Pull Your Children From Public School: I DARE ANYBODY to argue the “statism” behind Common Core

When many years ago my wife and I pulled our kids out of public school to teach them at home there was a fury among our friends and family members that really never ended.  I have never been a fan of public education.  I rebelled against it as a youth with every fiber in my body.  I’ve always seen public education as dangerous, brainless, and a menace to the human race.  But while I was raising my own children, I was willing to give society the benefit of a doubt, so I let my kids attend those indoctrination centers knowing that I had the ability to deprogram them with copious amounts of fatherly advice.  But when the obvious intentions of public education made themselves known, my reaction has been either to pull my children from their tyrannical grip, or starve the beast by denying them funding through taxation.  And those true intentions have never been more evident than they are now over the issue of Common Core instruction.

I am obviously not a supporter of Common Core in public schools.  Common Core is an honest attempt by the political class to bring the standards of all public education establishments up to the same level so everyone attending a government school is getting the same knowledge.  The intention as it always is–is a good one.   I sincerely believe that the characters involved truly believe they are doing well for humanity and the world’s children.  That is because their own educations have taught them to think in such a fashion, and their ignorance as tribal leaders of the human race has misguided their logic.  The result of Common Core is and will be that good schools will be pulled down to the level of bad schools making all schools “bad.”

For most adults they want their children to get out of public education the “social” experience of making friends who are their age, have exposure to team sports, and gain the basic abilities to read, write, and do some math.  Outside of those basics, they also want out of public education a free baby sitter to watch their children during the daytime hours while the parents pursue “other” activities.  This was not my goal upon raising my children.  I wanted to raise philosophers and great thinkers, and they were not going to get to such a lofty height of mental acuity listening to some raving lunatic stand at the front of a room preaching to them the merits of liberal philosophy, so my wife and I pulled them out of school.   The protests that came from our family and friends were because they had all bought into Lyndon Johnston’s Great Society idea of strong central government and a persistent yielding to the village chiefs of politics.  Such yielding assumes that “other” people know better and are smarter, so they are equipped mentally to shape the lives of our youth.

I have always been weary of public education, but I tried to suppress that sentiment when I created No Lakota Levy to stand against my own neighborhood school system’s bottomless pit of tax requests.  After successfully defeating three consecutive levies, my group demanded that the administration ask the employees of the teacher’s union to take a 5% cut in pay as the average wage was $63K per year—which was too much.  They ignored those demands and revealed that their impact strategy as an institution under the command of modern politics was not in the education of children otherwise they would not have attempted to hurt children with pay-for-play sports, cutting electives, and other hardships.  Their impact strategy was to fulfill the desires of socialists, communists, and Fabian Socialists who infected American education through the Department of Education many years ago, changing their names to “progressive,” and “democrats,” then seeking to pull the wool over the eyes of America by conning us all into funding our own destruction eroding away the values of our property for the “good of children.”  Once this was understood by facts rather than theory, I was officially done with support of public education of any kind.  I am no longer an advocate for reasonable fiscal spending in public schools.  Instead, I am an advocate for the complete dismantling of public education to be replaced by competitive replacements.  I do not want “the government” to teach the youth of America.  They cannot be trusted.  The evidence is in and it is everywhere.

The news revealed by the Glenn Beck program and other sources is not new to me.  I have been where they are currently for a long, long time.  The unintended consequence of Common Core instruction for anybody who is on the fence currently will be 100% the advancement of “statism” to the youth of America, and that is not acceptable.   Government does not understand any other concept besides “statism.”  It’s not that they can help it……………they can’t.  Statism is the result of all government to seek ways to preserve itself as a collective unit.  Statism is an old, archaic social idea that has outlived its usefulness.  It is a shackle upon the human race, and has no place in the minds of mankind.  Common Core in American schools is “statism” instruction, which is why it must be rejected not only as a federal program, but also the premise of their entire education system.  It must be scrapped and completely re-thought from the ground up for it’s a menace to children’s minds.

For my needs public education was never sufficient.  It wasn’t when I went to school, and it wasn’t certainly for my own children.  Public education was so unimportant to my wife that she didn’t even graduate with her class even though she was an honor student.  She simply received her graduation certificate in the mail skipping the ceremony completely.  And we’ve only been to one class reunion.  We went to my fifth and realized that we had grown so far away from all those people that we had nothing in common with them.  We’ve never attended another one in over twenty years now, and never regretted it for a single moment.  My children did the same.  Both of them spent their senior years traveling Europe as their school friends were attending their graduation ceremonies and getting drunk with senseless mental evasion techniques (smoking pot, drinking alcohol, and watching mindless programs on television—all things that I am adamantly against).  I remember that my oldest daughter had sent me a text message with pictures from the Terracotta Army on display at the British Museum of Natural History she was attending on the same night that Lakota was graduating their students from her senior class.  She wasn’t missing anything by skipping out on the ridiculousness of public education and the Fabian Socialist attempts to dumb down the students so that they all grow up and become willing servants to the kings and queens of politics.  She was living real life and studying real history up close and personal.

