The Beauties of Liberty: Human evolution advances

Beauties of LibertyMany people outside of the Liberty Movement believe incorrectly that all members of the Tea Party and related libertarian leaning activity are the work of old people and stuffy traditionalists who simply want to rewind America back to the 1950s.   That is not the case as a core group of freedom fighters representing a growing demographic gathered for some table pounding and beer slinging at the Hofrauhause in Newport, Kentucky and proved convincingly that America is changing for the better.  After the booming success of the Cincinnati Freedom Expo just across the Licking River at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center this group gathered to outline the next steps of freedom advancement.  The event was a planned meeting of some of the most dedicated and dynamic individuals in the freedom movement which went on till the small hours past midnight.    And of this rather large group, at 45-years-old I was clearly one of the oldest at the table with Doc Thompson sharing with me the fatherly role compared to the youth driving the content.  Across from me sat three women who by any standard were very attractive and represent accurately the future of liberty in America.  When the revolutionaries of 1773 gathered under The Liberty Tree in Boston to launch the pursuit of freedom that would create the idea of America, the meeting at the Hofrauhause in 2013 was made of the same type of minds.  The women pictured above were none other than Libertarian Girl, known famously for her Barbi doll appearance and passionate love of guns that are .50 caliber or larger, Rachael Proctor from the Tea Party Patriots who is nationally known for her protests against public education indoctrination elaborately broadcast on Fox and Friends, and of course my wife, who does more than anyone will ever know in making it possible for me to do the work I do here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  If the liberty movement of 1773 was called The Sons of Liberty the women gathered before me would hold the updated title The Beauties of Liberty.

ENDIRSI enjoyed listening to Libertarian Girl argue with the two guys sitting next to me about the evils of public roads, and the statism of the police who attempted to harass her upon entering the Hofrauhause by going through her bag.  After nearly getting arrested she arrived in front of me to argue the merits of freedom over statism, decriminalizing marijuana, attacks against the second amendment, and the many jarring follies of the current President.  I thought to debate her over her marijuana beliefs as I stand against all drugs because of the mental “evasion” qualities typical of them, and just enjoyed the banter because it was intelligent.  Libertarian Girl represented a new kind of young, attractive woman who is not the prissy fashion model of yesterday who couldn’t name how many states are in The United States, or even know who the vice president was.  Libertarian Girl was deeply intelligent, and very passionate, and nobody was going to mess with her.  The Hofrauhause was crowded at 1 AM, with people dancing on the tables and making quite a ruckus.  Libertarian Girl moved about the room in a high cut skirt displaying the tattoo of a garter on her upper thigh and a low-cut top that hid very little.  No human being at the Hofrauhause turned away from her appearance as she strutted confidently about the room warning all not to engage unless they wished to meet with a slaughter.  When a few “considered” engaging her in some fashion her response was a standard, “don’t f**K with me.”  It was a pleasure to dine with such a woman who let my son-in-law know that her real name was Mary.  Young, fearless, deeply intelligent, and willing to engage in fisticuffs of conflict in less than a second, I knew I was meeting the youthful representative of the modern Liberty Movement that will someday populate stories of folklore.shoot

You can see and read more about Libertarian Girl at the following link:

Next to Libertarian Girl was Rachael Proctor who is the Regional Support of the Southeast States for the Tea Party Patriots.  Rachael is involved on many liberty fighting fronts, but it was her appearance on Fox & Friends that linked her passions with mine so integrally.  When her daughter had been exposed to open indoctrination at her public school Rachael went from being a well spoken and extremely articulate young woman to a vicious protector not only of her child but of American liberty, and capitalism.  When her first-grader’s participation in an Earth Day program at school was discovered teaching their class a song with the following lyrics, the gloves came off.Rachael-Proctor-of-TPP

Recycle, bicycle, don’t you drive by yourself
Don’t buy those plastic products on the supermarket shelf.
Boycott, petition, let the big business know
That if we mess it up here
there’s nowhere else we can go.

IMAGE_573Rachael and I got along fabulously because of our shared interest in public education reform specifically focused on ending liberal indoctrination of young people using tax money to do it.  What impressed me most about Rachael Proctor was her firm grace, sweeping knowledge of national affairs, and an obvious commitment to her family.  She and my wife got alone wonderfully as they are both mothers actively involved in a pursuit of liberty.  Neither woman was a crazed lunatic or social malcontent.  Both women a decade ago would have been socially expected to be runway models for Victoria’s Secret, not slamming mugs of Dunkel at the Hofrauhause in Newport and discussing the evils of quantitative easing.  Times have changed for the better.

You can see and read more about Rachael at the article below with video from the Fox and Friends clip where she made her appearance.

