Chris Finney the Super Lawyer: Teaching children what “JUSTICE” looks like

When it is asked why there are a growing number of people who are fighting back against public education and not treating it as a “benefit” to society, the answer comes from the arrogance and blatant disregard for the law that is often exhibited by the administrations.  Anyone who has had to fight against school levies caused by the never-ending push for government schools to continuously raise taxes on property owners knows the evils that are found just surface deep.  There are no exceptions that I know of out of several hundred schools just in Ohio where I participate in active correspondence with frustrated taxpayers.  There is a very good reason that public schools employ public relations handlers, and those reasons become grotesquely obvious if examined through the lenses of logic.  In Ohio, it is the work of attorney Christopher Finney who has used logic through his legal practice to expose the raw arrogance of public education institutions with many courtroom victories.  His most recent to date is from Cincinnati Public Schools where Superintendent Mary Ronan along with various CPS board members, principals and employees, as well as a few local political activists, were guilty of encouraging students to write letters to the editors of newspapers to support their tax increases, and other related violations of State Revised Code.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPECIFIC INFORMATION ON THAT CODE.  Finney came to the West Chester Tea Party to speak about his experiences fighting public education legal violations and provide advice to tax payers on how they can stop such activity from occurring in their districts seen in the video below.

The obvious crime committed by CPS was the open tendency to abuse public resources by conscripting children into political indentured servitude as part of the education experience.  There is a state law outlawing this behavior; where Finney has dragged them into court (kicking and screaming) – three times! CPS has signed a contract admitting to and agreeing to end the behavior – which they have ignored year after year!  Each time CPS stood before a judge in a court of law yammering as to their entitlement mentality where it became more obvious to everyone, that perhaps no cost was too high, no public shaming too great, nothing would get public education personnel at CPS to restrain themselves from committing crimes against their communities.  They would not adhere to state law, or a judicial order, not even common sense.  This is why Finney has had a very busy legal practice that extends back into the Clinton era fighting the good fight and attempting to enforce constitutional justice with a purity that is rare among attorneys.

Chris Finney is a shareholder in his firm, where he concentrates in commercial and constitutional litigation as well as matters of real estate law and title to real estate.

He won an important victory in 1997 in the First Amendment rights case styled Kruse, et al. v. City of Cincinnati, et al., in which the City of Cincinnati’s campaign spending limits ordinance was ruled unconstitutional. In 1998, the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the case, preserving victory for Mr. Finney’s clients. It was in part as a result of this victory that Mr. Finney was named one of eight “Ohio Lawyers of the Year” for 1998 by Ohio Lawyer Weekly.  In 2010, Mr. Finney also prevailed in the case of Brinkman, et al. v. Budish, et al., a landmark decision striking down Ohio’s “revolving door” statue.  Mr. Finney’s other high-profile victories have included the “Votes for Ice Cream” scandal at the Cincinnati Public Schools, and the defeat of Congressman Jean Schmidt in the defamation action styled Schmidt v. Krikorian, et al.  His work has been featured in such publications as the New York Times, USA Today, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and on Fox News.

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One can only guess at the behavioral tendencies of education professionals, but it has been my observation that the common trait is the sense of entitlement which comes with their professions.  Government schools have established themselves as co-parents in the lives of children, and this is by their initial design extending back to the beginning of the progressive era.  Parents yielded their authority to educators in the same fashion that they did with the police.  Parents taught their children to submit to authority which the teacher represented and over time, this has corrupted the minds of educators by natural default.  In addition, educators have also been told by their unions, and the federal Department of Education that public schools have an important indoctrination role to perform in shaping the lives of society into a kind of soft socialism that has been so universally accepted in Europe.  The result is a culture of terror to any mind craving freedom and an army of educators funded with looted tax money from virtually every citizen in The United States who owns property.  The scam has been launched on the innocent backs of children to fulfill the tyrannical desires of communism destroying the notion of private property through two strategies, direct taxation, and social indoctrination.  Public education is a menace to the concept of capitalism.

This is the reason people like Chris Finney are needed.  Anyone who has had to fight taxes knows the perils.  Over the last couple of years Chris and I have crossed paths speaking at different venues, sometimes together such as in the clip below, as he was on before my presentation.  At that speaking engagement Finney covered the context of The Sunshine Laws which are designed to keep government activity in the light of day for the public to witness.  Too often, when elected officials such as school boards are involved in activity they know to be bordering legality, they will attempt to conceal it in “executive session” which is against The Sunshine Laws in the State of Ohio.

Violations against the tax payer can be found in nearly every public school.  This is the reason there are public records options so that tax payers can view the behavior of their elected officials.  But over time, people have become lazy, and have not shown a desire to have such unpleasant confrontations, allowing corruption, cronyism, apathy, and outright evil to rule government schools without resistance and the employees have become accustom to it.  This would seem to be the reason that Superintendent Mary Ronan cannot change the behavior at CPS even though Chris Finney has dragged them into court over three times now.  They simply don’t know how to do anything but commit detrimental behavior because that’s how they were all trained.  Public schools only know how to be leeches off society, they only know to drain the wealth of communities, and teach children political activism because these are the central philosophies of which public schools was designed.  To change the behavior would require competitive alternatives and free market solutions.  As they stand now, public schools are simply socialist experiments.  They produce socialists in a meat grinder of processing that stands against virtually everything America is supposed to stand for.

It is paramount to fight these education institutions if not for ideological merit, but for teaching children the way that justice should appear in their lives.  Such fights can easily be conducted in any neighborhood with a public records request.  The law is on the side of the tax fighter, and most of the time, crimes will be easy to spot.  As a general rule, large school districts with vast budgets hire public relations handlers to produce a facade that is at best a thin veil.  Their primary purpose is to keep the public from looking too closely at the affairs of their local government schools so that the desire for public records requests is not provoked.  Smaller districts without such public relations budgets are much easier to expose, and many crimes can be revealed quickly with simple document pulls.  And when severe crimes are discovered, then it is time to call Chris Finney so that he can take the next step and bring justice to the eyes of the educators.   In doing so, children can then learn what justice is supposed to look like; instead of witnessing crimes every day in their school hallways and noticing how nobody does anything about it.  In this way, children throw hope out the window and lower their expectations in life to a tragically low bar.  This is the ultimate evil of public education, and the trait that Chris Finney has become a specialist at exposing.  Finney is one of the very good guys who have found a way to match his professional career with his passion for Constitutional purity and he’s very good at it, much to the detriment of government schools and their philosophy of socialism that is as much a part of their culture as food is to a dinner.

Rich Hoffman

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