Being Super Human Against Public Education: Meet Isabel Paterson–‘The God of the Machine,’

I remember vividly what the conditions where when I first went on 700 WLW several years ago to discuss the problems of public education funding.  I knew what kind of turmoil it would stir up and I knew what the end game would be.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW SOME OF THOSE RADIO BROADCASTS.  Since that far away time I have learned that my instincts about public education were 100% correct, that it is a corrosive endeavor concocted from the worst of human reasoning, and should be abolished in its current form.  Government should not be permitted to forcibly remove children from their homes and subject children to training and procedures which parents do not approve.  Citizens should not have their wealth expropriated to support any school anywhere and to pay for children who are not theirs.  After the recent comments by MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry urging society to think of child rearing in a more collective sense, the jury is officially in, and public education is GUILTY of crimes against The United States and every citizen produced within its borders for over a century now, and it must be stopped.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW Melissa’s comments.  The position that MSNBC and other progressive organizations have taken in regard to public education brings back the bewildering claims from the opposition made in my first WLW broadcasts, and puts a light on them that I only suspected before, until the facts have been made more clearly as time has evolved.  Public education currently in America is a menace to a capitalist society.

But this isn’t a recent development.  Public education has been broken from the very start, and for proof I offer as testimony the words of Isabel Paterson from 1943, where the public education system was almost as bad and corrupt as it is today–in order to display that the phenomenon of failure is not new.  Her comments below are from her book The God of the Machine, and have resonated with me for some time.  When she says that it will take a superhuman task to break the education stranglehold over the lives of Americans she was not kidding.  I knew that before I ever did the first WLW interview or set up this site with the name I used.  It takes more than human strength to stand against such oppression—she knew it then, and it has only gotten worse.  When she wrote her book, it was still 35 years before the creation of The Department of Education which would show it to be openly committed to socialism as a federal institution, and advance all the fears she uttered 70 years ago in a book nearly forgotten from the American tapestry.

“Educational texts are necessarily selective, in subject matter, language, and point of view.  Where teaching is conducted by private schools, there will be a conservable variation in different schools; the parent must judge what they want their children taught, by the curriculum offered.  Then each must strive for objective truth…Nowhere will there be any inducement to teach the ‘supremacy of the state’ as a compulsory philosophy.  But every politically controlled educational system will inculcate the doctrine of state supremacy sooner or later, whether as a divine right of kings, or the ‘will of the people’ in ‘democracy.’  Once that doctrine has been accepted, it becomes an almost superhuman task to break the stranglehold of the political power over the life of the citizen.  It has had his body, property, and mind in its clutches from infancy.

“Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends… when millions are slaughtered, when torture is practiced, starvation enforced, oppression made a policy, as at present over a large part of the world, and as it has often been in the past, it must be at the behest of very many good people, and even by their direct action, for what they consider a worthy object.” (The God of the Machine)

Isabel Paterson (January 22, 1886 – January 10, 1961) was a Canadian-American journalist, novelist, political philosopher, and a leading literary critic of her day. Along with Rose Wilder Lane and Ayn Rand, who both acknowledged an intellectual debt to Paterson, she is one of the three founding mothers of American libertarianism. Paterson’s best-known work, her 1943 book The God of the Machine, a treatise on political philosophyeconomics, and history, reached conclusions and espoused beliefs that many libertarians credit as a foundation of their philosophy. Her biographer Stephen D. Cox (2004) believes Paterson is the “earliest progenitor of libertarianism as we know it today.

Education has not improved from her day to the present and was a travesty for many years leading up to 1943.  Education must be competitive and function from the same rules that are applied to sports.  Nobody will argue that just anybody can be the quarterback of a football team.  There are methods of capitalism which determine who is the best athlete to lead a football team through practice, skill assessment, and the kind of toughness that is only developed on the field of play.  It is preposterous to assume that education will be good if a means for bringing about the best teachers, the lowest cost of education, and the greatest curriculum is not explored through success and failure.  Not everyone can be a quarterback, a running back, a line backer, or a defensive back, and not everyone can be a leading physicists, an engineer, a visionary, or a gardener.  Education must be able to bring these elements out in children and the present system does not, instead it seeks to make all children equal out of a misplaced sense of fairness that sounds good on the surface, but is destructive as a social ideology.  Public education believes today as it believed over 70 years ago, that the chubby kid who plays defensive tackle on a football team can play quarterback, and the quarterback should be able to be an offensive lineman.  Their effort is to give the defensive tackle a chance to be the hero of the game by throwing winning touchdowns so the young man doesn’t feel left out.   But they achieve it at the expense of victory, and performance, because the best player is not standing in as quarterback.  The marketplace for football doesn’t have much tolerance for a quarterback that can’t throw a ball accurately more than 10 yards so the quality of the game is weakened because of the attempt at fairness.  This is what public education in America has been for over a century and it has failed.  It needs to be reinvented with competition in mind.

I understand that it will take superhuman strength to change the hearts and minds of the education empire, but it must be done.  It will take not just one overman, but overmen and overwomen to pull it off.  But make no mistake, failure is not an option.  Not addressing the education problem is simply not on the table of discussion, and putting up with it as it has been for so long is not tolerable.  Many people use as the crutch when they are compelled to confront a problem that is so difficult to state, “but I’m only human.”  Well, such rationalizations are not acceptable any more.  If it takes being more than human to solve this complicated problem which is imposed on the human race, then it must be done.  This means that the first thing that must go is public education as a government controlled entity.  It’s time to privatize and form it in the fashion of our sports franchises.  It’s time that our education system focus on discovering what individual children are good at instead of trying to make them into a mash potato meal for government to consume the human race.  If superhuman effort is needed, then it is that which we must do.  We must do so to remove people like MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry from education in any capacity, and we must do it before they ruin the lives of even more children with the progressive ideologies that have always led to the destruction of humanity time and time again.

Rich Hoffman

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