Common Core is everything and more that Glenn Beck has stated in the above videos.  Most everyone reading this will likely have difficulty understanding since they have accepted that public education is some kind of civil right, and that it’s all about friends, school jackets and a sense of belonging to greater concepts than oneself.  I call public education collectivist indoctrination.  For virtually every modern problem coming from the minds of human beings everywhere from their sexual dysfunction, to their lack of mental capacity in the field of business, to their family issues, to their utmost failures in politics, to the growing acceptance of socialism over capitalism, it is the fault of government-run public schools. Common Core is just the most recent debacle that has good, pure, intentions which in reality turn out to be destructive to the minds of children because the idea came from statists taught their values through the political philosophy of socialism.  With that in mind it deserves to be met with resistance, revulsion, skepticism, and tenacious defunding of the program so that it doesn’t spread to another generation of young people and destroy their minds like a rotten apple that has fallen to the ground and been consumed by parasitic insects.  We already have more than three generations of rotten apples, and another one will end American culture, which is the Fabian Socialist plan, and has been from the beginning.  Common Core is a parasite to the mind of mankind because it is a statist policy that will instruct children to grow up with a statist mindset.  And statism leads to perpetual war, perpetual tax increases, perpetual expansion of government, and perpetual regression of the creative mind for all human beings.  That is why if you truly love your children, they should be removed from any school that is accepting Common Core as their new standard.  And because of the federal money involved, most schools will be accepting Common Core.  That leaves American society with a difficult decision to make—one that I understand completely.  I’ve been there myself.  But I’ve told the story of what I did and why, and I can report that my family is better for it.  The question is what will you do dear reader?  Will you take the easy path of blind acceptance in government leadership, or will you carve your own path through the wilderness of uncertainty?  I’d recommend the later, and your children will be much better for it.

If you are uncertain, I suggest watching all the videos above thoroughly, and do your own research.  The evidence is extremely easy to see for eyes willing to see it.  And if you disagree, I “DARE” you to argue with me.  I’ve been at this a long time, and I know what’s behind the education system.  So if you think I’m wrong, make your best argument.

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


8 thoughts on “Pull Your Children From Public School: I DARE ANYBODY to argue the “statism” behind Common Core

  1. Wonderful expose of what is going on in education and in our nation. Common Core is just another name for a string of programs set up by the teacher’s union along with the feds. Outcome Based Education, School to Work etc. All have promised outstanding academic educations to our children. Just the reverse happened and that was the intention.

    Ms. Mantia wrote an article (I suspect the highly paid Public Relations person actually wrote the piece) lauding a few students who have accomplished outstanding things in their professional lives. I know that there are many outstanding students that went on to accomplish great things. The ones that I know had the benefit of highly motivated and involved parents. Most of those parents were college graduates and accomplished in their own professsions. The children actually added to the district and a few were teaching the advanced classes instead of the teacher. She should talk about the students that are doomed to a life of minimum wage jobs. What can the district do to help motivate these kids. What teacher’s will stay after school and help them academically? Few.

    Why doesn’t Mantia expose her entire agenda? Let us know where she intends to spend our money. I say starve the beast too. These people are union thugs and have no intention of changing. If they cared, they would stop the negotiating for more money, more benefits, smaller classes, shorter days, tenure etc. etc. None of this adds to the education of our children. Teachers used to be dedicated to their profession. Now they refuse to accept that philosophy.


    1. I’m glad you brought that up. She seeks to loot off the individual abilities of a few so that the collective can have their credit. I thought the piece written for her by Randy was despicable. If I were the parents of those kids, I would be really upset about it.


  2. Well I wouldn’t be fool enough to argue with what you are saying. The schools are prisons for children.
    I believe it is more than a coincidence that the exact same contractors build both the schools and the prisons. One is an indoctrination camp for children, the other is a re-education camp for adults.
    So, yes the public schools are in fact a prison for young minds.

    The purpose of The Crown Schools is to produce a uniform product for sale on world markets (slaves).
    Shares in “the product” are then issued by the Federal Reserve to buyers (slave traders) worldwide.
    If the “product” does not perform as promised by the Federal Reserve (work properly) then the product is
    retrieved from the Plantation and salvaged for rehabilitation. See non-conforming goods under the UCC.

    The Crown Corporation is only interested in producing predictably performing goods (slaves) for world markets. Until you understand that the students are commercial products there can be no discussion about what is “wrong” with the Crown Schools. There is nothing wrong. The schools are performing exactly as The Crown Corporation deems appropriate. You didn’t expect the British to teach Americans how to actually read did you? not just sound out words. If the Crown Schools taught Americans how to read then they would quickly realize that the American People are not a Party to any of the four Constitutions!

    The American People are THE PROPERTY under article IV of the second Constitution circa 1871.

    Goods. The Crown Schools turn out goods for world markets, the children are goods!
    If you call that wrong, well, it is what it is.

    The Oracle


    1. Good to hear from The Oracle. Not many comment but there are a lot of lurkers in the background–most of them enemies of course.

      I will check out more about the Crown Schools since you brought it up.


  3. Many believe that the “Crown” still owns the U.S.A. This is another topic. Barry is right about the
    government schools preparing the children to become docile slaves for the corporation. Thus we
    don’t have a war on drugs – we do have an enticement to use sex and drugs to keep so many of the
    inmates docile. John Taylor Gatto (teacher and author) does refer to government schools as prisons.
    Four walls and zero creativity.


    1. Where are the people who wish to argue? Where are the government school supporters and their defense against my statements? Do they think that by turning the other way that all these truths will just go away? I know they are reading, I see the numbers. But where is their defense of their education system? Where are their refutes?



  4. They have no defense. Truth rules. Truth to power will win in the end. The liar will eventurally be totally discredited and ultimately no one will believe them. It is all coming out piece by piece district by district.


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