IMAGE_564Even though the women across my table impressed me, our group was a big one, with a lot of planning going on up and down it that will be revealed in strategic bursts in the months to come.  Next to me toward the middle of the group was Doc Thompson and his producer Skip from The Blaze radio network.  During our meeting Glenn Beck gave Doc the “green light” for a special show to cover the Boston Marathon Bomber who had just been taken into custody a few hours prior.  Across from Doc was my friend Matt Clark, a talk radio host from Ann Arbor, Michigan on WAAM.  Next to Doc was Sharon Poe who helps me keep track of all the school levy business in and around Southern Ohio.  Next to them were some “illustrious politicians” who will go un-named.  And down the table were Ann Becker President of the Cincinnati Tea Party with Chris Littleton and a small army of number crunchers whose political geekness would make the stars of the popular television show Big Bang Theory look like unsophisticated trilobites.  There was a lot of yelling with both ends of the table shouting down to the other as the limbs of the modern Liberty Tree bloomed in the drunken halls of Newport’s Hofrauhause.  The chance for such a diverse group to meet in the same place at the same time wasn’t neglected.

The participants in the new Liberty Movement are not the grandparents who regret their acceptance of LBJ’s Great Society, or addicts of Social Security who supported FDR because he gave them free stuff and just now have come to their senses regretting youthful voting decisions.  These new freedom fighters are attractive—AND—intelligent, which makes for a very dangerous combination.  If I had to guess I would bet that the three beautiful women pictured above, these modern Beauties of Liberty have read more books just between them than the entire town populations of most American communities.  To make matters worse for those who stand in the way of freedom, the truth is on their side.  Libertarian Girl has all the right in the world to wear her mini/mini/mini skirt to the gun range and fire off rounds with a .50 caliber machine gun.  The Second Amendment gives her that right and she knows it, and anybody who stands in her way is itching for an intellectual beat down.  When Rachael Proctor discovered during her very busy life that her child’s public school was attempting to indoctrinate students against capitalism in favor of socialism (the green movement) she went on Fox News and took the argument to a very high level, forcing changes in education not just in her school, but education institutions across the country.  IMG_1686These new women of the Freedom Movement are not the stereotypical beauties who might hang out in casinos waiting for a victim to come away from the tables as a winner so they could move the world in their favor based on sexuality.  These new Tea Party women have the physical traits fully capable of siren songs rivaling any sailors tale, but have the added threat of intelligence—and truth in their arsenal, which was a welcome realization.  In addition to the sign stimuli of the sexes, there is wit to these freedom fighters that makes them a breed onto themselves, and an important part of the new phase of liberty which is spreading not by legislation, speeches, or even logic—but by the youth. Young people like Libertarian Girl, and Rachael Proctor know they have been scammed and have decided they aren’t going to take it anymore, and in so doing, are set to usher in a new age for the human race—one that is centered on freedom, and ends with the evolution of the human being into something better than what it has ever been prior–free people capable of governing themselves by reason, not legislation carefully concealed behind the threat of coercion.

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

7 thoughts on “The Beauties of Liberty: Human evolution advances

  1. I know women who can name all FIVE
    States of The United States;
    Washington D.C,, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands,
    Guam, Marianne’s Islands.
    Those are the States in the United States.
    Neo, are you awake yet? Can you hear me here in the real world? Or are you too old for me to free your mind?



      1. Yep,
        Only five States in the United States! Washington D.C., Guam, Marianne’s Islands, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico!
        Since 1868 The United States just happens to offer “Municipal Services” and a “Employee Benefits” package to anyone who signs up from the fifty Neighboring Countries such as Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, California.
        To administer their benefits program The United States set up its own consulate in each of the neighboring countries. Their consulate in Ohio is called STATE OF OHIO. So many people signed up for the foreign country’s benefits package that they completely forgot about their own country’s government!
        They even forgot to show up for the elections!
        So the governments of all those countries except Texas were abandoned as nearly all the State Citizens signed up for foreign citizen ship in the tiny neighbor The United States.
        The State Citizens were Republic Citizens. They had rights protected by their Republics.
        The U.S. citizen is classed as property of The United States under Article IV of the 1872 CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. That is not the old Republic Constitution from 1789 called Constitution for the United States of America.
        Property has no rights.
        Men and Women have rights, U.S. citizens have none, they are State Property to be disposed of “not withstanding anything else in this Constitution…”

        And yes you are too old! But maybe there is still hope. It’s easy blowing twenty year old minds out of The Matrix. In fact I have a personal weekly quota I maintain!
        A twenty year old takes me three sessions and a total of thirty minutes of my time. BOOM ! They are free to fly never to return to slavery.
        Even easier, Foreigners at age twenty take only five minutes! Tells you something about the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland!
        By age forty five it takes months to cult deprogramme a, well, a program (Tron Legacy).
        So I could explain it to your kids in a few minutes and then they could then spend months explaining it to you two.
        Like computers. Five minutes the kids get it, then spend a year trying to clue us Dinosaurs in.
        I’m leaving Ohio FOREVER Monday.
        Let me know if you can handle stepping it up a level or two. I’ll give you the Guided tour Flyover for The Matrix. I do this all day every day to save the kids.


  2. Nice post Killer. Even I love a looker who is like-minded. Beauty lies in the soul. You were clearly surrounded by hottness!!!!!!!


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