George Lang on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas: Success in West Chester, Ohio and why

It shouldn’t be astonishing to hear, but Brian Thomas of 55 KRC had difficulty hiding his surprise during an interview with George Lang, who is a trustee from West Chester, Ohio.  Lang was fresh off a vote where he stood against the other two trustees on the board who wanted to file for a federal grant to build a new sidewalk in the community he represents.  During the interview Lang explained to Thomas that building sidewalks was not a part of the core competency of local government and was irresponsible.  Brian Thomas has a history of advocating such small government positions and was noticeably impressed by Lang in a conversation that should be the standard for every politician in America.  Hear it for yourself at the clip below.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Lang’s comments is that he didn’t attempt to do as almost every politician has done for decades and take credit for the success of West Chester as a township due to his political leadership.  Instead George Lang made it known that the success of West Chester is not because of any policies of government.  The success of West Chester is not because of any law that was created by the trustees.  The success of West Chester is because politicians like Lang have managed to create an environment where businesses can make money, which brings jobs to the township, creates tax revenue, and feeds the economic life blood of the community.  Without jobs, there isn’t any money for anybody to spend on restaurants, shopping complexes, or on any form of charity.  George Lang understands that the secret to success in any community is to keep government off businesses backs as much as possible so that a friendly commerce environment is conducive to growth.

It is very tempting for a typical politician to declare that the success of a community like West Chester is due to the construction of sidewalks, or the quality of the schools.  But the truth is that communities are not built by government in any fashion, they are established for good or bad by the quality of the residents who live there.  In the case of West Chester, where there is a pro business environment, investment makes sense to entrepreneurs.  They come to West Chester to make money, not to serve some altruistic purpose.  The only reason that a business would endeavor to set up a place of exchange where they offer goods or services is for the benefit of profit.  The byproduct of that profit is in jobs provided to the community, and money to spend on other businesses.  Without business, a community is a failure.  There cannot be success if there is no business.  If there are no jobs, there is no money for other businesses, and there are no taxes for the government to loot from.  In essence, there is nothing without business.

Brian Thomas was surprised that George Lang understood this very basic economic principle, since it would appear that most of society at large has failed to come to grips with such an elementary idea.  The school system Lakota in West Chester is one of the largest in all of Ohio, and they are proud of their Excellence with Distinction awards obtained for over a decade of consecutive years.  The government workers at the school wish to believe that the cause of their excellence is in their wonderful skills as employees.  But they are wrong.  The cause is that the children who come to their schools and attend their classes are better than children from other classes in other schools.  With government schools, one teacher is not better than another since they are all trained the same way and are motivated by the same profit structure.  Collective bargaining in union contracts means that bad teachers get paid the same as good teachers so every school has good and bad teachers proportionately no matter what the school or the pay rates as pay is primarily dictated by years of service and not performance.  This means that the elements that make one school better than another is the quality of the children who attend, and that quality starts in the home.  In West Chester there are an above average number of homes with two parents, most of which have traditional families.  Unemployment is low with government dependence on welfare being nearly non-existent.  The children who show up at Lakota come from families that value private property and respect responsible behavior, and have parents who participate in children’s lives.  As I have said many times, all the employees of Lakota could be eliminated with a RIF and replaced with employees fresh out of college from every position, and Lakota would still be ranked Excellent with Distinction.  The children would perform the same, because the parents tend to care about their kids, and those parents tend to work in jobs in and around West Chester.

The quality of a community begins with the number of businesses in it, and the amount of money they can make.  For proof look at any community anywhere in the world where government has stuck its nose into the affairs of entrepreneurs and it will quickly be noticed that these places have empty buildings with signs in them looking for suckers to lease them.  But nobody in their right mind would sign a lease in a community that has a looting government that wishes to stick them on a cross to suck out their life in service to the altruistic aims of a pathetic name-plate addicted politician.  Most of the time politicians attempt to do as all government does, especially schools–they take credit for the success and efforts of others with collective ownership.  These types of politicians are like those football fans who leave a stadium after the quarterback of their favorite team throws a last second touchdown to win the game.  Upon leaving these fans declare, “WE WON.”  They are mistaken.  The quarterback won with his individual effort.  The fans simply sucked off his success to share in the glory of victory.  Government schools do this all the time, and politicians are notorious for performing such social looting.  They wish to believe that just because a business posts a profit after four quarters of activity that they had some input into that success because they built a sidewalk, or created some foolish zoning ordinance regulating signs and other forms of advertising.  But the politician is actually worthless.  All they can really do for their communities is fulfill their core competency obligations which is to protect private property.  Anything more than that is theft and looting of other people’s effort.

George Lang is only one of three trustees in West Chester.  One is a registered Democrat who is no different from the typical fan at a football game.  They proclaim “they” win but the reality is that they only sit on their ass and watch others do important things.  The other one is a registered Republican, but behaves like an extreme socialist from Greece.  That particular politician is the kind of football fan that watches the game at home and falls asleep in their chair with a bag of nachos lying across their bloated belly and wakes up four hours after the game is over and declares, “WE WON.”  Meanwhile the warriors on the field of battle who actually played the game have long showered and are at home playing video games on their Xbox unites.  With only one trustee of any real worth understanding that creating a pro business friendly environment is the key to economic growth and community prosperity West Chester has thrived.  If those other two trustees could be replaced with other politicians like George Lang the success West Chester could experience would be explosive.  But any community could have success if they thought like George Lang.  It is because they don’t that Brian Thomas was so surprised by an elected politician who actually understood that the key to success in politics is to sit down, shut up, and let the players on the field play the game.  Stay out-of-the-way of business, and politicians will bring wealth to their communities.  The more they tamper, the worse their economies will be.

Rich Hoffman

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