavior.  Public schools, especially in inner cities are more committed to political preservation and demographic bloc votes than lighting up the young minds of millions with the truth about Frederick Douglass.  That is………..until K Carl Smith came on the scene in 2009 with a message that threatens to ignite a revolution of conservatism in African-American circles and truly end the kind of education slavery that is currently under way in the world of politics.

Frederick Douglass (1817-1895), was an American abolitionist, orator, and writer, who escaped slavery and urged other blacks to do likewise before and during the American Civil War (1861-1865). He was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland, the son of a slave. In 1838 Douglass escaped slavery and reached New Bedford, Massachusetts. Following an antislavery convention in 1841, he became an agent of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. His work for the Underground Railroad, a network that helped slaves escape to free areas, did much to further the cause of the abolitionists and made his name a symbol of freedom.

In 1845 Douglass went to England to escape the danger of seizure under the Fugitive Slave Laws. His lectures on the question of slavery in the United States prompted his admirers to raise funds to purchase his freedom. After returning to the United States in 1847, Douglass became the leader of the Underground Railroad in Rochester, New York. There he established the abolitionist newspaper North Star, which he edited until 1860.

During the presidential election of 1860 Douglass campaigned for Abraham Lincoln. Following the outbreak of the American Civil War (1861-1865), he helped raise two regiments of black soldiers. After the war, Douglass fought for enactment of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. He later served in governmental positions, including U.S. minister to Haiti (1889-1891).[1]

Douglass supported the Republican Abraham Lincoln who finished the work started by Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers in 1770 when Jefferson represented a slave in court arguing for his freedom stating “Under the law of nature, all men are born free.  Everyone comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will.  This is what is called personal liberty, and is giving him by the Author of Nature.” Tragically Jefferson lost the case.  In 1772, he also argued a similar case.  In 1773 and 1774 a number of American colonies, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, passed antislavery laws, all of which were struck down by the King in 1774.  That year according to David Barton in his book The Jefferson Lies, Jefferson penned “A Summary View of the Rights of British America.”  His purpose was to remind the British that legitimate American concerns were being ignored—one of which was the king’s veto of American antislavery laws.  Jefferson wrote, “The abolition of domestic slavery is the great object of desire in those colonies where it was unhappily introduced in their infant state (by Britain).  But previous to the enfranchisement of the slaves we have, it is necessary to exclude all further importations from Africa.  Yet our repeated attempts to effect this…have been hitherto defeated by His Majesty’s negative (veto).”  It was the King of England at the time who imposed slavery on America against the will and desires of people like Jefferson who inherited his slaves.  As considered property he could not release his slaves to the world to be free, but he could allow them to reside as such on his real estate—which was how many abolitionists were forced to conduct their rebellion against the King and England’s pro slave policies.

Anti-slavery was one of the key reasons for igniting the American Revolution, and if that act of rebellion had not occurred, it is most likely that slavery would still be openly practiced throughout the world.  The Founding Fathers started the dialogue and created the means for patriots like Frederick Douglas to escape slavery and help self-taught politicians like Abraham Lincoln get elected and fight the second part of the American Revolution, the final nail in the coffin of slavery, the Civil War.  It was capitalism that set the slaves free in the north by creating a Constitution that allowed for laissez-faire capitalism.  Machines, innovation, and improved manufacturing techniques allowed the north to show the world that production could be obtained without statism and forced breaking the chains of enslavement on the human mind for the first time in the history of the world, and the revolution of which Frederick Douglass participated in by helping Lincoln become President was one to wipe the last remnants of European slave culture off the North American continent once and for all.

However, jealous Europeans settled America after the War of 1812 and determined to end American independence with education instead of guns—as the later did not work as the British were again defeated in 1815 for good by Andrew Jackson and a band of hearty pirates lead by Jean Lafitte (c. 1776 – c. 1823)  These Victorians entered New England and brought with them the work of Karl Marx and a not so disguised notion of new slavery through the destruction of capitalism in favor of a political system that would preserve European domination of the world through socialism.  As Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln worked to free the slaves, European socialists immigrating into the United States seeking work as educators sought the return of all human beings to the psychological chains of socialism.   The chains of slavery had evolved simply from literal chains to the mental ones of progressivism.   The intent of both was to control the thoughts of mankind in service to collective ideology.

When K Carl Smith spoke in his speech about modern slavery, this was his frame of reference.  When racism is used by the political left and progressive groups to hold as a rally cry historical revision completely made up by left-leaning educators to hold the demographic voting bloc of African-Americans they are practicing modern slavery that is little different from the slavery practiced by the American South sanctioned by the King of England prior to the Revolutionary War.  When public education deliberately attempts to manipulate history, or deny knowledge to young people, especially young African-Americans so that they will vote for Barack Obama because of skin color and loyalty to civil rights causes ignoring the obvious commitment of the American President to socialism, they are guilty of modern slavery.  The practice of teaching revisionist history is no different from the slave owner who prevented their slaves from learning to read so they could keep them ignorant, and thus dependent on the master for their life and earnings.  Any political group that attempts to hold the mind of another in a suppressed state is guilty of slavery and in modern politics, it happens all the time.  This is what K Carl Smith is fighting against, the modern slavery of suppressing the human mind from thinking, and knowing history and the realities of the American Constitution.

When a statist regime, such as what the current American government is, attempts to pay women to have babies, take control of their health care, their financial resources, and even their housing, the government is performing the same task as the slave master who tells their slaves that it is they who puts a roof over their head, feeds them, and gives them life.  The slave master can continue this only if they keep those slaves from knowing the truth, from learning to read or interacting with other minds.  The ghettos of inner cities are in the state they are not because the people who live there are free, but because they are still slaves.  The real shackles and whips that were used in the past to draw blood have been traded in for ignorance preached in public schools, and financial dependency which arrives in their mailboxes in the form of a check from government.   In this way, the chains are not needed, because the minds of the slave have been suppressed so that they never stray too far from their mailboxes, where the money arrives.  In return, the slave holding government gets not labor, but votes so that they can continue to stay in office for the same intimidating reasons that the King of England denied Jefferson the abolition of slaves in 1770.  The goal of all statist governments is to convince their slaves to do their labor under coercion for the strategic aims of the ruling minority.  The slaves can be literal, or figurative, but the behavior and aims are all the same.  K Carl Smith is preaching against modern slavery, and is using the example of Frederick Douglass to bring freedom to all men and women of all colors, and it was a pleasure to hear him speak.  He is a wonderful advocate of freedom that is performing a monumental modern feat that is in essence the third step of removing slavery from the world.  K Carl Smith is attacking through his Frederick Douglass Republicans the notion that slavery of a human being is not being done today in the traditional sense, but through the human mind, and real freedom begins and ends there.  It is his effort to break that slavery once and for all in the African-American communities and for that he is a modern hero that will earn a place in history comparable to the giants of history hitherto mentioned.

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